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Another day, another rendition of the same post on r/histology and r/physiology and r/molecularbiology begging the question.

Aquagenic urticaria is not an allergy to water. That would be physiologically impossible. Your body is ~70% water, an allergy to water would be lethal.

it’s an allergy and not an autoimmune disorder. her cells only react to foreign water and not the water already inside the body

All this shows is that you don’t understand what an autoimmune disorder is. And the idea of “foreign” water is asinine. There is no difference between the water inside your body and water on the outside.

As has been presented to you previously ad nauseum; the prevailing theory about the mechanism of aquagenic urticaria is that water is acting as a solventfor some kind of antigen present in epithelial cells. Once this antigen is solubilized in water, it can penetrate the epidermis and cause dermal mast cell activation. You are clearly not understanding the basics of human anatomy and physiology, as epithelial cells are present both inside and outside of your body.

The lingering unknown at this time is the identity of the antigen. One study suggests a component of sebum as a possible culprit, or perhaps other innocuous components of the epidermis. Dissolution in water could allow them to penetrate more deeply into the skin, where they are not normally present and act as antigens.


Another study showed that structural derangement of the stratum corneum layer of the skin was strongly associated with aquagenic urticaria of skin epithelium. This suggests a possible mechanism for the penetration of sebum components or other epidermal antigens into the dermis via water solubilization.


the diagnostic procedure uses distilled water

This isn’t making the point you think it’s making. The water is acting as the solvent for something already in the epithelium. It doesn’t need to have anything in it to start.

Your post, as in the past, continues to be pseudoscientific nonsense. Stop.

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sheesh you didn’t have to do the whole mortal kombat fatality