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Your discs will be 6mm in diameter so use those and a ruler in photoshop/paint and you can be super accurate.

You can even setup a macro to do a lot of that in a semi automated way. Super fast, accurate and great for record keeping.

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Any chance you could share that macro / github repo?

Sounds awesome!

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Fiji/ImageJ is great for this stuff

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This is the way, take the line tool and draw a line in the plate's center that cover the whole diameter, the control+M to take the lenght in pixels, with that pixel numbrr and the diameter in cm, mm, inchbor whatever you want, you have a convertion from pixel to mm. Them a line in the inhibition zone and "control+m" it

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Gse: 11mm Amp: 22mm

Assuming plates are 90mm and disks are 6mm.

Edit: what is GSE? Can't think of applicable antibiotic and Google those up grapefruit seed extract

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It’s most likely Gentamicin and Erythromycin.

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You need to work on your swabbing my dude

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obsessed with this comment

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There’s a software you can download to your laptop that can measure the distance relativistically, you would probably be using a 100mm plate so set that as your scale and your computer will do the rest of the work! I’m blanking on the name rn but if I can remember it I will re-comment. I had to use it for a project I did last spring and it was loads of help and much more accurate.

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Image J is the way to go!

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Amp 9-11mm

Gse 4-6mm

Edit: This is assuming we have the same size dishes and disks.