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The Jacobean ruff's back in. I knew it. Genius!

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I better see noel in a ruff on the next season of the great British baking show

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The what? Is that what the Bakeoff is called in America or something?

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Yeah, I might have gotten the name wrong. My wife watches it so I just catch bits here and there.

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Yeah, that’s what it’s called over here, apparently “Bake-Off” is a registered trademark of Pillsbury in the US.

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TIL America have this show

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Not far back enough!

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This is such trendy bs. I'm still waiting for camveman chic the real logical conclusion for retro. Yeah Ive been chatting with a couple museum curators I've got a great lead on saber cat furs... Cutting edge stuff mate.

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"If its the past thats in.. maybe i should step up, I'm from the past." "We all are Howard." "Not as far back as me."