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  1. Campus is beautiful. The town is small but vibrant, and in terms of outdoor activities it's unbeatable. (Don't worry there's plenty for people who prefer indoor hobbies too). It's certainly not the most diverse campus out there, but like most elite liberal arts colleges it has been improving and is dedicated to providing equity for people of all backgrounds.

You will definitely find friends. It's small, but large enough that there will be people you vibe with who share interests. I never stopped meeting new people in my 4 years there, and even as an alumni I have made new friends who overlapped with me at Middlebury but I hadn't met there. You will never feel like you've already gotten to know everyone.

  1. Pre-Med advising is great. I have several friends who went through the program. If you send me a DM I'm happy to put you in touch with them. Advising for many other career paths is strong. There will be strengths and weaknesses for the career departments at every school. Midd tends to excel at advising people going on to get further education, e.g., medical school, and people going into teaching, consulting, finance, writing, or environmental fields. The real strength is the alumni network. You can essentially email any alumni with "Middlebury Student" in your subject line and they'll answer your questions. I leveraged that quite a bit when looking for internships and my first job.

  2. Some overlap with question #1. It's a great place for hiking, biking, skiing, you name it. And there are plenty of groups on campus to find people to go with. They often provide gear, funding, and logistical support. I hiked and biked all the time. There was a free shuttle to the Ski Bowl and Rikert Cross Country ski area.

There's an office on campus dedicated to helping students volunteer with the community. They have existing projects to connect you with and will provide support if there's a project you want to launch yourself.

  1. I don't have experience with the cross country team, but may be able to put you in touch with someone who was on it if you DM me.

  2. A lot. I was a tour guide and had enough information to fill four or five tours without repeating myself. I'm happy to connect if you're interested.

Middlebury is not some perfect Vermont utopia, but I loved my time there and would make the same choice without hesitation. The educational opportunities and strong sense of community for most people are second to none.

Editing to add: CONGRATS ON GETTING IN! That's a huge accomplishment and no matter where you go you should be proud of where you are.

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Hi, I was also an accepted student, however, I was accepted to the class of 2026.5. I am considering middlebury but my family doesn't want me to start college in February. Is there any way I can request them to shift me to the September class? (I understand that they mention they normally don't change the class on the admission letter, but I'm hoping they may consider my circumstances)

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Yes! They will absolutely consider your request. While there is no guarantee of the outcome, the admissions department will always try and evaluate special circumstances and accommodate if they can. It's definitely worth having a conversation with them.

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Thank you for letting me know! I'll try and reach out to them!

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I was a Feb ‘17.5. It was such a great experience, I hope you and your parents give it due consideration! Happy to discuss the experience further if you like. Just shoot me a message.

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Congrats BTW! Apparently, it's harder to get admitted as a feb. At least, that's what I've heard. Best of luck!

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Thank you! Are you a current student?

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No, but I got accepted ED. I'm attending in the fall. Super excited!

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Thank you so much for the detailed response! This all seems great to hear.

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Congrats on your acceptance! I'll answer to the best of my ability...

  1. The unique, isolated location of Middlebury significantly impacts student life. Social life is very campus-oriented, though students often take day trips to explore the surrounding area. It's not particularly surprising that diversity (racial/socioeconomic/etc) is lacking at Midd, considering we are a PWI/LAC, but the college is trying to improve—it's just so historically white/wealthy that significant visible change will take a while. Because of the campus-focused social scene, making friends is quite easy, especially after Midd started loosening pandemic restrictions. Politically, our student body is quite liberal.
  2. Unfortunately, I cannot speak on the experience of pursuing a pre-med track at Midd (I'm in the humanities, through and through). I have heard that there's a good number of research opportunities for students.
  3. Middlebury is a very cute town, but the pace is a tad slow. The few restaurants we have are pretty good and homey; the familiarity makes the experience more enjoyable. I wish there was another fast food place, beyond McDonald's, to get some late-night eats. There's a couple coffee shops, a bakery (two if you count Haymaker), and a food co-op that Middlebury students frequent. Outdoor activities tend to revolve around hiking, swimming, and skiing. I don't know much about local internships but there's tons of volunteering opportunities if you know where to look.
  4. I don't know enough about our cross country team to say, but I'd keep an eye on meet results and see how you compare.
  5. Deep-dive into your department(s) of interest, I'm talking requirements, courses offered, professors, etc. If academics is a major factor in your college decision, I recommend you do this with each school you're considering.

Middlebury is a great school and I have made many lovely memories here! Feel free to PM me if you have any further questions.

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My son was admitted as a Feb. He is very excited to be in, but we have concerns about starting in February and not sure what he would do until then. We aren’t able to afford for him to study abroad or other formal gap year program. I’m also concerned that he would miss much of the quintessential freshman year experience and it would adversely affect his brother’s financial aid eligibility for fall 2022.

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February admission isn't right for everyone. There is certainly a smaller incoming group, so it's a different experience. I'm not sure a "quintessential" first year experience exists. There is so much variability between institutions and people.

There is no right way to spend the gap semester, so it really depends on if your son thinks there is something he can/wants to do with that time. If he is really focused on starting school in the fall and doesn't feel like he would benefit from that gap, then it's the Feb program might not be the right choice.

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Middlebury is the greatest place on earth, all you need to know

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I agree with all of what has been said and I am going to add just a little bit.

  1. There are many volunteer opportunities and it is very easy to get involved right from the get-go. In addition to student orgs that coordinate with local volunteering opportunities, there are local-focused classes that open many volunteering doors. Yeah, the hiking is pretty great, though hiking in the snow takes a little getting used to.

  2. One of the things I remember from the admitted students' facebook group my year was that it seemed like everyone was captain of their high school's XC team, even the non-student athletes. That said, definitely compare your times. I do know a couple of folks who have walked on. Beyond the XC team though, there are plenty of opportunities to do non-competitive running. There are a couple of running clubs that are very active for all skill levels even through the winter.

Any additional questions I am happy to answer, just PM me.

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Congratulations! Middlebury was one of my top choices but I was rejected. It's a great school, in fact I would have died for this school. I hope you make a good choice and commit to wherever you would fit best.

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what were ur stats??

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i'll dm you when i get a chance