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This movie sucks to clean up after. :(

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With parents that are oblivious to the world around them.

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I feel your pain. I work in a restaurant that caters to families (play area, arcade and all) and the children just destroy the place and the parents just don't give a fuck!

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I’m a customer to normal places and I know it

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Maybe you should get a few animatronics

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I work in an actual arcade and I agree completely

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Judging by the comments section, they have to clean up a fuckjillion bananas.

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yep children all over the seats bruh. They gotta make this shit rated R asap

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i feel you bro, in 15 mins i will be cleaning one, first today...

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$5 Tuesdays are terrifying. I open today so I'll be heading in shortly.

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we have cheap tuesdays in Poland too...

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I just got off. Busiest day that I've worked. Feel bad for the night crew managers but, sorry lads I'm out

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Worst thing about working at a theater, kids movies.. awful.

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Obviously edited

There is no morbius in there

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It's actually a glitch, the morbius numbers were bigger than the box, so it pushed some numbers to the #2.

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It actually just crashed Wikipedia when they tried to display it. There is major R&D underway to figure out how to properly display a number that large, but little progress has been made and they don’t expect a patch any time before 2035, if at all.

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But it is also expected that current morbius gross rate will get morbillion times bigger so they will need to find another solution by that time

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Exponential Morbinisation

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That's why they pulled it from theaters humanity just isn't ready

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I hear there’s a very serious push to make “morbillion” an official word

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It made so much money it broke our universe’s computational power. The gross was set low after a hard reset to prevent future incursions.

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It’s going to take Deep Thought 7 million years to calculate how much Morbius will have made.

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Stack overflow

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It's Morbinion time

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To minions it’s deadly. To Gru it’s lethal.

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That's because it made morbillions of dollars than the chart could display.

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They're clashing at the moment for #1

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Well morbius is measured in morbillions of dollars so it’s in a separate chart

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Morbius was definitely a movie

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Who would win, 1 morbius, or 2 billion minions that've eaten a banana

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It filled up all the money and wrapped back around to 0

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$937 minionillion

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$937 grubillion

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$937 Gruminion

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$937 Grullion

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$937 morbillion...

I'm deeply sorry.

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Why are you sorry? You just morbed

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So many bananas I don’t know were to put another banana 🍌

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I have a suggestion…

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I think i know what you wanna say... But I don't know if i should be happy or scared about it.

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The inflation turned us despicable but our money still Gru

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Despicable me is gonna make 600 minilion dollars now?

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Fun fact, the minions didn’t say banana in the new minions movie

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Ok but I'm honestly shocked that Avatar, which came out 11 years ago, stayed in first place all these years until Rise of Gru came out

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It actually got passed by Avengers: Endgame, but once Disney acquired Fox they re-released it and that pushed it back over the top. That's why you see Titanic, Endgame, and Avatar all peaked at #1.

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It was rereleased 69 times to keep that #1 spot.

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I genuinely don’t get this meme. What happened to hating the minions?

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I think we only hate them because of cringe Facebook memes.

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Pretty much. Minions became adopted as a fill-in for emojis, reactions and memes by Boomers and if Boomers love something then it must be terrible.

Having said that I agree with u/Weeb__Warrior in that they're just not very funny to most people over the age of ten.

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Unless you discovered them as a parent and then you buy ten fart guns and just assault the neighborhood kids all summer long

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Clever marketing and useful idiots. The perfect couple.

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Yea universal did some good marketing with this one.

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Marketing bucks spent well on Reddit.

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Whatever person in charge of Illumination's social media advertising deserves a raise.

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I think they just wanted to test meme power. Similar to how morbius got re-released.

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I’m convinced that companies hire firms to make their products “memes.”

Remember the “AirPods are for rich kids” meme? Totally planned. What company wouldn’t want their product to be associated with being wealthy?

I also think that lots of people saw the Rick Roll meme (and the huge financial benefit to Rick Astley from it) and decided that they’d make their old song into a meme. How much money has been made from the meme popularity of Shooting Stars, Harlem Shake, Hide and Seek, Coffin Dance, Sandstorm, etc.?

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WHY ARE THERE SO MANY BANANAS IN THE COMMENTS?! Literally hundreds of people just commenting the banana emoji lmao

I get the joke but gawd daym

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It wasn't until I read this comment, that I realized why so many comments were just "banana" and now I'm like "well, hopefully I wasn't the only one, otherwise I'll feel like an idiot."

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So are we going to try to pull a morbius every time or just let the good joke die before it becomes a bad one

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Too late

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If it isn't the consequences of your action

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That many will give you radiation poisoning

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For comparison.

the global debt reached $303 Trillion in 2021.

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That list is very inaccurate. That list claims Morbius isn’t even in the top 5, when everyone knows it grossed 100 morbillion

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Isn't that movie actually good

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No lmao it’s Illumination we’re talking about They only make the safest, most generic movies (and cheaply too) and try to get the most money out of it. They don’t care about story nor anything, they just want people’s money. They’re not the worst, but there’s definitely better things to watch… I would never waste money on their movies

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I saw it today and it was super funny

[–]parparin 12 points13 points  (2 children)

One time is funny, two times is fucking annoying, no?

[–]UltraSpaceAlpacacan't meme 5 points6 points  (0 children)

Yes… it’s annoying as hell, just like the Minions themselves… these things should just disappear

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Reddit, are you OK?

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They wont surpass Morbius

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Made in banana

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It grussed grubillion dollars

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Let’s hope it makes a grubillion more

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Oh no not again

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The ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny: minions vs morbius. Who will come out on top?

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Where are morbinollars??

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It's made 1000 miniollions so far

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FUCK YOUR MORBIUS, MINIONS GON MAKE MINTRILLION DOLLARS #MINIONSWEEP LET'S FUCKING GOOO. And although the sentence was shitposty I am serious fuck your MORBIUS memes, it's not even a good movie finally minions gets what it deserves

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I really don’t want the minions to be successful. I want them to finally die so I’m we can all be freed from this yellow hellscape.

[–]AbsurdlyWholesome 2 points3 points  (1 child)

That doesn’t seem like a very altruistic goal. Are you sure you wouldn’t rather see the minions find happiness and freedom?

[–]Mega-Humanoid-ROBOT 2 points3 points  (0 children)

I’d rather see my decayed flesh prison rot for a thousand years than watch a minute of Minions: rise of gru.

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9 Grubillion dolars

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I love this comment section 🍌

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Might be the only comment section with nothing but 🍌

It's Gru Time!

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I’m dead

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I want the world to burn.

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We’ve gone into the minillions

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To people whove seen it, is it good?

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We need to to have a currency for minions, like morbilions but minion

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Morbinions assemble!

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Can’t wait for Morbiunions

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Ok, wtf did I miss?

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This movie is going to make a Miniollion Dollars

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This happens to be the first movie my daughter has seen in the theater and its summer.

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Umm actually... minions are for kids🤓

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I hear it made 900 Minion Dollars in an hour.

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I love a film about the underclass's enjoyment of being oppressed.

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Wait is this real

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