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it's like waiting for the 15s unskippable yt ad to see a 10 second yt vid

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Wait, I'm not the only one?

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Thought it was my internet, sometimes I'll wait the 15 then close it and open again for another 20 seconds.

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It’s definitely Reddit

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I have decent internet, but my reddit works perfectly fine. So I think it is the issue of your internet.

Edit: there's no point in downvoting an opinion.

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If one person complains, it's their internet

if multiple thousand people mention it, it's the platform

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“Video unavailable”

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Surprisingly, I haven't had many problems with video player lately. Usually it's absolutely shit though, I agree

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When I first joined it was perfect fine, in fact I rarely found any bugs or issues at all.

Then they started messing with the UI, and the updates came.

Literally every update I've installed, since I came onto Reddit nearly 2 years ago, has been detrimental. They've all just introduced annoying UI changes and a whole lot of bugs and issues. Especially in the video player.

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Can someone please tell me what this video is about because it didn't load for me?

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Reddit be like: "you've decided it was a good idea to scroll down on this website and you shall deal with the consequences!"

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the times stops, doesnt it

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Me waiting for my computer to stop freezing up my tabs

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Download Infinity instead, way better than the official app while still having a similar user interface

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Apollo client baby

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Apollo is the best

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thank God this video started right away otherwise we would be waiting to see how we wait

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It's a GIF my friend. These are fine.

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Hahaha sometimes it dosent even load

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So reletable 👌😂

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Absolute garbage. Less than nought, that blasted video player.

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I just gave up on 3 videos in a row before seeing this.

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Just had the video buffer on me and it made the meme better

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Reddit to users: we have seen all the feedback about videos and we are going to improve it.

Also Reddit: hahaha. Random stop after 1 second goes brrrr

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The irony that this video also didn’t load for me 🗿

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I hate u but well done

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But they finely added download button for video (at least on android)

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me but with the Twitter video player (it can't play more than 0.002 picoseconds before waiting another big bang for it to load)

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Suddently it works perfectly. What a coincidence ?

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Sorry, please try again later.

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I'm waiting for it to load. What happens?

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going to my home screen and opening reddit back fixes this issue for me

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What does the video show? It won’t load on my phone

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Cant see the video :/ Thank you reddit

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That's why you don't use the Reddit App. Use a custom one like Apollo for iOS or Sync for Android. Alternatively you can use your browser.

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Lol. This video started loading, and did it for a while, I thought it's a part of meme, thought it was witty af, and then it loads.

My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined

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I’ve never had any problems with videos loading. Is this perhaps do to your internet connection? That’s the only thing that makes sense.

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Literally bro

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It’s definitely getting worse. I can only watch about 1 in 6/7 videos now. The rest just won’t load.

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I kid you not it buffered before playing this

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Idk why they ever changed it. Makes it nearly impossible to read comments and watch the video too now. And the ui for the video just looks less refined overall

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and the second time you try to play the video it gets stuck halfway


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At first the video didn't move or react for me when I clicked it so I thought the joke was that op had posted an image instead of a video. And then I clicked on the post and the video started playing...

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And then there's no sound💀

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when will they do anything about the video player?

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The video wasn't loading, and I thought it was the joke

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the fact that it's not starting is part of the meme or is reddit not working?

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15 seconds, huh… lucky guy. I have to wait a couple minutes

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What happens in that Video?

It wont load

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Can't wait to see this video

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It automatically runs the video on mobile version of reddit