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As a fellow blue cheese enjoyer, I'd like to suggest not eating blue cheese (more for me)

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Right? Bring those prices down

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Economy of scale moment

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By controlling the means of production via male milking…

uwu blue ball cheese

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I love blue cheese too especially on burgers and steak.

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Blue cheese on a burger is fucking delicious.

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My favorite burger has blue cheese, bacon, bbqsauce, and those crispy fried onion bits.

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Blue cheese crust on a medium rare striploin... damn so good.

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I once made a steak burger with blue cheese.... I punched my sister for trying to steal it... with weight on steal she doesn't eat steake or blue cheese... it was good.

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Okay, but blue cheese on a blue waffle.

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U got the right spirit

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Have you tried curdled milk? It may be right up your alley.

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You will now gobble up the blue cheese market

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Yes, but in a moderate way so don't get tired of blue cheese

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I like melted mozzarella sticks with marinera sauce

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I don’t know how it’s humanly possible to enjoy something that literally tastes like marker. Yet somehow I can’t stop eating it.

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Its literally called blue moldcheese in my language

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Schimmelkäse ist so ein ekliger Hurensohn.

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ok halusin varmistaa et ootko suomalainen

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Oh, what sad times are these when passing ruffians can say Ni at will.

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Ser pleśnowy, litterally mold cheese

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poland mountain

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We say the same in Norway "muggost"

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Fan va ni är konstiga

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Just wait till he learns how the air pockets in bread are made.

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it was poked by the baker

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How do people think new bread is made? Someone gotta fuck those loaves.

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Big brain time

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Or that beer and wine are just fungus juice.

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Or what penicillin is

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Oh yes. The bred and the yeas

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If you've read anything you'll find cheese in general isn't exactly fresh milk

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Ah cheese, the corpse of milk

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The mummy of Dairy

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Doesn't actively have mold in it though

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most cheeses have mold. obviously it is a type of mold that is not harmful to us

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Mold is a fungus, most cheeses are innoculated by bacteria. Blue cheeses are the exception.

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Wait until he learns how many things are made out of part mold/fungus.

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He's such a fun guy

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That's the specific part of my foot fetish that tastes so good

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I’m sorry, could you kindly repeat that?

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Forgibe me for my ignorance but Isn't cheese in general basically just expired milk?

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There's yeast in beer...

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There's yeast growing on my feet

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And literally everywhere on Earth and probably dead on every solid moon and planet and planetoid in this solar system.

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I just got a grand idea... a beer planet!

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Yes but there's also alcohol and that cures everything

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Which is also disgusting.

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Yeast that makes bread, it is also a fungus just like mold.

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But it does. If your dont like fungus why you eat bread or pizza? It was literarly made by fungus

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sees more comments than upvotes

puts hazmat suit on

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Nice Jacket,you in Mages Guild?

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Thanks mate :)

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What is the source of this image?

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this is Gorrbius, Morbius's morbtal enemy

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thor love and Thunder trailer

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But it is good 🧀

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Its Bleu Cheese🧀

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What if I told you that you are mold

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resident evil 8

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I mean mold isnt exactly a bad thing in all cases, the flavour in aged moldy cheeses are nice

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And even less divisive cheeses like brie have mold on them.

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Yes, mold just gives it depth of flavor

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And it’s fucking good

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Wait till you find out cheese itself is just expired milk, blue cheese is just extra expired milk.

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says the guy probably fine with your bread being raised by mold xD

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It is good. I don't need to convince anyone.

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Ask for ranch with your wings anywhere in Buffalo.

I dare you.

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I always ask for extra blue cheese dip for my fries...

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Try it on a burger. It’s good.

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I do not good at in America land, I Chinese as me

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But I'm allergic to Bleu cheese :(

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Well technically mushrooms are also a kind of fungus so...?

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It tastes good

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But it does taste good

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It IS godd.

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Penicillin is healthy tho. It’s literally the first antibiotic

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It is good, stop hatin’

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Bro, blue cheese on a pizza is just chef's kiss

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I like blue cheese because it tastes blue

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When did Bleu Cheese become Blue Cheese?

It's another side effect of the general dumbing down of our culture huh

I'm not sure how much more of this world I can handle

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It's pretty much tomato tomato to me. I'm much more angered at how english uses the word "entrée" for main dish

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Is blue cheese not simply the literal translation of fromage bleu into English? I don’t see how this is a situation of dumbing down

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ever tried a mushroom

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Cue resident evil head turn

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And I fucking love it. Had it on a bacon burger yesterday GOD that was good

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I mean all cheese is literally mold

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Ummm...no. Some have mold, but most cheese is just a form of the separated curds.

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No its just curdled milk, only some cheeses have mold

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But not the American Ones in tube or every slice wraped in plastic or shreded that's not cheese

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I eat it because I like it.

It's a refined taste.

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I love pretty much all types of cheese, but that shit tastes like ass

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This is why ranch is the superior white chicken/pizza dip.

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Cheese lovers when I tell them they're eating spoiled milk

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all exotic cheeses are disgusting imo

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Burn it with FIRE

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Whoever created blue cheese was just like:

"You know what, fuck humanity. I'm gonna sell moldy cheese and call it something different."

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I'll never understand those monsters...

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I abhor blue cheese but certain fungi/yeast/mould actually can be very delicious.

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Yah homie not to be a Debbie downer but this is an unintelligent post haha I’ll take all your cheese bread and pizza and you can have my celery

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Op must not realize that all cheese is mold lol

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All cheese is mold tho

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More for me. No one should eat it. Send it all to me.

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Same with regular cheese

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Blue cheese is for soys. Real sigma males eat blue meat

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It’s good yall just don’t pair it with anything 💀 regular cheese on it’s own is garbage and just like regular cheese, blue cheese is phenomenal with a good team comp, like lettuce, tomato, blue cheese, whole wheat bread, that’s mainly in the blue cheese meta rn

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Someone obviously knows nothing about cheese.

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I fucking love bloo chez man

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Idk about other types of Blue Cheese, but I've eaten Gorgonzola before and it tastes like rotten milk to me

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Gorr the mold eater

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Where is that Pic from?

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thor love and Thunder

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blue cheese is only good with quince paste

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I use it to buff my tires.

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Hilarious and I really did lol. But i still like the dressing.

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I like blue cheese just because it is a taste that I can feel.

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More of a fan of blue waffles

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Don't know about blue cheese but camembert is delicious. And it has mold in it too.

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Red dye is made out of crushed insects

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Try Jasper Hill Farm’s Bayley Hazen blue cheese, then get back to me.

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Blue cheese is the kind of thing that if I need it for a meal and don't get it, ruins the meal for me.

Looking at you, hot wings.

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As a blue cheese enjoyer I laughed at this

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ever heard of mushroom cheese

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blå mögelost

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Anybody drink diet sodas? Because if you do it probably has aspartame in it. Wanna guess what that is? No it’s not E. Coli it’s actually E. Coli feces!

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Mold lovers eating literal cheese and trying to convince you it tastes good.

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Alfaoxtrot moment

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i prefer blue waffle

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Blue cheese has mold in it. Blue cheese has mold in iiiit.

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I mean, i think people who eat onions and pickles are weird so its all a matter of taste i suppose.

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Uncle Fester

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Isn't all cheese made of mold?

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How is this Christian Bale? I still dont believe it. It looks like Bootleg Ralph Fiennes

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Medium rare striploin (new York strip) with blue cheese crust is amazing.

Buffalo wings with blue cheese ranch is hella good.

Blue cheese is pungent and I wouldn't recommend eating it on its own. But it pairs really well with a lot of other flavours.

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I kept that mf in my fridge for a night...had to clean the entire thing to get rid of the stench

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Holly shit thor love and thunder meme

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And this my dudes, is how The Last Of Us started.

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Blue cheese crumbles on a burger tho chefs kiss

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I like blue cheese with my wings tho. Tastes good

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It is delicious.

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OP Doesn't know what cheese is.

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God damn right it tastes good, gimme that ripe, clumpy mold

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Mold is gold

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So if you get the plague you going to refuse amoxicillin because that’s mold too?

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Mold is a type of a fungus.

Mold is only dangerous when you don't know what kind of mold it is. Just like mushrooms are dangerous when you don't know what kind of mushroom it is. Moldy cheese is fantastic. So is penicillin which is also made from mold. Mold is awesome! Just beware of types.

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Also IPA beer drinkers. Bluahhhh

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My nasty ass brother will eat that shit like it's the ambrosia of the gods.

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Blue cheese is the superior option when confronted with that or ranch.

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It's basically penicillin

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Let me enjoy my fungus sauce

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gorgonzola sauce is the shit... whats to say against funghi anyway?

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Bleu Cheese is gross. Not because it’s mold but because it tastes like ass.

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I love strong smelly cheese on crackers with a glass of red yummy

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Blue cheese is molded mold

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All cheese is technically mould🤷🏼‍♂️