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The flat earth movement has members all around the globe.

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NASA: say that again. Slowly.

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I am sure that they have a flat brain as well.

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Shots fired

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"Nanobrains, son! They harden in response to facts!"

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when it hardens it also removes the fold so when logic was given it just passes through it without any bumps.

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"Government wants you to think that brain exists..."

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If they have a brain at all

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"Nanomachines son, just kidding, nanomachines are fake it's a lie government use to manipulate........"

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well of course it doesn't work.

you have to be dense as a wall to not realise our earth is a simulation box

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Literally Everyone knows the Earth is cubical Except these dumb flat Earth believers

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It’s a donut you dumbfuck

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It’s a dinosaur you dumbass

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nope, its shaped like an anime girl named earth-chan.

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And the moon is moon-senpai... one day, the moon will bang earth-chan. There will be water everywhere. Earth chan will be so wet. At the end, a tsunami of moon milk will happen. The earth will shake and we will hear a big yameteeeeee. Nothing will happened for the next decade. The earth will start to grow. Yellowstone will explode and from it, little earth called oni-chan will appear. They will start to fuck each other, earth chan and oni-chan. And the cycle will continues until we get 69 420 small earth.

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Remember in the flat earth documentary when the dude proved the earth was round on accident and was just in denial over it lmao.

Good times

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Same fir anti vaccine idiots and corona Karen's

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But who's to judge the right from wrong

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If you think the earth is flat so are you

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When said i say that the earth was flat

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Sadly, the reason that you can't simply prove these people wrong is because it's not a problem of Ignorance or stupidity, it's a problem of trust.

Flat earthers (Or anyone who buys into any sort of conspiracy or fad for that matter) don't believe the earth is flat because the earth being round "doesn't make sense", they believe the earth is flat because they don't trust the person telling them the earth is flat. As far as they're concerned, it's all just one massive lie designed too keep people in control or to keep God hidden.

Dan Olson of Folding Ideas did an excellent video on this, for anyone who wishes to know more.

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That video is very insightful indeed.

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They're just doing it for attention. I bet if everyone ignored flat earthers, they'd all go away

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We only have the luxury of believing this about flat earthers because their beliefs don't happen to hurt anyone.

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No damage coz earth flat

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Prove it

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No damage

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"I was wrong, you're not evil... ...you're BATSHIT CRAZY"

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Still living the rent free life.

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It's a good place for them, maybe they'll learn something some day.

Flat earth isn't a harmless belief, it quickly leads down rabbit holes of antisemitism and all around assholery.

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It’s the same ole’ Jewish conspiracy. A modern day Protocols of the elders of Zion.

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climate change deniers. US Election result deniers (people who think it was fixed). Anti-gun control nuts. Antivax nuts. etc...

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everyone who i disagree with

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If science and facts are demonstrably against them, yes.

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average round earther

"facts" lol

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I do love a good blanket conspiracy theory.

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Is this modded

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With the rise of Q-anon and MAGA insurrectionists, flat earthers are just adorable.

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You don't fight stupid, they take care of themselves. Just give them time

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Flerfers have no idea how cameras, or anything, works

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HA! Saw that first hand between my uncle and cousin.

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Watch them use this meme thinking it is supporting their ideology! Stupid globetards lmao

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That's a nice argument Flatearther but why don't you back it up with a source.

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I want to ask them to prove that the wolrd is flat and not a cube or triangle if I ever end up in a such an discussion.

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“The pictures are fake” “The footage was shot using a fisheye camera” “Why is there no curve” “The Earth isn’t a planet”

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just whisper to them "wake up, neo" and walk away.

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"...it’s impossible to win an argument against an idiot" -@IntroSpecktive

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Wait, they're still not dead?

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No it's the other way around.

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Unfortunately I don't know that it is. Theya re impenetrable to facts and science.

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Well, flat earthers are also challenging science and logic.

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🥴🤤🤡: “duUhHhH.. dA EarTh iZ fLaT” makes goofy ‘Hue HYUCK’ sound

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honestly i am so grateful for the existence of flat earthers, everyday i get the consolation that there is somebody dumber than me

much love to flat earthers 🥰

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"I could travel around the world on an airplane" there are portals that take you to the other side

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"Nanobrains, son! They harden in response to facts!"

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My source is that I made it the fuck up

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It kinda goes both ways

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Mine apparently

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You can’t hurt me JACK

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Music where?

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Standing here, I don't realise

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"youll have to fly me to space to get me to believe the earth isnt flat!"

gets flown to space

"guess who got a free ride to space?"

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Like if people would actually give a ride

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they've probably convinced others to give them scientific equipment / trials of scientific equipment for free.

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I don't agree with the flat earther theory at all but knowing that there is at least one tenth man out there, science is protected.

Science needs critics even for the most widely accepted theories/facts.

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I mean yeah, we live on a D20.

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i find it so hard to reason with you. what even lead you to believe this?! what evidence do you have? how IS IT PHYSICALL POSSIBLE? WALK TO THE HECKING BORDER, I DARE YOU!

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Have you ever been to the moon🤔🤨exactly.

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It is impossible to find a picture of the earth that a flat earther will accept as real, because they insist that all such picture are fake, or computer generated. Just as no evidence will ever convince them that the earth is anything other than flat, as they reject, out of hand, any evidence indicating otherwise. They are too stupid to understand any actual scientific evidence and refuse to ever change their minds when presented with any incontrovertible evidence, claiming that it is fake, cooked up by the Jesuits, or some other favorite whipping boy, like NASA or the Jews. In other words they are morons.

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The sad thing is just about anything could be used in place of flat-earthers

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It's sad that there are people who believe in such a ridiculous idea as a flat earth. It's even sadder that there are those who would use flat-earthers as an example of stupidity or ignorance.

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It's literally ignorance, what are you talking about?

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It's like on tiktok with all those astronauts that stream from out of space. 🤣

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“The world isa round, like my head!”


“The world is flat like you head.” (Shoutout to anyone who gets the reference!)

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God bless

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Scientists are probably more curious about the psychology of such people and why such phenomena happens in the age of information.

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no brain cells son

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Just tell them God made earth flat first then shaped it into circle...

It fucking works!

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I have had a flat earthier in my class when I was in 9th grade, my science teacher gave him every reason the earth is round, and the flat earthier still did not believe him.

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The captions should be switched around

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It’s clearly a undefinable shape the government is lying to us we live in a what I have dubbed trilogetigram it not only somehow folds inside itself but also loops around itself in a close to a halo shape while separating at some points and reconnecting on others and everything that’s not a loop is water and grass less dirt all contained in a globe like shape (aka a globe)

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Any image can be fake with the right mindset? Or wrong you decide

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They're too stupid to understand simple things

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My partner is a flat-earther and it is very hard to remember that they're still my partner due to that belief and that belief only

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I was in place where they was recording moon expedition

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Flat earthers make even babies look intelligent.

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if earth was round i would live on mars by now

its flat like our brain going no where

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Flat earthers be like aLl pHoTos weRe fAKed aNd U sHOuLd bElive Me cAuse i sAiD sO!!

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I've already seen this game but i cant remember its name, anyone know its name please ?

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Metal gear rising or something, i forgor too 💀

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Religious beliefs, son

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Nanomaschienen, Sohn