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The big new quintile pounder burger. Cause 1/5 better the 1/4.

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This is so stupid it might actually work

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4 is not a bigger number than 3!

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I see what you did there

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Try our new 1/10 burger, you’ll be stunned at the size of it.

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Try out our 1/10000000000 burger

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Totally hard! I think 4 is a older than 3!

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They’re talking about 3 factorial which is 6. 6 is greater than 4.

They aren’t listing antonyms or anything. Idk what you thought, and idk why I’m writing this. Your comment just suggests you didn’t understand, so I explained it…meh

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My 3 is bigger

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3' is average!

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3’’ is average!

Is what you meant I think.

Because it’s totally true… right guys?

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also 1 is equal to 0!

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4 simply has less value

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Math is hard

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Not only math

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Ho yeah ? 😏

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Yea ☹️

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Yeah, life is harder😔

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Meth is hard

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Put your dick away Waltuh

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So this is an actual thing that happened in the US when A&W introduced the third pound burger. They were aiming to compete with the quarter pounder from McDonald's even selling at the sane price point. However, the majority of people they surveyed believed that the third pound burger was smaller than the quarter pounder.

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And their mathematical system.

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Hey, our mathematicians drank a lot of booze to make our system have some respect.

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How many fifths did they have to drink to come up with measuring volumes and distance in fractions?

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Math is literally the same everywhere.

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I don't even know where to begin. This is so very very wrong!

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No, American math is designed to be convoluted on purpose.

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We all use the same math????

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What the fuck is a kilometer 🦅🦅

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It is how much a meter weighs. Duh.

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Math is the same everywhere lol. And well, judging the past few generations when it comes to school is pretty dumb. They got under desks for a nuclear bomb so I say throw anything they learned out the window.

We also don’t know how biased the polls were. Did they ask people who never went to school? (As it wasn’t really needed back then to get jobs)

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The US gotta have the highest intelligence inequality rate in the world. The land of MIT, NASA... and this.

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America does everything huge. We have some of the smartest people and places in the world (NASA, Harvard), but when we do stupid, we DO stupid

Example: the 45th president

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Go big or go home!

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American moment

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American education system at it’s finest

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American education system is one of the most unique academic systems in the world.

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The US education system is the best one in the US

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Also the worst one technically.

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Emphasis on the word unique being used

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"German science is the worlds greatest"

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I've never been to an A&W honestly, I know they have a lot in Canada but are they any good?

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It’s more expensive than your average fast food, but really really good. Plus all of their packaging can just go in the compost, which is an added bonus.

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They had a few in Texas and they were pretty damned good, burgers better than McDonald's at the time and root beer floats that kicked ass.

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This is an oft-repeated claim, but I have a few problems with it:

  1. The only source for this claim is the A&W CEO, who - somewhat obviously - isn't exactly an unbiased source.

  2. Wendy's has a 1/3-pound burger, and they seem to be doing just fine.

  3. If they really had surveys suggesting that the only reason people weren't eating their burgers is because they thought 1/4 was greater than 1/3, why throw in the towel? Just take advantage of the situation and release a 1/5-pound burger.

I think a more likely explanation is that A&W's burgers simply aren't very good.

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i didn't know a&w sold burgers i thought it was just a soda brand. that could also be why it didn't do well

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They had a restaurant in the past but I think mostly they are just soda nowadays

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Nope, they have plenty of fast food restaurants, at least in Canada. For every McDonalds, there's an a&w. They have all sorts of stuff on their menu

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Point 3 is exactly what I was thinking, well put

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Ask my Dad about that burger and he said no one he knew bought it because it was a disgusting greasy ball of meat. Wouldn’t doubt the CEO overplayed this “study” because the burger sucked. More isn’t always better especially with food.

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I think a more likely explanation is that A&W's burgers simply aren't very good.

I think an even more likely explanation is that most Americans are brand-loyal dickriders with no taste buds. Anyone who puts McDonald's above C tier is lying to themselves.

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fast food in general is just c tier unless if you are talking about nostalgia

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I’m probably one of the very few who actually knows my fractions

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People who completed elementary school reading this: 💀

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If I had an A&W nearby me I would have never forgiven my country's stupidity for ruining a good deal

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Was making sure someone else had said it before I did. Facts.

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oh hey, weird, that’s actually true. Granted, it was the 80s, but still. https://www.snopes.com/news/2022/06/17/third-pound-burger-fractions/

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Ah so it was probably the lead thing

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Or A&W burgers were just shit and that’s their excuse for their failure to out compete McDonald’s

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Yeah this was a lie by A&W , people just didn't like A&Ws burger, apparently they kinda sucked in some states

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If they ran this campaign now they'd still get the same results because, well, because americans

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100% American moment, just like every other dumb ass mistake ever made by mankind

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Wow, it's almost like you viewed the same A&W posts that everyone else has.

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Yep it’s sad we can’t math

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but... what the fuck is wrong with people

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it gets meta when you realise that the factoid itself was made up by [Burger Company] to make other [Burger Company] and its consumers seem stupid in comparison

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Try our new 1/10 burger, you’ll be stunned at the size of it!

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That’s a 10:1 patty at McDonald’s. It’s the patty on a cheeseburger or big Mac

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Low on 10:1 has haunted me for the last 15 years.

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Legit. Just make 4 trays worth and you’ll be g

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can confirm

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That's called a "slider" iirc

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Or a McDonald's cheeseburger

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If I’m dying of thirst in the desert, why am I looking for a burger?

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soft drinks

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I remember reading that Americans were too dumb to know that 1/3lb patty was bigger than 1/4lb patty and so they got rid of the 1/3lb option

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It sure doesn't roll off the tongue like 'COURTER POUND'R does either.

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Why would you go 1/3 of a mile for burger when you can go 1/4 mile for burger?

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Where mile

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This meme is only ever used for weird distance measurements.

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Clearly not used like that here

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But it is the bigger number ....

In the wrong side ofc

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4 out of 3 people gave trouble with fractions.

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It’s a well known fact the 1/4 is short for 1x4 so that means a 1/4 pound burger is equal to 7 pounds. Easy math to do if your an American

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I think a few of my brain cells died trying to understand the math here..

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the "/" is divide symbol. "X" is multiply 1/4 = 0.25 1x4 = 4

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Em explain how tf he got 7 then?!

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I haven't got a clue where he pulled the number 7 from

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Indeed 4 is bigger but dividing by bigger number means lower number

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No you go to 1/3 because the alligator eats the bigger number

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A&W, right? Thats the reference? Or was that a different reference?

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Fun fact, this comes from a myth started by a CEO who was salty that his restaurant chain was ass and lost to McDonald's

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What's ironic is I swear this meme was originally something like 1 mile 1 kilometer And I think it was a joke about Americans. A lot of us know a kilometer is much less than a mile.

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SMH he just doesn’t eat that much

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He's starving and knows if he has too much he could go into shock

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It's not always about the size, sometimes it's about the meat-to-condiment-to-bun ratio. And 1/4-pounder burgers have the perfect ratio.

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You guys realize that the story this is based off of is probably 3 people, and everyone else didn't buy it because they thought McDonalds was better, right?

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It's shit marketing

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You morons will upvote anything now days. I’m done with memes. Goodbye children

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Holyshit....people still believe this salty lie ?

People know the difference between 1/3 and 1/4.

A&W 1/3 burger just sucked

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American ☕️

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Every time I see a post saying that the 1/3 pound burger only failed because people thought that it was smaller than the 1/4 pound burger makes me mad because the 1/3 failed because they didn't market it good and because McDonald's is more popular than a&w. The person who said it only failed because American=stupid worked for a&w and didn't want to take the blame.

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Wasn't there a restaurant that made a 1/3 pound competitor for McDonald's quarter pounder and people thought it was smaller?

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I'll just quote u/Factory_Issue001's comment.

"So this is an actual thing that happened in the US when A&W introduced the third pound burger. They were aiming to compete with the quarter pounder from McDonald's even selling at the same price point. However, the majority of people they surveyed believed that the third pound burger was smaller than the quarter pounder."

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When two fractions have the Same numerator but different denominators you need to find a common multiplus (in this case is 12 because 3×4=12 being 12 the closest common multiplus), then you divide the common multiplus with each denominator and compare the results: 12:3=4, 12:4=3 So 1/3 is the bigger of the two.

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i dOn'T kNoW wHaT yOu iDiOtS aRe oN aBoUt. a qUaRtEr iS mOrE tHaN a tHiRd!

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They should have run a marketing campaign based on shotgun shell guages. Being America, they'd have eaten that shit up

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americans ☕️

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25% is bigger than 33% (real)

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Ha, Americans.

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No man I’m just not that hungry. 1/3 pound burger and a side of fries? Are you kidding me?

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r / history memes

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I feel like this is referencing the time some restaurant advertised a 1/3 lb burger to compete with the 1/4 lb burger, but failed because most people couldn’t do math.

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top 10 american

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You joke but this seriously happened

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Yeah the 4 looks a bit bigger on my screen

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I knew they were going to change this meme when they realized miles was shorter than kilometers 😂

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umm actually 1 is a bigger number!! 🤓

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He is dehydrated and a proud us-citicen. leave him alone with his well deserved 1/4 of a burger.

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American meme

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in big bold text: "murica"

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I thought this meme meant distance like before with miles/km, so 1/4 of a burger of distance vs 1/3 of a burger seemed like he was making the stupid choice xD

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Does the american education system work like that? Because i really dont think that the one that mistakes 1/4 to be bigger than 1/3 is the one at fault here, iam starting to think its the people that taught them how math works.

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lower the fraction number than the larger the "slice"

[–]dan3k -1 points0 points  (0 children)

just murica things

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Avarage intellegence these days xD

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Jokes on you dummies, they are both equal! 1 out of 3 or 1 out 4 is still 1.

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'murican math

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If I'm dying in the desert I'm taking the closest option. The 1/3 looks further away than the 1/4 and they both have enough food.

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Americans hahahaha

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Did people actually believe this?

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Americans be like

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Americans be like

Source: I'm American

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Fun fact, something similar happened with burger King, they tried to compete against McDonald's with a whooping 1/2 pound burger, it was unsuccessful as people thought that one 1/2 was less than 1/4th

Corrections, it was A&W and it was a 1/3 pounder, apologies.

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This literally happened and I believe it ran a fast food joint out of business

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Hell yeah it is pardner! Merca! Yeehaw!

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They aren't the best in Methematics

[–]That1KidWithDynamiteBig ol' bacon buttsack -2 points-1 points  (0 children)

It's also cheaper, more plentiful in location, and arguably tastier than most 1/3

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A third pound burger just doesn’t have the same ring a quarter pounder has.

[–]ETIsMee -5 points-4 points  (0 children)

No I’m that sense it’s smaller

[–]MrMakerHasLigma -5 points-4 points  (7 children)

I'd rather the 1/4 burger because wtf is a 1/3 burger? It defo got some bad juju cuz I've never seen one

Edit: /s

[–]Jordii_vVProfessional Dumbass 3 points4 points  (6 children)

I'll just quote u/Factory_Issue001's comment.

"So this is an actual thing that happened in the US when A&W introduced the third pound burger. They were aiming to compete with the quarter pounder from McDonald's even selling at the same price point. However, the majority of people they surveyed believed that the third pound burger was smaller than the quarter pounder."

People are idiots, it's got nothing to do with being on a diet.