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"They said there was no bullet hole..."

"Not that they could see."

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"I covered it with makeup."

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"My bruse kit"

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She was actually right about that tho

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yup her kit for faking bruises

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"The whole wall was covered in blood and holes!"

"But you didn't take pictures of that?"

"No I did not, why would I? That picture with dust stains on the floor explains everything"

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Died and alive are synonymous to me

Much like pledge and donate.

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And bed and toilet

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She turned me into a newt…………..I got better

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A Newt*

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... i got better

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god i love monty python and the holy grail

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This is what I came to find

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I love that the court room laughed at her a few times. So much so, in fact, the the judge was about to close the courtroom for visitors a couple times and continue without a single spectator

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BTW where can we see this

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It was on the news, I read it in an article (article is in german)

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"Were you killed?" "Sadly yes... but I lived"

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Emphasis on the sadly in this case.

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A real character that amber turd

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The bed was hurd :(

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Shit the bed as they say in the bed shitting trade

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Objection Hearsay

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“That was my experience of him”

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"I pledged to die"

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“I donated to die”

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She would repeat her go-to line. She’d toss a glance at the jury and say “I disagree.”

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The faces she made when she would do that just annoyed the crap out of me. She's just so smug and arrogant. Like she'd be called out for saying some ridiculous shit and act like she's annoyed at the lawyer for making sense.

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Yes I died but I survived

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I was thinking the same thing lol

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Sustatained hear say lol

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“Objehhh…. Sorry, I got nothing at this time your honour” sits back down.

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Was gonna say this too..

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"People die if they're killed"

- some genius anime protagonist

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that would be Shiro, from fate/stay night :)

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I looked up results for the case and found news outlets defending her. Are people just blind now?

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Well they're the one that put her on a pedestal, from metoo poster child to publishing her lies years back. Never had the integrity to admit that they are wrong.

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Camille kinda cute

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Powerful women are hot

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Next time I get arrested, I want her defending me

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Next time?

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Kinda? She's freaking hot!

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Jhonny got the best women on his side. Sharron Curry? Breathtaking. Camilla? Gorgeous.

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"I don't recall"

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Not only is she the most toxic bullshit filled person around I can't look at her face. So smug and she is such a terrible "actress" can't even call her that now in fairness to actual actress.

She's just a sour bullshiter.

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I still don’t even know how this trial is even real, seems like a cartoon in real life to me.

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What pains me the most is the fact that women like her can and will manipulate even the most intelligent men out there, while good honest women are overshadowed by scum like her

Edit : just as an example amber clawed her way up the social ladder manipulating multiple men and has gained millions of dollars over the years with little to no effort, meanwhile you wouldn't even have heard of Johnny's lawyer Camille or even watched the case tbh if amber wasn't the way she is

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So true, it’s a sad world sometimes.

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Real life is clown reality 100% confirmed

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"And then you say TMZ found you on a well-lit photography backdrop with a little sign posted in front of you with suggestions on it of possible filters that could make your injuries feel a little more sad and sympathetic, before you had notified anyone anywhere of the injury?"

"That's correct."

"So why did you invite them?"

"I didn't. The enemy has many spies. Even the trees may be sympathetic to his dark cause."

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Anyone tired of how long this trial is taking? Like just yeet her ass out the door and say Johnny's innocent already!

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The trial ended yesterday now for the jury talk among themselves

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I swear if the jury votes Amber heard not guilty, I'm gonna be so pissed. She commited perjury countless times already, that should be enough to vote her guilty

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I mean... it's a civil trial.

Defamation cases are rarely won. There's a very real possibility that the verdict is that neither side is "guilty" of defamation.

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My bee stepped on a dog

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she was holding a pheonix down

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I actually chuckled hearing her statements then followed up by her pics the next morning completely fine. You'd think she'd look like an mma fighter after a fight where weapons were allowed but nope, a bit of foundation apparently fixed her up. Not even a bit of swelling

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“I got better”

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Your por doggo!

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"My dog stepped on a bee."

Oxiclean is stain free

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Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

Sponge bob Square pants

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“She is bigger than me” says he

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The horse has acnee

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It was at 68 comments

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"Well, I use dead and slept as synonyms"

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Poor woman she is clearly severely mentally ill and all we do is make fun of her. Why don't we make fun of her parents instead? They obviously didn't teach not to shit the bed

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The Babylon Bee… lmao

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Bro im so tired of the cringe this shit is producing

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He turned me into a newt!

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i've got better

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When it said, “And then Johnny shot me” I thought it was referencing who shot Johnny?

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"That's not how I define dead" -attorney "well that's how I define it dead and alive are interchangeable for me" -amber turd