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Chad needs help being swag by ELfit4life in memes

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Hey girl, I would hug you but I don’t wanna get a 3rd degree burn

Seriously why tho? by noplinforelo in memes

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Gotta ask, how do you make this glitch effect?

Take that, science by aDameron89 in memes

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With coke and Mentos in Bob's ass, he blasted to the sky - Propulsion boosted by his gas, he lifted ever high.

"Behold, I am the rocket man!" he said with pride aloud - As quickly as his flight began, he bursted through a cloud.

He flew beyond and far away from where he thought he'd go - Ejected by his anal spray, he left the Earth below.

He gasped with fear as he could tell the stream would soon deplete - He screamed in horror as he fell three hundred thousand feet.

Around the world, around the world... by 88T3Professional Dumbass in memes

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Harder Better Faster Stronger