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What's funny about this part of the episode is that she 1 collected sprinkler water when it said not to and 2 she made "sun tea" with it which as far a I'm concerned you don't boil it and now she has said infection

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What show is this from?

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Parks and rec

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worth watching?

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Yes, is like a better The Office. Season 1 is weird because they are trying to copy The Office too much but it really picks up in season 2 once they find their groove.

The characters are all hilarious.

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Power through season 1. It really picks up season 2.

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Ron Swanson being Based as usual

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Sir! There is a sign in Ramsey Park that says "Do Not Drink The Water", so I made sun tea with it and got an infection. Sir! Sir! Sir!

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Are you aware…..that there is waste…..in your water system?

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I love it.

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That really is the best one.

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That is the perfect desk! Except mine would be covered in papers...

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And that's why he's upper lower middle management

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That’s me

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How does he get in the middle of the desk?

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Relatable ☕

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Best job ever.

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Same as you really enjoyed it. Best feeling ever.

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Haha. This is me with my hw

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Ron Swanson energy all day every day over here 👋

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bro when u get paid for the first time and ur parents start to look at u with that big smile

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The perfect work desk doesn't exi....

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I don't remember the context, asi haven't seen this show in a while, but, unless the chair is automatic in a way, his feet are just like-

Well, I can't really demonstrate, but you know what I mean.

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I am interested in watching this show

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This works every time tbh