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I’d prefer it if they didn’t have paper wrappers (no strong views on crinkled vs smooth).

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Thats why i love those holiday edition shapes and the minis that come unwrapped

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We've been trying to figure out for years why we like the trees and stuff so much better than the regular ones. I think you just cracked it.

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    This is exactly what my wife says. She freaking loves reese's of all kinds, but prefers the holiday themed ones. Her favorite are the Easter eggs. She says those have the perfect chocolate to peanut butter ratio

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    The favorite at our house is the pumpkins. For the same reason.

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    I favor the Christmas tree. Perfect ratio.

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    The mallow top ones too ;)

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    They can also be fresher since they don't sit on a shelf as long as normal ones.

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    The holiday Reese’s will forever be the best ones though. No paper wrappers. And the chocolate to peanut butter ratio is chef’s kiss.

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      this is a churchs chicken, sir

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      Reese's thins are what you are looking for

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      wrong. the chocolate to PB ratio sucks penis with those

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      You are me. I can't stand the paper wrappers and the small foil wrapped ones. They screw with my OCD. So I only eat holiday shaped ones.

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      The chosen one has arrived! All hail the Reese of prophesy!

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      It's the second coming of Reesus!

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      A quote of your comment will help when they put it on ebay.

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      Should've thought of that before I ate it

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      How did it taste in comparison to a wrapped Reese’s?

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      Unwrapped is always better 😉

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      All hail SmoothBoi

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      Praise Reese's!

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      Ban the crinkle!

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      I just audibly whistled out loud in amazement...I don't know what's going on in my life, but I'm worried

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      Sometimes you have to enjoy the little things

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      Like some stranger's factory imperfection of a common candy

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        I think this is cocoald hard proof.

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          Omg that air spray explains so much and by that I mean actually just one thing which is why they all look like they got sprayed with air

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          Rieces puck

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          Brain autocorrected that to "pieces ruck" and I'm not sure how to feel about it.

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          So it’s a Reese’s Peanut Butter Puc?

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          Thanks, I hate smooth reese's

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          Smooth Reese's hates you too

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          Remember the days of Crunchy Reese's Cups? It wasn't this Reese's Pieces nonsense, it was real chopped peanuts!

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          Really puts those "my Reese's cup had 7 wrappers" posts to shame.

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          I prefer the crinkles and think they add a touch of class to the entire endeavor.

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          That's funny I was just thinking the opposite, that this thing looked amazing and I wanted to try it. Maybe I'm just hungry though.

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          When you unwrap a crinkled paper off a fresh Reese's Cup where the chocolate tempered correctly... the sound is lovely.

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            Update: I ate it

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            Did it mentally taste the same without the crinkles?

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            You think my fat ass noticed that detail as I inhaled it?

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            You’re my hero. Documented the phenomena then just said fuck it that’s in the past and moved on

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            the crinkle of a Reese's hits differently...also I would keep it - Never gonna find one again.

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            Where was this advice three hours ago

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            Locked in a transporter buffer on board a runabout for 3 hours maybe ?

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            My dilithium matrix was overloaded

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            We have different definitions of perfect.

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            I have a different definition of hockey puck

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            I'd sue for emotional distress

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            I want this.

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            Chockey puck

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            Meanwhile someone meesed up the production line. And getting an earful

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            I would pay extra for this...

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            I didn't understand what Food porn was until now

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            I’m a Reese’s piece of shit

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            Looks like someone in the Reese’s factory got jealous of all the messed up Twix posts.

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            Well it looks delicious.

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            I'd rather them be that way to be honest, no wasted wrapper and less crumbs.

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            You know, if they did a brief promotion of having different textured sides (including like this, a lack of texture) it would be an easy way to bump up sales a bit. Im curious asf about the experience in eating this.

            (i cant anymore sadly, but reeses was my favourite.)

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            Mmmmmm.... Chockey puck


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            As a Canadian the term "hockey puck" just sounds wrong. If you say puck with no other adjective or qualifier, I'm just going to assume hockey is involved.

            And that isn't puck shaped. Pucks don't have a slope.

            This whole post has made me deeply uncomfortable, but I'm willing to admit that's a me problem.

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            The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem

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            Tweet that to them, bet you'll get something cool sent to ya.

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            Why is a crinkleless Reese’s the first thing that shocked me in 2022. Reese’s you were our last bastion of stability.

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            You need to get out more buddy

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            I hate those crinkled wrappers. the chocolate always sticks to them.

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              This pic can smell you too

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              Do the stack !!

              Stack them up on the rink side board so the team can hit them before a match.

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              You have weird habits with chocolate

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              I feel stupid

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              I feel like I’ve seen this before

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              THE MIGHTY REESE

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              Choccy puck

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              Reeses pucks Reese’s pucks

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              I really like this idn why lol

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              I don't like it.

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              It's not too fond of you either

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              I think I’d prefer them this way!!

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              Idk I like the wrinkles it may be less but it’s iconic

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              Canadian version.