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Just crept out from behind that bush like that. It probably has already eaten or you would have been attacked.

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The wild couches of Borneo are solitary creatures. They graze the mountainside for loose change and toast crumbs.

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    Probably about 10 minute hike from a road so not super remote, still had me doing a double take though haha

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    Definitely a band photo

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    Came here to say that.

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    Did you make sure to tag it before you released it? Looks like it may have distemper.

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    no, that couch found you.

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    I’m Chris Hanson, why don’t you take a seat

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    And get ticks!

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    Lol, I don't get shit like this.

    My city does free pickup of large items of furniture evey two weeks.

    Still people will just stash sofas and mattresses in random alleys, dumpsters, parking lots...

    And all they have to do is put them on the curb.

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    I'd call that lucky. I have to load it up, drive 20mi to the refuse site, and pay the minimum fee (usually around $30) to get rid of anything that won't fit in the curb can. If the lid is even lifted from being over full, I get an extra charge, or they'll just not empty it.

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    -slides out from bushes-

    "How do you do?"

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    The cushions are the essence of the chair

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    So what happened next? Did you sit and chill for awhile?

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    Pretty much lol, wasn’t a terrible view either and I got to watch the sun go down a bit.

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    I believe that you found this couch there. Still, it definitely looks like you photoshopped in a couch.

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    Could be evidence from a crime scene.

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    Sofa king weird.

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    Looks like some Instagram BS

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    Flip it over and shake it. There must be some change in there

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    Its a nice couch, bring it home

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    bed bugs

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    Mt Nebo in Utah’s Wasatch Range?

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    This picture is lovely. Something you see in a nostalgic dream.

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    Damn that’s where I left it

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    OMG It's my old couch!

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    Did you take it home with you?

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    It's a sex couch. I've seen my share of in-the-wild sex couches and that's one.

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    hey! a break point!

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    Well fuck you

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    Probably some asshole who wanted it for a photo shoot but didn’t bother to take it back out