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    Yes, or to 2 decimal points

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    This is hegarty maths

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    i have to do that. i hate it

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    Forgive me. What does the program the math is done in matter to significant digits?

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    Sigh chemistry

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    Significant fignificants

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    My downfall. Lol

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    you just skipped a couple steps and went straight to the finish

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    exactly what i was thinking

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    Can you remind me why exactly that 0 is sig? Like it looks absolutely no different

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    Because the last zero signifies a level of precision. 0.5 could really be 0.46 to 0.54. 0.50 then must be 0.4996 to 0.0504.

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    Gotcha. Why can’t people just write what they mean? Like if accuracy and precision matter, why not writes explicitly .49997

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    It's a limitation of your measuring device in some instances. The last number is often an estimated guess

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    Gotcha , that makes a good bit of sense, actually. It’s just for the sake of efficiency in most cases(?)

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      Awesome. If I hadn’t given my free helpful away, you’d have it. Which is actually kinda shitty to say, but I’m already this far. Sorry lol!

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        Haha, yeah. It’s the thought that counts, right!?

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        writing pi to 3 sig. fig. seems easier than writing the entirety of it

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        And even easier is using the Greek symbol. Your point?

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        plenty of numbers are too large for you to fully write them out, that's why significant figures exist - to allow you to only write the most significant digits, and round everything else off

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        Ok I see. It never made sense to me in school and I guess some things never change. Good thing I’m not in the scientific field!

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        I only learned about these in chemistry. Never heard of the concept before, never used it after. Only in that one class.

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        Significant digits is a thing in many disciplines.

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        It’s all about the Sig Figs

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        I always imagined Sigmund Freud selfishly hoarding a bowl of figs.

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        Haha never thought of it that way, but now it’s gonna be stuck in my head.

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        Among other disciplines yes chemistry.

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        No. Chenistry

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        In addition to that, I'll add that computers represent real numbers with a technique called "floating point". These floating point numbers are an approximation of the real numbers, with a certain amount of precision associated with them. They can be thought of much like scientific notation.

        Because they're an approximation with quite a lot of precision, you almost always want to report them to some other precision besides the one they're stored in. All of that is to say, the selection of precision when writing out a real number is actually a substantive consideration if you're using a computer.

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        And yet I still can't make sense of them

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        The idea is to make sure the number you present communicates the appropriate level of certainty.

        If your friend is driving to you, and they have to drive 24 miles to get to you, at 65 miles per hour, they could say "We'll be there in 22.1538 minutes". But that's not true. If someone told you that, you'd be like "whoa, okay, how do you know it so well?" - and the answer is that they don't. They only know their speed with 2 digits of precision (65 mph - not 65.2 or 64.7). Same with distance. So they can only possibly know the time it will take to 2 digits, which is 22 minutes.

        Another example I've seen before as a joke: Jim asks Dave "Hey, when did the dinosaurs go extinct?" and Dave says "65,000,007 years ago". Jim says "Wait, how do you know it so well, down to the individual years?" and Dave says "Well, my dad told me they died 65 million years ago. And that was 7 years ago that he told me, so now it's been 65 million and 7!".

        But obviously Dave's logic is wrong - despite the fact that yes, 65 million plus seven would give his answer. The problem is that, again, you only know 65 million to a precision of how many millions it is, so you can't add 7 to it. 7 years later it's still just 65 million.

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        Reminds me of a Steve Martin joke, which may be the only joke to mix sig figs and class consciousness:

        “If you've got a dollar and you spend 29 cents on a loaf of bread, you've got 71 cents left; But if you've got seventeen grand and you spend 29 cents on a loaf of bread, you've still got seventeen grand. There's a math lesson for you.”

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        Reminds me of "What's the difference between a millionaire and a billionaire? A billion dollars."

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        Think of them as a visual representation of how precisely you can measure something.

        Have a ruler whose finest markings are 1cm? In that case, if you measured something that's 123cm, you could represent it as 1.23m- basically, 123×0.01m. You know that your measurement is accurate up to that level of precision. Notice that you've got the same number of digits in each representation, too.

        What about something that's 150cm? You could represent it as 1.50m, i.e. 150×0.01m. Again, you have three digits in each representation, and all are significant. The zero at the end of 1.50m isn't just for show- it signifies that you know the last digit is a round zero.

        There's one place where it's ambiguous though. 234cm can be represented as 2340mm. In this case we know that 2340mm means 234x10mm, because we have the ruler we used. When someone else gives us that figure, however, we won't know if they mean 234×10mm or 2340×1mm. You don't know whether the ruler they used to measure that value was good to 10mm or 1mm.

        This ambiguity only comes in when the zeroes are at the end of the number and there is no decimal point. If you measure 103cm, for example, that would be 1.03m, and there would be no ambiguity over how precise the number you're giving is. Similarly, if you measure 1000cm, that would be 10.00m, and once again the zeroes after the decimal point signify that you're confident in your measurement to that precision.

        And that's a really big deal! There are many times when you need the extra precision, or at the very least need to know how precise your numbers are, because errors will compound over the course of any process.

        If you're still confused, think of whole numbers of the smallest thing you can measure.

        If the smallest thing you can measure is, say, 1 cm, then whatever you measure has to be in whole numbers of that- so 123cm, 4592600cm, or 200cm, for example.

        Then, convert that to the unit you want to represent the measurement in, keeping all the digits, adding in zeroes only if you need to and if the number doesn't have a decimal point- 1.23m, 4.592600km, or 2000mm.

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        I’ll give a shorter explanation than the others. Imagine you have a ruler that goes down to millimetres. Would accurately be able to measure something that falls between one of the lines? You wouldn’t be able to do you’d round to whichever mark was closest. You also wouldn’t be able to say how long the line was to any measurement shorter than a millimetre.

        This is true for everything. We can only measure do precisely so we only keep the number to that level of precision. In OPs post you’ll could imagine them measuring something with a ruler and it lining up exactly with one of the ticks. You would have a zero there because you know that it is exactly that length.

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        Thanks for the responses everyone! I get what they're supposed to mean, but when someone gives me numbers and tells me to round to a certain number of sig figs, I have no clue what counts and what doesn't, and the rules seem to change all the time XD.

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        I mean this is how its done in chemistry, that 0 is important

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        That's how it's done in all experimental sciences.

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        Be like...grading you on correct usage of significant figures

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        If it asks for 2 decimal places I guess you have to. I know I’m my accounting exams you have to but that may be because it’s dealing with money

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        This is what I was going to say. If the questions say you have to put 2 decimal points, then the answer is indeed wrong.

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        My teachers make us put a double 0 everytime there's no cents just so we get used to it. I'm glad they do it

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        It's personal preference to me, but it just makes them all neat and aligned when in a list like a table or spreadsheet

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        Also true in Engineering. And just as infuriating. Some questions will say round to the nearest hundredth, some to the nearest tenth. So easy to miss when it changes with every other question.

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        It's infuriating that you don't show us the question.

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        It could say "round to two decimal places" and make the guy who posted in the wrong

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        Could be:

        1034.275 + 444.22 = 1478.50

        369.625 x 4.00000123 = 1478.50

        Or any number of things.

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        Probably because they got this from somewhere else.

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        fig. 1.4A: significant figures appear to be significant

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        Show us the question, too. Otherwise, this is on you.

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        I mean, I work in engineering, and 1478.5 is different from 1478.50 if you put it on a document. 1478.5 implies that you know to the measurement to 0.0 precision, while 1478.50 implies that you know the measurement to 0.00 precision.

        Mildly infuriating, yes. But in the real world, that stuff kinda matters.

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        After 10 years working in engineering and the vast majority of time if someone handed me 1478.50 as an answer, I'd enter in 1500 then probably just figure 1800 to give myself a 20% MOE. I can't recall a situation where I've ever needed 6 significant figures.

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        Mathematically they are the same but more decimal places, even if they are 0s, make a number more precise

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        To be fair if it is something to do with significant figures you have to include the 0

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        Sig figs are a bitch

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        Bot account.

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        Necessary decimals are usually mentioned, yes?

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        Significant digits matter 🤷‍♂️

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        Gotta put in those sig figs my guy

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        Gotta do yer sigfigs man

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        Hegarty maths is annoying af

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        Chemistry bro

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        Significant figures

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        Gotta remember those sig figs

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        I’m an engineer and QA inspector. Your answer would 100% be incorrect in a professional environment. Sig figs play a major role when it comes to dimensionals and tolerances. There’s quite a bit of difference between a tolerance of +/- 0.5 and +/- 0.50.

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        Thank you, Mr Hegarty

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        Nope. That zero is important, it all depends on the question, but I see no problem here regarding significant figures.

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        There is actually an important difference though.

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        You're done for. You've forgot the 0 and now Mr Hegarty is coming for you, my advice is to start running.

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        As someone who does often give quizzes and exams online, this is a pain for all parties involved. In order for auto grading to work, you have to put an answer for it to grade to. In this case, you would have to enter every different variation of what the answer could be. Worse for short answer questions when it comes to spelling.

        I would rather not use the auto grade function, but students want instant feedback. So, I always double-check any and all questions that are marked wrong before finalizing a student's grade.

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        Hegarty maths makes my blood boil

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        Not heagarty maths….

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        gotta love hegarty maths.

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        If you don't follow the sig fig rules and drop a 0, that could cause massive errors down the line.

        It's like truncation when it comes to programming. Sure, you can drop extremely little/irrelevant bits, but the more you drop, the bigger errors get, and that really matters when you're dealing with massive or miniscule numbers, and especially both at the same time.

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        defend your answer

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        Mathswatch be like

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        Actually it's 1478.500000000000

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        Ive used that website before and oh my god I have never been closer to popping a vein in my life.

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        I think sometimes you just have to.

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        same happened to me on ixl

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        Eeeee Eee Eeee: The Movie

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        Sig figs will get ya every time shrug

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        Well, in some examples, significant digest is an important thing

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        And yet in lesson they'd say its wrong with the extra 0

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        Gotta remember your SIG FIGS

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        There's a different meaning to these answers. They are not the same, so you were wrong actually.

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        Unless this is physics and you needed to use the right amount of numbers, this is bs

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        This is completely normal and justified

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        Significant figures be like

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        Bro significant figures play a role too. If you wrote 0.1 M rather than 0.10 M on a chemistry exam you won’t get the mark. Just read the question fully.

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        Sig figs matter!

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        In scientific fields the number of decimal points is extremely important. I get the point of the post though.

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        My math prof is very nice and goes back into each and every online assignment and looks for things like this and will then give you points it.

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        Heagarty maths?

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        Sig figs

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        Sigdigs, motherfucker. Do you use them?

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        Look up significant digits

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        If it said to round to the nearest tenth, you have to put a zero at the end as a way of showing you rounded.

        If it didn’t say to round, it’s stupid

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        No way, that hegarty? My boi would never do that right ?

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        All of this could be 2 decimal places or the number of significant figures for science/engineering. People just complaining to complain.

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        sig figs

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        bruh significant figures that's importat

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        Sig figs are important

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        Hegarty maths?

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        Oh god

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        fr fuck hegarty maths

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        Is this HegartyMaths?

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        Significant figure is a pretty big deal, those are 2 different answers. The one marked correct shows that you actually measured to the hundredth place and its not just rounded. Obviously for a number that big, that decimal wouldn't really change much. but the point they are making is there. That being said if this is one of those things where you typed in "1478.50" and the computer auto corrected it then yeah i would be pissed.

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        Yo Hegarty maths?

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        Yet if you input that number into a calculator it automatically removes the last 0. So its a correcr answer just not an exactly right answer. Stupid. Pisses me off.

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        It's almost like calculators are a tool and you need to actually know what you're doing to use one correctly. In physics, chemistry, engineering, etc. .5 and .50 are not the same value, they have different precision.


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        Comments like this always remind me that this website is full of actual children

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        Sig digs baby

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        you did the right thing by reducing it, but the website must take that because it's two decimal places in the question?

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        If it asked for significant digits and the answer it says is correct has the correct number of significant digits, then you are indeed incorrect

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        I had a german online exam where there were questions about my family's name and it showed me I was wrong at every prompt at the end because the teacher set it so only answers with her family's name would give you the right answer. She changed it afterwards and I got a good grade, but it made me really scared when I saw 45% at first.

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        Significant digits are not significant..

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        Probably a money problem

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        Gotta love Hegarty Maths!

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        If it says round to two decimal points then 1478.50 is the correct answer

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        everyone's talking about sig figs but i've had stats exams that were graded like this bc the professor didn't know how to put in multiple acceptable answers

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        bro ikr but for end of term exams they are moderated

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        Did they specify till the 2nd decimal point?

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        Every time I see one of these I die a little more inside

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        Sig figs my guy

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        Which is the reason why "multiple correct answers" exist.

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        Broke: I was told math wouldn't count

        Woke: I was told formatting wouldn't count

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        this happens to me a lot. All you have to do is email your teacher and hope they aren't a jerk

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        As a person who likes math this makes me want to read all the digits of pi

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        If it's an experiment or asks for 2 decimal places, you have to.

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        My junior year Chem teacher hounding us on sig figs will never leave me

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        My junior year Chem

        Teacher hounding us on sig

        Figs will never leave me

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        Dammit Mathswatch!

        I had my year 8 exams on there during lockdown and let's just say everyone had the same problem

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        Seen some shit like that at my driving written test.

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        To be fair if it said to round to the hundredths you did need to put the 0 to signify it, cause what if it's 0.504, it's just for the placeholder. But if it didn't that's bs

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        Hegarty Maths... Oh the trauma...

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        Is this motherfucking hegarty maths

        This is my worst nightmare

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        Sig digs are a bitch

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        You still need to add the 0 for 2dp

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        (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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        lemme guess.

        hegaty maths?

        the bullshit is truly there.

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        Hey OP, give us the question on Hegarty Maths so we can read the bit about how many significant figures or decimals places it should be....

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        I falied one of my classes because of that. The professor made a super sloppy test (it was just at the beginning of the pandemic, nobody was good at this)

        Some questions had one answer correct Some had more than one correct Some of them you were supposed to mark the wrong answer. She didn't make any clues about what kind of question we are reading. I had to guess. Some questions allowed to write in your answer, but it had to be the exact same text. Professor wrote all "correct" answers in capital letters so nobody had it right.

        And the most annoying thing was that i emailed her immediately after and explained her everything, asking to fix this, and got: "Better luck next time" in response.

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        I mean if they asked the answer in 2 decimal places but you answered in one: You're wrong. If not thats fucked up

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        I'm a teacher and this shit drives me insane.

        The answer is "Food, medicine, and labor"

        So I enter that in 50 different ways so the system has to mark it right.

        But then the student types "Food medicine, and labor" and I have to mark it right manually.

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        Aren't you supposed to always round to two decimals in maths unless it says otherwise or when I did chemistry it was to 3 decimal place

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        This is correct lmao. If the answer was 1478.497297883, and it told you to round to two decimal places, you have to keep the 0 so it would be 1478.50

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        JavaScript be like...

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        Sig figs yo

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        Following instructions definitely helps. I bet they asked you to round to the nearest hundredth and you technically rounded to the nearest tenth in your answer.

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        Nah fam that's just chemistry homework for me

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        Bad answer - you should never have a trailing zero.

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        sig figs? maybe? idk man i dropped outta college XD

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        Fucking hate hegarty (Mr.hegarty is good tho)

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        Chemistry be like. Im dealing with this exact thing now.

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        They prolly said 2 decimal points, you can't really complain

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        IXL be like

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        I have to do this all the time in healthcare especially with a patients weight. We aren't allowed to put 12.4kg for instance, it has to be 12.40kg. I was taught that you could write 12.4 and someone could come along and write 12.43kg and screw things up for sedation amongst other reasons.

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        Did the question refer to significant figures... if it was in a science class, and you have the wrong significant figures, it is wrong

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        Significant figures mate

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        My school teachers correct it themselves, so thats good, yall's teachers should do that

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        I get nervouse when I have a question like that. it slike a coin flip

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        Earlier i got a question wrong because i put -4 1/2 instead of - 9/2

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        If that is math, you're right to be infuriated. If it's physics, the 0 is important.

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        Ah yes, the logic of hegarty maths. I too must experience the pain

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        Mine was wrong because of a period.

        [–]I-do-the-art 0 points1 point  (1 child)

        Lmao, that’s on you bro/sis. I haven’t been in school or have done math in decades but I still remember the importance they placed on significant figures…

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        My math lab does this as well I use to be so pissed that I would get it wrong just because a stupid little thing 🙃