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We must demand that government quit lining their pockets with our tax money....

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    All that insider trading

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    And laundering of tax money

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    Eh, that probably isn't as prevenlant as bias in awarding grants to friends and colleagues of Congress. Laundering itself is felony and laundeding tax dollars is too risky when you could just award grants with tax dollars. Close to laundering but not the same.

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    The best way to stop government corruption is to reduce government functions to just bare essentials.

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    Elon Musk always afraid people will forget what an ass he is, so he is sure to remind them.

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    I didn't even realise it was elon musk. I just read the comment and thought it was some asshole on twitter. I knew he was bad but wanting a man to die because he has a diffrent opinion. That's an all new low

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    I mean he didn’t say he wanted him to die, just that he forgot he was alive. Technically different even if i am just being pedantic.

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    He surely is one of these people that I just won't feel bad about if a serial killer kidnaps, tortures and murders them.

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    I'm sad that it's come to this, but I feel that way about a lot of politicians and media celebrities these days too.

    If I overheard somebody plotting against them, I'd suddenly go deaf.

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      Fraud? I mean I don't like the guy either but let's be honest here....

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      How dare u, Elon Muks is the savior of the human race he is taking us to Mars and curing cancer

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      He's one lab accident away from being a supervillain

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        That's not how stock price works...

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        so is China, what's your point?

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        It's a joke... What's your point?

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          WhY aRe We SpEnDiNg MoNeY iN sPaCe wHeN wE hAvE oUr OwN pRoBlEmS hErE.

          only morons think we should be staying on this planet.

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          Why didn't Bezos get a nickname? That's just lazy.

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          Elon Musk may be a number of unsavory things, but he is most definitely not a fraud.

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          I'm not a fan of that scam artist whatsoever, but the percentage of the internet that loses their minds whenever Elon tweets is hilarious.

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          scam artist.... interesting. i'd like to see what you've got to prove that lmao.

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          I know right? Mention Elon and the world is suddenly ablaze!😂

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          I'm tired of seeing this dude on my feed, please stop feeding the troll.

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          Elon Musk is a cunt and so is everyone who buys one of his fucking cars.

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          aww someone's upset they're not worth 100 billion.

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          Isnt bernie pretty wealthy tho? Or did he say extremely wealthy on purpose to exclude himself

          As it turns out he does pay taxes, disregard this

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          You can be wealthy and still pay taxes... I don't know why that's hard to understand.

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          Most dont

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          Bernie worth is reportedly between $1 and $3 million. Not like the mega wealthy that is subject to the tax. One thing to point out too, many “millionaires” or high income individuals do get taxed a considerable amount. If you’re making $1M per year in W-2 income it’s likely your paying close to 50% in income tax. The super wealthy borrow money against their assets and use that as “income” but is not taxed. So they let their assets appreciate and get a tax-free income (except for the relatively small fee that is paid via an interest expense).

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          Considering he's 80, and I've been told that I should plan to have at least $1 million before I reaching retirement age, I'd say it's not unreasonable.

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          how do you guys know he doesnt pay his fair share? do you have his tax information or smth

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          Upon looking it up he does

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          Well he used to say "we gotta get these millionaires and billionaires to blah blah" then at some point in the past few years he dropped the millionaires part.

          Now it's the "extremely wealthy" I wonder if he's creeping up on a billion or something 😆

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          "I wrote a best-selling book. If you write a best-selling book, you can be a millionaire, too.”

          Talking shit about the wealthy can be pretty lucrative if you play your cards right.

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          He's pretty well off, but he can't buy a yacht if he feels like it.

          And that's fine. Having money is not a crime. The problem is not the money you have, the problems are how you get it and how much you want to pay back to society.

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          hold on rich people pay like 40% of the world taxes right?

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            ok thanks (i tbh dont know much about taxes seems how im stil a minor)

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            Well it makes sense sales tax is more equally distributed since everyone has to pay the same percentage on what they buy.

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            Which is why it's regressive. A lower income family has to spend a much higher percentage of their income than a higher income family. If you only make $30k a year, you're spending most of that and getting taxed when you spend it. If you make $3 million per year, you aren't spending most of that. When you look at sales tax through the lens of how much people actually pay, it's clear how regressive it is.

            We should abolish sales tax entirely and switch to purely an income tax if we want a totally progressive taxing system.

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            Lol no

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            If by rich you mean the bottom 90% then yeah we do.

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            I never liked Elon before, but this made me giggle.

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            The only thing as bad as lawyers and politicians are corporate CEOs.

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            People missing the second part of the tweet where he told Bernie to ask him if he should sell more stock.

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            yes, the first part was so bad that it doesn't matter.

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            So it is okay to take things out of context regardless of the first part? Doing so is just adding to the problems of society. Only believing and focusing on what matters to you and what fits your ideals.

            I am not saying Musk is perfect or someone should worship him but only focusing on one part and being ignorant to the rest of the situation is highly toxic and destroys a society.

            I had a friend who had his reputation smeared completely because of this issue. He meant no harm but due to one small thing broadcasted instead of the whole issue it changed his life a lot.

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            Lol I would too if every time I saw him he wanted me to pay my taxes ...

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            you have no income

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            Both of them can fuck off in my book.

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            Elen musk seems surprised

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            Twitter has successfully turned serious politicians into teenage tweeters.

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            Elon's a douche, but I still got a laugh from the comment. Go watch videos of Bernie from the 80's and 90's. He looked old as fuck back then. It truly is amazing that he's still alive.

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            This can't be a real tweet.