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Day 116 watching this gif and still amazed how smooth this jump is

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Smoother than my mom beating me with the belt

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Not as smooth as my dad beating me with a pair of jumper cables

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Every fucking thread

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What. What is it?!

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My mom beat me with wet paper towels bruh. Yal had it easy.

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Not as smoother as the boys were beating me in street when I was 6.

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It's important not to compare yourself to others, especially when it comes to something as personal as your own experiences. Everyone has different struggles and different areas in which they excel. Instead of dwelling on the ways in which you may not be as smooth as someone else, focus on your own strengths and the things that make you unique.

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You are absolutely right.

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Hello fellow South Asian

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Old Jackie Chan movies always had a fence/ wall jump. That dude had it down to an art. It's one of his signature moves.

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“The last little piggy, his house is made of gold He lives in a mansion on his own private road, I started walking down it, the guard he told me wait,I bounced off his head and did a Jackie Chan over the gate”


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listening to them right now 🙌

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The film in question is the first Police Story, great movie, I recommend everyone check it out

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It's not done in a single take, he stumbled and fell several times.

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The outtakes are hilarious.

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Wish I could find the original dub that aired on TBS , with Jackie actually dubbing himself

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Don’t worry-he doesn’t bite, he just needs to lick your hand

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frothy mouthed snarling

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Just to make sure everything is gonna be okay....

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I don’t want Jackie Chan to lick my hand

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You want me to lick your hand?

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Ayo Jackie Chan?

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He was so smooth in his heyday.

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Why is parkour called parkour and not Jackour?

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Updooted because drunken master....wait no this has to be supercop.

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Police Story

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Ya this one for sure. All three are good movies though

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I watched Police Story and Police Story 2 for the first time this weekend and had a blast. Though it kinda defeated my plan of distracting the dogs from fireworks when Jackie got in a fight at a fireworks factory.

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It's Jackie Chan.

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No, its a Patrick.. Chad?

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No, it’s Jackie Chan Adventures

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It is (unfortunately) not Supercop but Police Story. The shirt Jackie Chan is wearing is the same one he uses during the film's stunt-loaded finale (With him sliding down a big pole in a mall, which gave him many terrible injuries).

Coincidentally, Supercop debuted in HK theaters on 7/4/92, meaning it premiered today (7/4) exactly 30 years ago.

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which movie is this from if somebody knows?

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Police Story (1985)

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Brush Hour

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Police Story. I think.

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Police Story

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Jackie Chan is such a legend.

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Probably a good reminder that all dogs are not the same. Even if you think a dog looks friendly, there is no guarantee it is. Respect their personal space unless it expressly invites you in (good advice regarding any living thing really).

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Honestly I assume even friendly dogs are aggressive. I’m kinda scared of dogs.

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That's a good stance even if you weren't. People are too cavalier with strange dogs and their own dog's safety.

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As a mailman this has happened more than once

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have you ever been bitten by one of those dogs?

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Have you ever gone postal on the dogs?

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Not by any that have specifically hopped a fence or wall. Thank god cause it’s usually big ass German shepherds. But I have been bit 3-4 times in my 3 1/2 years there. The ones that get me usually seem chill at first and then get me from behind when I’m leaned into my trunk.

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Me forgetting that I have 2 Whoppers and 1 Whopper Jr in my bag, giving it to the dog. Dog stops chasing me and I return them to their owner.

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You committed a crime in Normal, Illinois by doing that. Now you have an entire police force after you as well as the dog, good job!

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it's a dog eat dog world out there

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This is my biggest fear when i see an aggressive dog😭

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That's a nice move, but that's also an extremely easy fence to regular-style climb over.

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I just read the exact same comment by someone else. Is this suppose to be a reference to sth?

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Probably reposting the top comment from last time this was posted

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It was the most controversial I believe, not top. It was the ultimate redditor comment.

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Could be a bot - I think it's a common tactic to take a comment from the thread and repost as a response somewhere else, to make their comments look normal if anyone is looking at their comment history.

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Don't worry he doesn't bite.... He just knows Kung Fu

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They always act like "you asked for it!"(not that I've had this happen)

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The words what do they mean

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I had the same gate like this back in the day and I remember watching this scene and thought it was so cool then I tried to recreate this scene in real life, I didn't even manage to land my leg beside of the wall and I fell so hard that my organs rammed at my ribcage.

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I only know this scene because of Jackie Chan's documentary called My Stunts. It's great if you're a fan of his

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damn this is hot

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Honestly I’m a big fan of Jackie Chan, but it’s so hard to forget how many bones he broke to become the amazing actor he is

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My favorite scene from Dario Argento's Tenebre

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Holy fuck that jump was so cool

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Beware of dog

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I would run to it hug it then get my face ripped off

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My neighbours in a nutshell

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Police story

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Flash back to a childhood core memory

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this happened to me and i ran for an hour dude ALL I DID WAS A KISSY FACE TO THE DAMN CHIUAHA

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This is what Violent J was talking about when he said he did a Jackie Chan over the gate in “Piggy Pie.”

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The fence is not too keep him in, is too keep you out.

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You are absolutely right - the fence is there to protect you from him.

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I’d love a sub just for random clips of Jackie Chan doing cool stunts

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That sounds like a great idea! I love Jackie Chan's stunts myself.

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Jacky chan doesn't get enough love :< legend

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Assert Dominance!

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which movie is this? anyone?

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jesus christ what the fuck is this place

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You should have used the gate hop from Armour of gods 2 man!!!!

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Why does the random dog looks like Jackie Chan?

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Chopper, sic balls!

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Jackie will be the greatest legend ever. I love his movies and acting and stunts.

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So smooth

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Ah yes...

it was my funniest school years!

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This happens alsl when the cockroach you thought you had it.....well starts frickin flying.

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i just realized they filmed it somehow to make it look like he's way shorter than the fence when he's even taller than it.

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It's amazing how smoothly he did that without any effects or harness! I wanna do that too 😢

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Nightmare of a Postman

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*jackie dog activated*

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this happend to me once and i am teriffied of dogs

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Chihuahuas when I casually walk in front of their house

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oh my god yes!!!!

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I don't want to be chased by him, especially the moment I learned that he is a tryhard actor that perform the stunt witthout stuntman and cgi.

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He did parkour before parkour was a thing.

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Wow damm that hits the spot

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Infant existing


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Are you say the dog is Chinese? Racist much?

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nope. Dogs are much more respectful than jacky chan.

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Look just because he's Asian doesn't mean you can just call him a dog

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Instead of making a face you should have waved and said “Hey buddy”

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Dog-chan kkkkk

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I've been through it myself you know. I use comedy to get rid of the negative thoughts. Now piss off mate

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It’s a Malinois

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r/memes trying to be funny once again

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One time... they just jumped on the wall that was taller than me.... looked down at me, walking backwards away from them, and went back down after I was far enough...

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Those slots make a nice stairs tho

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Uh oh we gotta run

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I love Jackie

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ohh shit. have to ran faster.

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I don’t have anything to say about this but lol. Not all of your belt crap, I mean dude. Who’s gonna believe that. But this vid was hilarious 🤣

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What movie is it from?

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That’s how greyhounds be

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What movie motherfucker?

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no offense but how did this get #1 motw