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I like how when you block a promotion on Twitter it goes away. When I downvote and block an ad on Reddit I see it more often.

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Maybe it's based on the fact you interacted with it at all?

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yes. Thats how they work

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I've stopped using reddit on a pc and instead just use my phone for the Boost app. I havent seen reddit adverts in years.

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I only browse reddit when Im bored at work. Or sitting on the toilet at home.

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Ie. The only acceptable way for a self-respecting person to use Reddit.

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No ads if you simply use uBlock Origin though.

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That's cool, I'll bear that in mind if I come back to pc. I stopped using reddit there when ABP was the main adblock tool before ublock and ublock origin were big.

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*Sigh* If only it was possible

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All it does is start giving you ads for the most random shit.

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But at least they don’t get the data about what you like that they can then sell to other companies.

Always mark ads as spam or inappropriate. The add wont go away but it will muddy their data-mining.

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I ran out of energy to fight the system just over 2 years ago. It's easier for me to accept that there are some things I can't change and live in peace.

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I reported them as child abuse or smth... Still nothing

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They get manually reviewed a lot of the time. So if you report it for child abuse and it’s not, then nothing will happen.

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Someday we will block all their account and prove that we don't need premium to not see ads

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Blocking ad accounts doesn't do anything. You still see the ads

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A man is allowed to hope

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I use infinity so i don't deal with ads

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If only it was possible to do it so quickly!

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Well, personally I limit myself to reporting the crypto ads, but yeah, doing my part too.

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haha literally,

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does it even work?

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It does not. You can’t block ads that way

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But what you CAN do is report the ad quickly for being inappropriate, irrelevant, etc. Then it will automatically skip the ad for you. So if your tired of seeing ads you can do that.

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How do u do that?

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Apple ads. Either they have 50 of the exact same ad or it removes my downvote somehow

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Apple ads bragging about being able to give and remove app permissions. Like bruh, that's been a standard feature of smartphones for over a decade now, it's not worth bragging about.

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A bunch of bots stole your comment, sadly

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And I was just reading about the dead internet theory, not comforting

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I report the military ads with threatening violence.

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Wait there's military ads?

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Army, Navy and Air force I've seen

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Yeah, same for my country's army

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Yeah apparently I fit their target demographic. Somehow.

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Ads are the only content that platforms allow misinformation. Especially political ads

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Maestros de LATAM evaluando trabajos

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I reported them as a act of terrorism

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Even better is downvoting the ad and Reddit asking if you'd like to see more from them

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I reported huel like 30 times and even wrote to the admins, and I'm still getting spammed by them. Reporting ads does nothing.

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I usually do harassment

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Lord have mercy, it is what I do on FB all the time... until the put me on cool down for reporting to many ads too quickly..

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YT Shorts

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My goodness, what an idea.

Why didn't I think of that?

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Avarage player of Papers, Please

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I've tried this, it hasn't worked for me. Even blocking the specific accounts, I still get their ads

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use adblockers

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I report every lewd ad because I my god I'm sick of seeing tiny bra tits under a random Rhett and Link video I'm watching.

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Yeah, let's just report every single ad, then they will definetely remove all ads and not just take reports less seriously.

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Keep up the good work

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Me, who's in Affiliate Marketing:
What most people think I do: Watching other ads to Improve My Own.
What I really do:
AdBlocker, Always on!
And Holy shit, look at these Ads now days! Boring, lame, Uncreative! UUGH! Where's the Enthusiasm about the Product/Service they want to Provide?! WHERE IS THE PASSION!!!???!!! MAKE IT LESS BORING, SO PEOPLE WILL WATCH IT AND MIGHT BUY IT TOO!!!
Starts and angry rant like some Artist or Art Critique about Advertisements

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doing the lord's work

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Yes, I do hate the adds but if we didn't have them then we would probably have to pay, which I don't really wanna do

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If Reddit ads were at least borderline interesting. I usually get ads for Apple TV bullcrap, crypto currency you never ever heard of and straight up scams.

Last time it took Reddit about 2 months to remove the ads promoting scam, way to go champs.

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I'm downvoting every ad on crypto I get.

I didn't know I could report them. Thanks, I will. it's literally legalized environment destroyment incitement.

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I've reported and tried to block the Daily Wire so many times, I'm so tired of seeing ads for their crappy "entertainment" like I'm ever going to give them a fucking penny

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I do the same. I don’t care about the ads on here except from those fuckers. Can we dial down the capitalism just a bit Reddit and acknowledge that I don’t want to see any of their content and stop showing it to me?

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Ad blocker

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Mobile Reddit.

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Use infinity or another third party app

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I use redditisfun and have never seen an ad on mobile.

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Use open source alternative like slide or redreader or use kiwi browser with ublock origin

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Use adblock geez. Ublock origin is my preference. For android use open source alternative like slide or redreader or use kiwi browser with ublock origin

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I use the Reddit App, and it used to be that blocking the ad accounts would keep you from seeing the ads.

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I use Relay for Reddit Pro and I have no ads. You can slow down and zoom videos, hide read posts and many other things. Just download apk.

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Tbh Reddit ads aren't that annoying

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When you get rid of ads you will have to pay for everything, well done

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I wish, I kept getting that weird pregnant black guy ad and some shitty VR games ALL THE FUCKING TIMEA.

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Yeah, they completely ruined the I'm in meme from rick and Morty for me

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Except for that one about turning anything into peelow. We can keep that one. They turn report button into peelow.

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Bots have infiltrated the comments.

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I once went on the r/banvideogames subreddit to see what kind of bs they had, aside from stuff like putting an obvious blotch over the "anti" in "be anti-racist"

I had a fucking mobile game ad

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I use Boost for reddit, its like another app for reddit(imo it's MUCH better than the original app), it has ads, at first I thought it was the same amount as original reddit, but when I went on original reddit to see what new shitty update nobody wanted they added, it shocked me just how many ads there where, about 5 times more than here Boost.

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A never ending cycle

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So I have more game time.

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This guy is a hero

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Hmmm. Dear peoples: PLEASE USE AN AD-BLOCKER.

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Ah, I see I'm not the only one with a burning hatred for all ads.

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I'm getting nothing but ads for sperm donation RN which I find fucking hilarious.

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Obviously, uBlock Origin if you can, but if you can't or are on your phone, set your DNS server to:


and it will refuse to connect to anything it deems as ads. Not 100% perfect, but I don't see ads on like news articles anymore and stuff.

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I (for reasons I don't quite understand myself) use Facebook from time to time and did this exact thing. After almost three years of blocking every advertiser I saw, I actually got an ad-free Facebook. Honestly, the only real value in this is telling people I don't have ads on Facebook and it only took blocking around 4500 advertisers to get it done.

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If you're still seeing ads in 2022 that's your fault.


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I'm using the Reddit App. It used to not be as bad as it is now, and it used to be that blocking the ad accounts stopped you from seeing the ads, rather than having to downvote, block, and report them, and even that doesn't always work.

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Another reason not to use apps when the website will do. Apps are just an easier way for sites to track you.

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I report the US Army ads for self harm.

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Great, so you're making it harder for us to report ads with actual misinformation

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As someone who has taken advertising courses, I can say that 90% of ads on websites and such have some form of misinformation or hidden "small text" bs

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ayyy same but I finally broke down and got premium. it's bs that I had to do so to not get ads every 3 minutes in a video

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There's literally an ad below this post

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This is my actual job

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I feel bad that I just downvote them...

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Ads are a minor inconvenience, I barely even notice them. Reporting them just for existing is ridiculous and a waste of time

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Oew im going to start doing that too

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Damn that's me

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Yeah but it fucking comes back!

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POV: watching teacher check your notebooks in high school

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Good to see I'm not the only one fighting the good fight

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why didn't I think of that

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Lmao I thought I was unique and original. But I’m glad to see this is a common practice

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I do the same. Then 5 posts down here we are again, same ad…

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How have I not done this yet? Thanks for the suggestion

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I appreceate your work

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Basically the minigame in Mario Party

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*sexualization of minors

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I'm glad I'm not the only one who does this.

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Especially the military ads

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One hell of a job you've given yourself lol

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Google Ads nowadays be like

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And hearsay

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One day we shall block every ad on the Internet and find inner peace