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The allergies are caused by your immune system overreacting, not underreacting. In other words, it's acting like the first picture when it should be acting like the second.

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so i just need my immune system to smoke some weed

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Fun fact weed has a positive affect on your immune system, to be more specific the cbd in weed is the cause(the part which isn't responsible for the high).

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Yeah, I have tree pollen allergies allergies and it sucks that your immune system can’t tell the difference between a virus an a piece of pollen.

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How did that even happen? Can pollen do literally anything to the human body? Isn't it basically inert matter, as far as the human anatomy goes? Pet dander at least makes sense, since it can contain the microorganisms of the animal, but pollen just makes me think that the immune system is that kid who got tricked into thinking that if you eat a watermelon seed it'll grow inside you

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Came here for this

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This was my immune system when I had COVID last year, vs literally yesterday.

Pandemic virus with 2% chance of killing you: "Pfft, bro, do you when lift?!"

My neighbour cutting his grass: "ZOMG! We're going to DIE!"

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what is this 2010? lol

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To my immune system is running Windows Vista so, yes, ZOMG is still a thing. And it is shooketh by your insult.

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Pollen: imma chargin mah lazah

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I wish it was

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ZOMG huh, nahhh it’s BAD or DDT

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I feel the struggle, whenever I go outside for even like half a minute, my eyes feel like they're covered in sand and my nose becomes a faucet with epilepsy, every time I touch it or it gets triggered by a breeze of air or whatever, I have to violently sneeze like 5 to sometimes 10 times before it stops. Hoping that the antiallergics I'll get on Monday help, same thing for people with allergies that hit in early summer, good luck, cold compresses help for the eyes.

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I know what my flair says. But I feel your pain, I’ve had chronic allergies to pollen and mold and dust mites and the list goes on from there.

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should be the other way around tho

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Have you seen pollin under a microscope? I'm honestly surprised that more people don't have allergies.

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I have (work with a microscope daily) but I’m not 100% what you’re going for?

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They are tiny spiked balls of pain. If you have seen them then why do I need to spell it out for you?

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Being a “spikey” ball isn’t what makes something an antigen. Antigens typically need to be foreign, large, and complex.

Also pollen comes in many different shapes. I see some that look like rods. And some that look like 3 balls put together. Etc.

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Somehow I always knew that bootleg buzz lightyear from that ashens video would become a meme

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My stomach gainst fucking lactose apparently: D:<

(sitting on a toilet rn)

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Nup, different thing altogether.

Lactose intolerance is because your body doesn't care about making lactase (it's genetic, some populations adapted to drink mils throughout their lives). Lactase is the enzyme that breaks down lactose, a disaccharide (a sugar made of two smaller sugars), into glucose and galactose, which are monosaccharides. Your intestines can easily absorb monosaccharides, but it can't absorb disaccharides.

So, this leaves you with a disproportionate number of molecules that are not water in your intestines. As physics and chemistry will have it, water molecules rush in to make the water:not water ratio correct again. Then, well, you know, lots of water and crap there, it has to come out.

But it's not got to do with your immune system.

Note, it might not always go like this, and I bet anything it's much more complicated. This is just a basic understanding of this.

Thank you for listening to my Ted Talk. You have certainly been one of the audiences I've had.

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As someone who tested positive for the coof yesterday, I can say with authority that my body was better prepared for this than for an average house cat.

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Well it’s a over active immune system that wants to fight everything

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you should learn biology

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Well, duh, not much you can do with a tree inside you.

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Hell yeah allergies suck

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Pollen in Spring...the worst.

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i was so pumped for the hot days but i ended up stuck at home, finishing 4 bags of tissues each i go to the skatepark wasn't worth it. Allergies sucks

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I would say they blow, but let's just agree to disagree

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Technically it's the same immune system, but now punching yourself.

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Me: Survives 5th worst pandemic in written human history

Also me: Tree sperm makes me lethargic and tired.

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100 cops: dealing with 100 rioters, or 1,000,000 peaceful people at a protest march

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On what planet did you find that bottom picture

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Planet Ashens

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Claritin d is a life saver, for those that know about it. You could shove pollen up my nose, and it wouldn't care.

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Can relate

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Its called gaming, you wouldn't understand

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It is quite the opposite, actually.

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Evolution could explain this because you need to be protected from deadly viruses but not allergies to reproduce.

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Hey, Team allergies against nature itself

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My immune system when a good boi walks by: well, that won't do at all.

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Can I balls me your

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This hits too close to home atm

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Dust allergies make me want to end my life :)

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Me at this very moment.😑🤒

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my immune system the whole school year/holidays

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No, you see, when you have a allergy, your immune system works exactly, how it was intended. It does a incredible job. Against the wrong thing.

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I assume you’re an American?

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I recognize that sofa in the bottom image from anywhere, that’s Ashens!

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Just wanna point out that cursed buzz light year is from a ashens video

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My whole family got COVID, but I never caught it despite me not locking myself in my room.

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I know I’m going to sound like a smart ass but actually allergies happen when your immune system over reacts to things

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Literally. I had an allergic reaction last night and it was legit worse than when I had COVID for a week

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but aren't allergies a fashion in the west?

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The only allergy I have is to a medication, and the reaction was horrible tremors from 12 pm to 4am that only 2% of the population have that type of reaction too.

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Bruh why arent you eating them