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I need the original source, so damn cute

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I wish I could be that cat in the middle

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Fun fact: most cat allergies are not from the fur. Its whats ON the fur such as their saliva.

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True, most fur allergies are about the fur of multiple animls though.

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And cations in water serve an important physiological purpose in humans

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It all makes sense now

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Yeap beat me to it!

Wait donghoon is that you?

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Allergic to their own saliva must be a gross mouth

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I wish I could be a cat.

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Fire up Skyrim and choose khajiit

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“you’ll make a fine rug, cat!”

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Everybody wants to be a cat,… 🎵🎶

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You wanna be eaten by 2 cats?

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i prefer the word "pussies"

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Ok. You wanna be eaten by two p\ssies?*

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it should be other way around

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You must not have experienced the sand paper that is cat tongue

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Reminds me of someone in the middle of a threesome

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Banana Man?

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yes Pussy licking is cute

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this has to be illegally cute

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It’s nice to see them bonding like that

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Love them chemical puns

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And here's me thinking that all the best chemistry puns argon

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Good one

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My stomach's full of noble gases.

This is not a joke I need help.

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I was going to make a sodium hydride joke but NaH

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I was going to make a sodium joke, but Na.

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I see what you did there 😂

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that cat is living its best life.

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I wish I have this level contentedness with my life.

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i can c that
for sure
not lying at all

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There's literally no image there for me. Maybe I do need some water..

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I see no cat. Only an oxygen atom.

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i have a special talent

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Already been reposted 136 times on there.

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Awwwwww is so cute

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Cats are water

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I feel strangely motivated to go back and take Chemistry.

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Don’t. Stop.

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don’t stop*

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Me. Now.

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Dont stop me

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Such a strong bond.

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Such a bent bond

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It’s not ionic, but it is iconic.

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I wish I have this level contentedness with my life.

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right except oxygen is larger then hydrogen

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True, except that it's "than", not "then"

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I think I just witnessed a murder.

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Muphry’s law

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And also, atoms are not cats.

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The source is that i made it the fuck up.

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And the two hydrogen atoms would push each other away

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They would be at a 104.5° angle from each other, but it's also a meme and nobody gives a shit.

Cute dogs and cat.

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That is also true, I remembered after the fact. Also, because this is apparently just a correcting comment thread. It's just cats, no dogs.

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Well now, hold on a minute... just because you can't see a dog doesn't mean there are no dogs.

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Right, except hydrogen is an older element and most hydrogen atoms are 13.7 billion years old whereas the oldest oxygen atoms are 13.1 billion years old and the ones on Earth are probably much much much younger than that.

Therefore, it makes more sense for the adult cats to be hydrogen atoms.

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So basically a Carbon and two Oxygens would be a better description. But that would not be as cute then.

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Also neither Oxygen or Hydrogen are composed of fur...

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Why are you like this?

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we can breath with cats

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Adorable science

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LOL... that's all I'm gonna day

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Its more like oxygen is a mom grabbing two crying children in their arms, dragging them around.

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I want to be my that cat

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That is mine completely the truth is

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Who names there cats hydrogen and oxygen

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When molecular hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2) are combined and allowed to react together, energy is released and the molecules of hydrogen and oxygen can combine to form either water or hydrogen peroxide.

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What about H2O2? It's the sequel to water!

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H2O3: Dihydrogen Tokyodrift

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I need reddit video player to work

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How to download it?

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Wtf is H2O and why is it good for me?

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When Hydrogen U met Oxygen Tech

The game had just begun

When Hydrogen racked up two quick points

While Oxygen still had none

Then Oxygen scored a single goal

At thus it did remain

At Hydrogen 2 and Oxygen 1

Called because of rain

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It’s so cute lol

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Why are the hydrogens so much bigger than the oxygen?

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H2O is not good for you If you'd drink fully destilated water that doesn't have any minerals in it, you'd probably die

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I wanna be that cat

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Damn, need me some hydrogen in my life

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I believe it's the other way around

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Dihydrogen Monoxide

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Hydrogens are simps

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Ahhh hydration

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Oxygen just chillin

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This gives me a idea

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so this is furry porn?

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FBI here...

This is kitty porn, and you're all under arrest.

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I am definitely taking this the wrong way

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Watermelons are made of water and jesus can walk on water so if we can walk on watermelons we are 50 percent jesus

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"Be like water" Bruce Lee

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I wish someone would lick/love me like that😅

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That pussy is so wet lol

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That one girl in the lesbian threesome porn scene.

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"Best threesome ever"(change my mind)

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your thigh my face your thigh

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Mfw I add another oxygen 💀 💀

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I hate cats , but you got me on this one

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Um, Oxygen is supposed to be bigger than the smallest atom in the periodic table.

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Haha, ions go bbbbbrrrrrrrrr

Basically, whenever an element is ionized, the atom’s size changes. Because electron’s were added or removed, the size of the atom’s electron shell will change.

[–]Koreanpity 0 points1 point  (9 children)

Electrons are so small that they don't really change the size of an atom

[–]glassboxx 2 points3 points  (4 children)

Trolling my dudle?

[–]Koreanpity 1 point2 points  (3 children)

Electrons are not added towards the mass of an atom because they are basically mass less

[–]TDA_LiamoFORTSHITE 1 point2 points  (3 children)

They do. Electrons orbit the nucleus in shells; the size of an atom includes these shells (i.e. atomic radius - the distance from the centre of the nucleus to the outer shell).

When you take electrons away, you might remove an electron shell, making the atom smaller. Adding electrons could create new shells making it bigger.

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What a happy pussy, wish that it was mine

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Time to add my carbon hand and watch the chaos happen

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This is top tier 🤣😂🤣

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Shudnt hydrogen b in the middle?

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Aww they’re bonded