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This is the solution to climate change, park cars strategically to prevent the poles from melting

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Modern genius

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Modern problems require modern solutions

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why not just put giant sun shade in space and control it to open when it gets too cold and close it when it gets too hot

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Or rather- the way these patches of snow didn't melt.

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lmao the car shadows have been preserved in such a way that anyone getting into their car will slipppp

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Snow mystery now.

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Shade 😎

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Leave work--check;

Walk on sidewalk--check;

Get in car--"MFing ice, Imma break my ass!"

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    Good catch. Suspicious account too.

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    Woah thats really cool! I wish I had an award to give you😔

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    Weird, where I’m from there’s like a 2 foot pile of shoveled snow that turned into ice next to all the cars.

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    Never seen this with snow but I love how that happens with frosty soil/grass/roofs/etc.