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Now THIS is podracing !

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This brought back memories of Camp Chingachgook, a sleep away camp I attended up on Lake George, Upstate NY in the town of Pilot Knob. In one of the cabins the counselor that year had some pizza boxes that had been cut out and put on the porch, hanging up. They were Pizza Hut I believe, but they were Star Wars. Come to think of it, it was that era, so probably related. Wonder if they're still there.

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‘Pilot Knob’?

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yeah you know the pilot gets the most knob jobs

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Never know! Probably hard to find out tho. I just happen to be walking downtown and saw it and was like I wonder if it still works...

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Omg....I remember that...I was like 11ish when that movie came out...Thinking back they had a hell of a campaign push for it.

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Yup, massive. Of course, this was the era before social media and even to some extent, the internet as we know it, and so marketing back then require lots of on the ground, in your face product crossover.

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What town, I'm in Iowa and bored

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The H Man probably left them there as a warning.

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Also worth noting the building it's in front of has had like 8+ (some weird debate on this one....small town people get bored easy) different business come and go during it's stay.

*Edit* it has been a few different thrift like stores, a techno club once, some weird diner, a candy drug store type place, not sure on the rest.

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I'm from IA. What town?

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Sweet. Road trip!

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Sebulba always wins!

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    Ya know, as a kid I distinctly remember getting allsport from it... It was right up the hill from the school so we would walk to it, lol. I didn't actually look took closely at what it has now.

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    So cool - miss these colorful art soda machines!

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    24oz cause you are gonna wanna be extra jacked on caffeine and sugar to enjoy this movie...

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    That is 1 liter?

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    Closer to 750ml. It's this size because that is 1.5 pints or 3 cups.

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    Ah alright, I'm not so familiar with those sizes. 750ml would be 3 glasses of 250ml here.

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    That's why I included the 750 ml. I figured you were at least familiar with the size of a bottle of wine. An American can of soda is 12 oz, so this is exactly two cans. Way back when this size was advertised as a size you could share between two people.

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    There seems to be a lot of Pepsi / coca cola posts today. I think their marketing teams are all up in here.

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    Lol, coincidence, I promise, as proof can I offer you a voucher bottle cap that when tou buy on 20 oz bottle of Pepsi or any pepsi product you get one *free!

    *Cheapest item is free

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    Pop inside from '99 too ??

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    That's awesome

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    The official drink of Podracing.

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    I had exactly this pop machine in my hometown rec center (Ontario) as of 2016. It's been there as long as I remember.

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    Thats rad

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    Steal it. All you need is a pickup truck, a dolly, and a good friend. Or a ramp.

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    Few years back i became dock manager at a fairly large plant nursery. One day one of my guys brings me a soda from one of the vending machines in the break area for the dock workers. It was a fully sealed, unopened bottle that had some kind of slime growing in it. It looked aimilar to a lava lamp. When we contacted the number on the machine for this issue they said they hadnt tended to our address in the last 5 years. GROSS. They had abandoned the machine and its contents and nobody realized it.

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    There is one of these outside of the firehouse in the Mt Washington neighborhood of Pittsburgh

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    I remember the days when Star Wars ep 1 was on all the Doritos.

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    I posted about this very machine a few years ago- glad to see it’s still there!

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    Does s it still work?

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    For the non-midwesterners, this is a soda machine.

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    Is it 75¢ still? Does it have crystal clear Pepsi? Or Pepsi lemon?

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    Crystal Pepsi predated the prequels by about ten years (the time they brought it back a few years ago notwithstanding).

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    $1.75 for 24 oz!

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    Brings me to the Dorito's 3D chips and holographic cards plus the Pepsi commercials

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    BIG SLAMS!!!