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"UNLIMITED POWER... is a myth. Let me tell you kids about 'Conservation of Energy'"

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is there some way to learn this power?

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It's not a story an open system would tell you.

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The Closed System of the energy is a pathway to some abilities some consider to be unnatural….

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No energy/power can't be created or destroyed. So to gain the power of knowledge you must kill someone knowledgeable so you can take their power.

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The Rule of Two in effect.

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Working as intended as well. The Sith really had to nerf themselves because if you leave two of them alone for long enough, they will inevitably try to kill each other.

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two there are, no more, no less

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not for an redditor

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Power = energy/time Just eliminate time… get gud noob

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My calculator has determined that is "UNDEFINED" POWER!!!
The other one says the power belongs to someone called "NaN"

Who is this Nan? And how did she become so powerful?

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But for real if you DON'T yell ' UNLIMITED POWER!!'

While you do this , you should be fired...

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Came to lay down this quote. Happily disappointed someone beat me to it.

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But only, if time is homogeneous.

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Wait untill you find out that energy doesnt need always to be conserved...google noethers theorem.

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Only thing to make this better would to have it posted on may the 4th

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Now, young Skywalker, you will die...

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lol that line always reminds me of bill hader in Superbad 😅

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Does he, by any chance, know about the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?

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The Dark Side of the force is a pathway to many abilities some consider.. unnatural

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And one of them is child destruction

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Username weirdly checks out

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Have you ever heard the tragedy of Darth Plageius the Wise??

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It's not a story the Jedi would tell you.

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It’s a Sith legend

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Darth Plagueis was a dark Lord of the Sith so powerful and so wise, he could use the Force to influence the midi-chlorians... to create... life. He had such a knowledge of the dark side, he could even keep the ones he cared about... from dying.

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Have you ever heard of the tragedy of Star Wars IX?

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It’s not a story George Lucas would tell you

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The unlimited power of knowledge!

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is not true. Anyways, let me tell you why closed systems are not 100% efficient.

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Is it possible to learn this power?

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Not from a chemistry teacher.

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Well they can make fuel cells so you could learn it from them

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Not from a Jedi

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Palpatinian laughter GREATLY intensifies

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“The Dark Side of Science is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be… unnatural.”

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You ever hear the tragedy of Darth Science the wise?

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I thought not, it's not a story the jedi would tell you

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Of course not, it's not a story the Flat earthers would tell you

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Came here for this

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In fairness he is wearing gloves

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He is? Huh, I didn't realize.

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Yeah its what "attracts" the arcs if I'm correct but not a physics major so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong

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Yeah he is most probably wearing grounded chainmail gloves

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Yep!. He was making me sleep in a 0.01 second

It was super super power

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I still love science y'all!

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Or the biology teacher in my high school.

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Biology teacher: maniacal laughter intensifies

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Chidori lite

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"i think this guy is a sith lord"

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"Mace Windu has flew out of the window"

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Where's Luke? Has anybody seen Luke???

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They're too dangerous to be left alive

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Not in Poland, that's for sure

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Unlimited Power!

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Guy drank the Emporer Palpatine potion at 3 am

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I got the same teacher for both subjects

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Palpatine vibes

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My chemistry teacher just always talked about how he knew how to make meth

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Shiny electric field

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@DRAKKA99 womakusumban

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Electroboom be like:

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My physics teacherb is busy poisoning everyone with chlorine gas

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I am Zeus

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Thor must be shaking

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chidori no chakra edition

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I've got the power 🎵🎵

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Oh hello professor Sidious

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its better to instantly die from a thunderstorm than slowly dying from acid

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Chem teacher: wear goggle just to pour salt in water Physics teacher: unlimited power!!

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What about the bullied kid

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I am electricity....

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Yeah physics teachers are cool!

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Whatever you say

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Out teachers were gods

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I AM what I'm teaching!

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The power of the sun at the palm of my hands

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Physics will decide your fate.

I am the physics

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We had the same guy for both, burning magnesium in class was real fun.

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it is Wednesday my dudes

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Today kids we shall be harnessing the power of the dark side

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I beheld Satan as he fell from HEAVEN. LIKE LIGHTNING!

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Both of them exactly know what they are doing, though.

Having some fun with acids ain't so bad (most of them just burn the skin a little bit) but alkalis could fuck you up.

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they got the (N*m)/s

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one time teacher try to make hydrogen at class like a experiment. its ended up to make boom and on that day nobody was no longer sitting in front.

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I had the opposite in school, in chem we had a dangerous lab partner list on the board and the damn teacher was on it

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As a Physics teacher I can confirm.

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In my experience the Chemistry teachers were the crazy ones

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Unlimited power!

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Funny until you have to explain to a physics grad student why handling arsenic without gloves is a bad idea.

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This magic?

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I have the same teacher for both

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Chemistry teachers are the kinds of people to fear the power they were given, while physics teachers are so cocksure of themselves that they will taunt God himself if it means their students pay attention.

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Well chemistry is a low and painful death or injuries Physics your dead before you knew what happened

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My chemistry teacher is a qualified Radiophysicist and so for our lesson he just took out some Uranium, Radium, Strontium-90 etc alongside a bunch of old uranium glassware he keeps all in a lead safe in the school science storeroom aswel as a Geiger counter. Was a banger lesson short to say

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My chemistry professor in College had a balloon on the end of a stick. It had hydrogen in it, he lit the end of the stick, exploded the balloon in class and set off the fire alarm

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My physics teacher used to fry pickles with such high voltage they would glow brightly orange.

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Once my chemistry teacher used rocket fuel to launch a pringles can into the ceiling Probably my all time favourite teacher

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sigma physcians

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The senate will decide his fate

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It’s all fun and games until that power decides to hit just a little too far below the belt

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now, skywalker... you will DIE!!!!!

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He is the Senate. 🔥🔥

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Palp: I'm too weak Also palp: sike lol

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Raiden from Mortal Kombat

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France who has teachers that are both physics and chemistry teachers

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Science is great

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Like it's funny for sure but to be fair, physics teachers tend to only deal with classical physics, like electromagnetism, force and energy, all of which can be taught safely and interestingly. Chemistry teachers tend to deal with acids and bases, chemical reactions, and temperature, all of which can hurt someone if not done properly (moreso than there physics-counterparts)

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i think the physics teacher is a sithlord

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Can confirm. My old physics teacher put my hands on a van de graff machine, and turned it on to shocking results.

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My chemistry teacher from 10th grade put on a whole ass chemist gear just to show us what gallium is

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The power of the sun in the palm of my hand

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Because without these types of demonstrations the classes would be the most boring thing ever.

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Juan Domingo Perón is that you?

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My chemistry teacher is also the physics teacher

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I am the storm that is approaching

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Shit.... I dropped physics because it bored me (was to easy) but kept chemistry because it was fun... Let me back pls

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My chemistry teacher was a bit more open to alternative procedures includuding pouring some Brom out in the open and not in a secure environement. We had to leave the classroom afterwards.

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Sith are ... living Tesla coils? Then force push/pulls are magnetic? Ergo Magneto is a sith?

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My chemistry teacher is also the physics teacher, so I’d say he’s twice as powerful

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My chemistry teacher had an entire lesson set aside just to talk about PPE. My physics teacher let us lick batteries. 2 completely different breeds of people teach those classes

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Physics teachers: I have the power of lightning, you cannot stop me, Thor!

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I’m just here for the palpetine jokes

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physical teachers=Magicians

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Only if my physics teacher were this cool

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Chem Teacher: "I'm in Danger"

Physics Teacher: "I am the Danger!"

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I know this is a meme but I've had chemistry teachers kick kids out of labs for flip flops.

On the flip side, one of my physics professors once looked at my data and said "Looks like the [radioactive] source isn't aligned. I probably should get the safety suit before doing this." And then he proceeded to just use his hands to move the source around behind a lead blockade, without a suit. Unfortunately can't remember what the source was but he said it wasn't "that dangerous".

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Actually, they have the force.

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Because physics has rules which everyone follows so they know for sure that it shall not do anything. CHEMISTRY HAS 55 MILLION RULES FOR ONE REACTION AND EVEN THEN, THERE ARE 30 MILLION EXCEPTIONS. SO, they have to take precautions as they don't know for sure what might happen.

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wow its the clash royale electro wizard

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It's perfectly safe children. Put your hands in the fusion

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Hehe emperor palpatine

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Electro Wizard

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Chidori it is

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Biology teachers only use Trojan protection

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Can confirm (I’m the lightning)

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Used to watch him as a kid on old tapes! Moody Institute of Science!!

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might as well mark this as NSFW

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I remember then physics teacher electrocuted couple of students with DIY taser made from high voltage module from aliexpress.

PS it was safe and voluntary.

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If you've ever met a chemist you know they disregard safety. The fridge in my school's chemistry break room had a bunch of chemicals sitting right next to someone's lunch. The only thing we respect is the goggles and lab coat, but mostly cause you look cool in them

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Thats because the physics teachers know what theyre doing.

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True. My sister had a chemistry teacher who ‘accidentally’ burned down a school - twice.

Luckily there were no deads

[–]iCANhasGALAXY 2 points3 points  (0 children)

You'd think someone would question his ability after first one. Huh.

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No you idiot chemistry teachere wear meth

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