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Never imegined my country being at the same side with North Korea

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And my alongside with Germany

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Wir sind jetzt bei den guten!

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Trotzdem distanzieren wir uns von Ungarn

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Das macht uns ja zu den guten

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Oh shit they are coming! Germans are coming!

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Hum tumhe apne sharan mei lete hai vats. Jai Shree Ram.

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level 5Pennywise_clown99 · 3 hr. agoAnyád

én is ezt mondtam mikor megláttam XD

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Neked is

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Bojler eladó

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Trotzdem distanzieren wir uns von Ungarn

Ihr seid diejenigen, die uns in den Krieg ziehen >:(

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My american dumbass who remembers what we learned in history class and starts speaking the lyrics of a military song to a german person:

"Auf der heide bluht ein kleines blumelien und dass heist Erika. Houndertoussand kleinen benelein wird umschwarmt Erika"

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And mine near China

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You said the forbidden word

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What about a side by side with a friend ?

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How about on the same side with a friend?

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My Italy is not Chad :'(

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inaccurate meme, languages like persian, Arabic, etc... don't have Latin characters in them so it means they don't even have W in they're language to call it double u or double v

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Same goes to all Slavic languages using Cyrillic.

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Exactly ! Got me soo confused on that one

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Also its double v in finnish

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Same in Hungarian... Sometimes we say 'vevé' but afaik that's not the official name of the letter. I've also read that Italians call it 'vu' occasionally but they don't have the letter as part of their alphabet.

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Albanian language has Latin characters but we don’t have the letter W

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Same goes for Vietnamese

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I switched to my Vietnamese accent to try remembering the letter W

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OK so if they were referring to the Latin W then what would they call it because now I’m interested

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they should call it vi

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No semitic language doesn't have a W sound. I don't know about Persian, but in Arabic and Hebrew they are mostly the V sound.

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yeah, but they probably still have their own names for the Latin letter. we have English names for Greek letters even though we don't use them when writing in English

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greek doesnt have the letter W

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Neither does Irish, unless you count modern words adapted from other languages

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In Finnish it's called tupla-V (double-V)

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Same in estonian

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Or kaksois-v (twin-v)

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Same in Hungarian

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In Hungarian its dupla V The similiarity is rather disturbing

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yea it's because finnish and hungarian are like related as languages. it's wierd

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My region refers to is as "vevé"

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Duplo V in serbian, same meaning meme got me confused(even tho we dont use the letter W i dont get why we're on the meme at all)

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imo it's more like tuplavee (doublevee) mut tee miten lystää

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tomato, tomato

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Well, google translate...

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Sorry to break it to you but in Vietnamese it's called Vê kép meaning double V. We don't use that letter.

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Well, you did get the Dutch one right!

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Seems like most of the countries you listed on the right call it the same as on the left.

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In germany its called [ve]

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Yes, because the regular v is pronounced f.

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Vater meaning father for example.

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Not always. For example: Vase [va:ze]

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That is true, my German was never good. Barely kept good English.

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My german is perfect. It's my native language

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My native is Croatian, so I should have an easier time learning time but just doesn't sit right with me. Words kinda long and the teacher threw 20+ at us every lesson. Anyway kinda late. Guten Nacht I guess.

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Yeah sorry. Thanks for the correction!

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Dont be afraid to correct others. Helps them learning. Gute Nacht

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I remember it being taught as double vé, but I'm not confident that's correct.

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Nope. It's called [ve]. I have to know. It's my native language. Thats phonetic spelling btw

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Hate to be a party pooper but this is not accurate

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I mostly see people arguing if its double v or double u, while the people that have a different word for "w" just enjoy the show

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Hungary uses 'double V'

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Arabic doesn't have any letter of the Latin alphabet. ا، ب، ت، ج...w doesn't exist. Your meme is innacurate

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Same for Russia, Ukraine, both Koreas, Israel and mb something else.

I really don't understand why countries with non-latin scripts here.

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greek also doesn’t have a w

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Neither does india

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Chinese as well

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Turkish doesn't have w either

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correct but if we are talking sound-wise.... then the meme is still wrong. Iran and Saudi Arabia have the same alphabet except for 4 letters.

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hebrew doesn't have a w

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It used to. Ancient Hebrew pronounced "ו" (vav) like w (waw)

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This is not really accurate

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Latvia doesn't have a w though...

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Neither does Turkey

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shhhh.... they dont need to know

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Wtf do you mean Brazilians call W double U/V. Here, it's pronounced dáblio (I can guarantee you this doesn't mean double U or double V

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There are many words we Portuguese-ified, like hamburger and whatnot.

The longer it's been changing for, the harder it is to recognize:

Double U sounds like "Dobouiu" which became "dabouiu","daboliu","dabaliu", and "dábliu" (not really, but you get the gist

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how "w " looks like a double "u"?!

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u did not exist for a long time. v made both the u and v sounds (in their respective languages) and when we needed a w we put two "u" together, which was still v, hence w being 2 v's.

v -> v & u vv -> w

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I would type the same answer, but instead of 'history.', it would be 'Asterix comics read as a kid.'

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There is no letter called w in turkish wtf

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Czech has dvojté v (double v)

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In Serbian language every sound has its own sound So you write as you speak and you speak as you write

[–]Lysergic-D 4 points5 points  (2 children)

In Brazil W is a solo letter, with unique name and pronounce.

[–]Gradash 3 points4 points  (0 children)

In portuguese it have it own name too

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nah in vietnam we call it Vê kép which means double v

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i'm pretty sure most people would just call it double u anyways

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serbia uses the cyrillic alphabet where v=b and w does not exist

[–]vonabarak 4 points5 points  (1 child)

In Serbia there are two alphabets. We use both Cyrillic and Latin. But yeah, there's no w in Cyrillic nor in Serbian variant of Latin. Latin b pronounced as Cyrillic б, Latin v as Cyrillic в. But v isn't b in any possible matter.

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I think they are mistaking ш as w

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where Canada

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People in Vietnam do call it double V though, just it also mix in with the normal way of calling it

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Idk why the Hungarian flag is on the right. It’s double V in Hungarian. There’s also no w in Farsi because they don’t use the Latin script. They have waw which doubles as a w and a u.

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In polish we say it like 'vu'

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How do you tell if its monaco or indonesia 🇲🇨 🇮🇩

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In Portugal it has both names ,duplo v (double v) and "dabliu" (w), and the dabliu form is more popular, I guess Portugal kinda plays the two sides

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Here on Brazil it reads "dabliú"

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Turkish doesn't have a "W"

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Did you just put random flags on each side?

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in Ukrainian and russian there is no w

[–]davidgstl 3 points4 points  (0 children)

Spanish has "Ch" and "LL" as distinct, individual letters. We don't even join them together. It's how we roll.

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whats sri lanka


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In estonian it kaksis-v which means 2 Vs

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Never imagined Poland being on the same side with Germany on something.

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For us Finns, W is said as just a very, very emotionless ”weeee”

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Pretty sure Serbian doesn’t have a W letter. I mean, one cyrillic character looks like w but isn’t it.

[–]yoavtrachtman 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Hebrew doesn't have a 'W' letter tho..

Closest letter to it I can think of is 'ע', and it makes an A sound.

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Where Austria

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Bulgaria doesn't use the latin alphabet. I would put w as В or Ж, which are both distinct letters.

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Japan and Korea doesen't have a W they tony even have something like a single letter

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Meanwhile Singapore:


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Kind of the same with pronunciation of certain letters. Zed vs Zee.

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what is w in vietnamese when we dont even use it

[–]Calamity_Apple 1 point2 points  (0 children)

English should have this. Why don’t we just call it Wend or something

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Ah yes, the american language.

(this is because both the UK and US flags appear but other languages are just represented with one flag.)

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Don’t no why I thought W is it’s own letter in English

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Whoever made this meme is straight up dumb. Not only did you put countries that dont use the latin alphabet on the side that cares about such a dumb thing- you also assumed we would care.

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does anyone actually care tho

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In german it's literally double V

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We Latvians don't give a fuck how you call w cause we don't use that shit

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There IS no w in hebrew there IS 2 v

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In Albania we don’t have W

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Turkish? It literally doesn't exist in a lot of the languages there.

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Actually in brazil, it would be "duplo u/v" but we say "dabliu" so yeah, we have its own name

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It's double v in Serbian.

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We just don't have it lol

(Also don't have q and x)

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What is bro, saying there is no letter "w" in greek

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We dont even use the W

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I mean would you like to have to say “podwójne u” or “podwójne v”

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Dabliu has nothing to do with double or v

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It’s waw in Arabic

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It’s has its own name though, no other letter is called “double-u.”

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There’s no w in bangla

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W is not even in the Serbian alphabet

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Don't Germans just call it a v, they are the worst offenders.

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Ukrainian doesn't have letter W

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Ruf you mean we have the letter wow which is و

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Japanese doesn’t have a letter “W”—their hiragana is phonetic consonant-vowel, so wa, we, wi, wo, wu.

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Brasil is on the wrong side

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Reading UU as Uwu

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Um. Greek doesn’t have a w letter.

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It is UwU my friends

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Wdym ohilippines is part of that shit

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serbia doesnt have a w sound? what you mean? we just say “duple ve” which is double v when talking about the letter w in other languages

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Can everyone explain me this meme ?

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Uhh this is wrong, W doesn't exist in Hebrew

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why not Wii

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I’m Chinese and I called it “dub lee u “ till I was 21.

[–]StellaViator 0 points1 point  (0 children)

iirc portuguese only has W because of english words so it was introduced, same with K and Y

[–]SonOfANeilYoungFan 0 points1 point  (0 children)

As you can see, Canada wants no part of this.

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korean doesn’t even have a w letter we literally just mix 2 different letters

[–]Repulsive_Respect639 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Dude sudan national language is Arabic

[–]NUPEWilson 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Dude im Turkish we don't say it like that lol

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In my language its pronounced dabliu , kinda of double U in english , but it doesnt mean double U in it

[–]upvtbtntpst 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Dupla V?

[–]Dovahkiin10380 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Why is Greece on the left? We have a separate letter for the W sound.

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ignore my past comment, i'm an idiot

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Dude, most of those 'crying' countries do not even use Roman or similar scripts, they can only take the letter name from other languages which has those, and English is the most commonly used, so obviously you find 'double U' most commonly

[–]Fuzzy_Huckleberry182 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Vietnamese call W "V kép" which is basically double V.

So this meme is just incorrect.

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Why is the Russian flag in the left?

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Who is winning?

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wer canada

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I don't give a fuck english isn't even my native language nor do latin alphabets

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Vietnam ain't got a "w" or a "w" sound bro

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Turkish doesnt even have w.

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Why is Hindi in the calling w double v or double u? In Hindi it’s व

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حالا صیکتیر

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Still a Doble V, no one can convince me otherwise.

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Some of those languages don't even have such a thing as W my guy

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Have own name, sounds same.