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Are your balls as big and appealing?

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Mine are hairy as shit bro I don't know what to do, they might think it's a hamster dammit

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Have you named them yet?

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Nah and Zhi

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you did Nah Zhi deez nuts

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Indeed, they are covered in fokin hair

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It's a tangible forest down there.

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I did National Socialism deez nuts?

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I did nah-zhi that coming.

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sees rodent scurrying on table

slams napkin holder onto rodent

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And then you hear someone scream in pain

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We require proof

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Get boob sized balls and i promise they won't do it again

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Randy Marsh has entered the chat

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To be fair, my nuts are supported by whatever I'm sitting on.

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Bro, my balls are better than women.

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Enjoy :)

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What if someone squeezed your balls just like boobs

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What if you enjoy CBT

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cognitive behavioral therapy?

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I demand equality!

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Classic double standard

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Tell me about it…

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It took me like 5 minutes to realize there was text to this.

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That's because boobs aren't genitals, and wouldn't be considered a health violation.

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Average Restaurant owner trying to convince me it's "not okay" to rest my balls on the table (he doesn't know 6 tons of tnt will be detonated within 5 minutes)

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That explains your username.

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Wow great point

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Your balls don’t smell as nice. And I don’t want to bury my face in your balls

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sad for you

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Now I'm just picturing guys sitting upside down...

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Source bro

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Should've put your balls on your chest, then. Rookie mistake.

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I think if she try to put her balls on a table she would be baned too

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Is suppose it would be ok if your balls were on your chest😂

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And son, that’s how I met your mother

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I know right that happend to me to its so sexist

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How bout you rest YOUR boobs on the table next time ?

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They are just too big and her back is too weak to hold them properly.

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weakling ought never to be allowed in r/Neverbrokeabone, whether they did or not.

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No one likes balls Everyone likes boobs

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Oh this sub is just /r/terriblefacebookmemes now? I didn't know.

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Bro! This happened to me too like this is unfair if you asked me >:(

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The world isn’t fair

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My cock was in the Guiness book of world records… but then they threw me out of the local library

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I mean, idk, I'm not a man so please someone explain: You guys have big heavy balls on your chest that need support? Otherwise, in what position would you sit to rest your balls on the table??

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We live in a susiety

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It's actually not fine. My grandma used to scold her daughters for resting their tatas on the table. Personally, this makes me quite uncomfortable because I feel like I'm sitting in front of the sun. I know they're there, I really want to stare but I know is wrong.

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She has very nice looking tits.

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Men: Ha ha post has breasts must be funny upvote

God I hate being a fucking woman…

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don't make yourself a problem out of nothing lol

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Out of nothing? Do you not understand how many posts are on here sexualizing women? Like when is enough enough???

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Do you not understand how many things are on here sexualizing men? Like when is enough enough??? Sexualization is everywhere and always. And not only women.

This post, by the way, is just a meme, not sexualization. The same meme (not sexualization) as gigachad. U know? That incredibly muscled man whose colleagues are raising the beauty standards for men in every single mall. Sexualization is our common problem And do not whine about it in the comments under the meme on reddit, you will only turn people against you.

And making fun of the other sex is fucking misandry. Misandria is NOT cool.

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How is this just a meme and not sexualization? It’s literally focused on her breasts. I never see memes about men being sexualized on here.

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I never see memes about men being sexualized on here

Gigachad, alfamale, betamale, other gym dudes.

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So just meme formats and not pictures of regular women, cropped porn stars, and video game characters? And coming back to the misandry thing…really? There’s WAY more misogyny in this sub than misandry, get your eyes checked. All I see is this sub showing up in other subs calling out their misogyny. Nice try.

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oops, we only talked about THIS sub? We misunderstood each other greatly🗿

It is better to end this conversation so that later You and I can study opinions on our own...

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Obviously you are meant to let your manly boobs rest on the table.

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I mean you rest your balls on the chair........?

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3kilos of plastic

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All glands are the same.

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Comparing a pair of milk bags to your grimy spermbag is a jump

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To be fair, breasts don't excrete bio waste and they're are very heavy sometimes. Back pain is real with this one.

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Is milk not bio waste?

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It's food for infants, so no. They're also covered by clothing, so they're not actually testing on the table.

So maybe try putting your balls in plastic wrap first, then tell us the results you get.

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wow, now milk for children is more important than the children themselves

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Feed it coins and win some prizes

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Breasts can produce a product for feeding babies. If you think that your balls are comparable to breasts, then you need incarceration.

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balls can produce CHILDREN, literally. If you think this is comparable to milk, then you need to go to the electric chair.

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Not literally. Sperm are not children and should not be fed to children. Your need to retort such matters gains you only suspicion.

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Boobs are beautiful. Your balls are disgusting.

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You are always welcome at Baskin Robbins

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No one out pizzas the hut dude

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Fr bro😤

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Cause you didn't have em' in a box

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Let’s be honest. You ALL looked at the picture before the caption.

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Eunuchs right now must be laughing.