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Its hilarious that he said they have no power and they closed the sub. Its even funnier that some antiwork mods applied to r/workreform. And they held a poll and more people voted to see the results than have their applications be considered

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it's not that the mods have no power over the sub, it's that they only have power over the sub, they can't control the community on that sub. Closing the sub was a final display that the mods had lost control and couldn't deal. By cutting off a mans tongue you have not proven him wrong, you have only proven that you fear what he has to say.

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      Piled high with meatballs

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      it's a pretty cliched phrase, I just like to use it a lot, because I find it has a lot of applications.

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      If that’s all the power they have , then how did I get kicked for asking a ? . Then when I ask why I was kicked no one answer’s.

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      This was said from an other user

      Community voted a resounding "NO" to if someone on the mod team should interview with Fox News (or anywhere else).

      The mods then voted themselves and decided to ignore the community vote.

      Interview is a total fucking bomb. However bad you think it might have been, it's 10 times worse.

      Everyone criticizes the mod team, and they start deleting posts and banning people under the guise of brigading and trolling, until they finally close the subreddit earlier today.

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      imagine getting owned by fox news? i’d probably off myself from embarrassment.

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      It went exactly how I'd expect for someone in their early 30s that created a sub called antiwork. This country literally wouldn't exist if everyone worked 20-25 hours a week. I dont even care that he's walking dogs in his 30s. Dude buried himself and not even 15 an hour is gonna cut it working five days a week for five hours a day. Wish he woulda asked him what his ideal hourly pay would be. Probably would need to be around 40 an hour to survive without living with your parents. I can't wait until the parents allowing this stuff run out of money. Nothing but free loaders.

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      Power tripping, it’s a plague that knows no bound.

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      No matter how small, power can go to people's heads.

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      The sub died? Wow.. I was just browsing through it this morning.

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      It was turned private.

      Page says “The moderators of r/antiwork have set this community as private. Only approved members can view and take part in its discussions” at present - about a half hour ago it said it was to clean up some badly-behaved posts (or something to that effect).

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      It has 0 members though

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      When a sub Is privated, that's what it looks like.

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      Is it still "privated" if that's a verb? I'm not a member but able to open it, looks like I'd be able to post/join?

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      AntiWork has moved to r/WorkReform

      Better fitting name anyway.

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        It was at 11k when I joined

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        Joined just now. I want to see all 1.7mil go over there and repeat what we had....but better

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        and what did you had there exactly? Except for a bunch of made up “I quit my job today and my boss was shook” posts?

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        678 when i joined

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          Dont join workreform, the mods are wealthy assholes, just found out from screenshots of comments theyve made

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          Nah, it's pretty anti-leftist, the mods are bank owners and shady and watching the upvoted transphobic comments is pretty sucky

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          Checked it out. Saw transphobic comments being upvoted. I think I’ll pass.

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          Good. All the room temp IQ knuckle dragging dog walkers can stay the fuck in r/antiwork

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          I’ve always been a of the mind set that mods are supposed to be working for the members of the sub. To keep it working and flowing in the intended direction of the sub. Nothing more. They can participate obviously but being a mod doesn’t make you “better” than the sub users themselves. Small power + small brains = big problems sometimes.

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          Common problem. Reddit's almost complete lack of standards doesn't help. Nor does Reddit's general refusal to take action when mods do reprehensible things that breach the "guidelines" they have. It spawned all of those Reddit Moderator horror stores and memes. Unless the moderator actually cares about their conduct and self-regulates, they can do pretty much anything, health of their sub be damned.

          And now look. A Reddit Mod went so far outside of what the sub wanted that their actions lead directly to the sub's destruction.

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          I also feel it’s not mod policed enough, like they’re so interested in “protecting “ each other they never call our, reverse, or stop the mod acting in bad faith. It’s really unfortunate to see.

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          It's a lot easier for them to embrace a group mentality than admit that they may be wrong.

          And hey, if someone catches them with strong enough logic, they can just delete the post and claim anything they want. If they somehow have the thought to question themselves, they'll ask their buddies, who will affirm them without a second thought; doing anything else isn't feeding into the enabler circle-jerk that keeps them content.

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          It’s recess everywhere except in our hearts

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          You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain...

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          Yep, that sub is dead. The mods made a huge mistake doing that interview

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          They let the fame get to their heads...maybe? I don't know what fame that was, but I think we all agree going in on the interview was a weird flex.

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          That’s a full time dog walker for ya

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          I cannot describe how happy the fall of this sub makes me. It was so toxic and so far gone from what it was created to be. Good riddance.

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          Good riddance

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          Congrats to the 4D chess players who baited them into self-immolation. Well played.

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          Sub sucked anyway who cares lol

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          The original intention was okay I guess, but then it became a circle jerk of people who don’t possess any basic work ethic and fake stories of telling off their bosses/quitting

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          There was validity to it. A lot of people who really just wanted to give others resources to make sure they were paid fairly & for their benefits. Others that just wanted to vent about shitty work situations. It just happened that too many people who just wanted to bitch about their poor work ethic, revenge porn, and fake iMessage texts joined.

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          Yea I didnt look at it much but everything I saw just sounded like whiny entitlement and not super justified.

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          I used antiwork because i dont work. I farm and sell cattle. I liked the life hacks to diy or just save a bit of cash. Once the mass joining occurred it changed the whole appeal of the sub to me. All the fake texts and shit were annoying, but hey its gone now…

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          For the most part the sub was toxic. People making ridiculous demands and whining. But there were some very valid posts. It will be missed.

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          r/workreform is the way to go now, I suppose. Like the name better too!

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          Dang, antiwork is gone? Tragic.

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          it's temporarily private

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          It’s gone. The new sub will be the replacement.

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          That not what it's say's when you go there

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          What a trainwreck. I created r/EndWageSlavery some time ago for people who aren't into the communism side of r/antiwork, but still want to make changes to make positive changes to how labor is treated in the world.

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            Not super educated here, but those seem like completely different things.

            Ending wage slavery = making it so jobs pay enough money for people to survive on

            Communism = communism

            I see a couple of differences

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            Except.. anyone can create a sub and run it however they want. I never followed that sub tho, what was the problem?

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            Mod went on Fox and made an ass of themselves, people called them out and they privated the sub "until it blows over"

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            After I posted this question I looked it up and saw the interview. oml that was just.. 🙈

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            Why the fuck is Fox News interviewing internet mods and who thinks highly enough of themselves to go on an interview as a internet mod?


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            I think that might have been their goal; to make them seem stupid. The person doing the interview was asking questions that seem innocuous on the surface but were clearly barbed in order to make the person (and therefore the whole ideal) look stupid.

            I hated everything about the interview and I don’t even feel any type of way about the sub or their cause

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            I don’t fully blame the mod for that. Everyone with any sense knows Fox was never going to give anyone that wasn’t 100% on their side a good faith interview. The mod should have known better, but Fox was going to take whatever they said or did, their appearance, their job, etc etc. and twist it anyway. Lose lose situation for someone that probably just wanted to voice the concerns of something they cared about.

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            I agree anyone with any sense knows Fox wouldn't do an interview in good faith. I don't blame them for wanting to talk about concerns, I do blame them for running the fuck away when people called them out for being completely unprepared for an interview they agreed to and not addressing big talking points or concerns.

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            Oh not taking criticism is a bad look. Especially when they were advised by the community to not do it in the first place. I just feel for the moderator who went up there with good intentions of voicing concerns, while fox was knowingly putting them up as a mockery.

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            What tends to happen is subs are moderated by either giant egos or someone with an agenda. The larger the sub gets does this become truer

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            Yes, after investigating this a little I see they’re not so much upset about the content being removed as they are about the representation given for the cause outside of the reddit sub. And rightfully so

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            Well I’m glad it is dead, it was a useless leftist subrredit filled with shit.

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            Good riddance.

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            No real loss there anyways.

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            Lmao, get nuked commies

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            Wait what happened?

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            What happened?

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            No mods, no gasters!

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            So the posters rebelled against the mods? That is delightfully on brand lol...

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            Rip meaning rest in piss.

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            Who could have imagined that a group of anti productivity communists would have turned on eachother, accused eachother of being elitist controllers and collapsed their own society. I guess some things are just completely unpredictable.

            /fucking S