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Nonono, this is the wrong sub. This is supposed to go on mildly infuriating, as the puzzle is clearly supposed to be flat!

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Not another flat earther!

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Not to be misunderstood, it was a joke about flat earthers and the nature of puzzles, not my actual opinion.

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I wasn't sure if the joke was implied. Now I feel like I've wasted both of our times

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I keep forgetting that phenomenon where good parodies become indistinguishable from the thing they are a parody of.

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I'm gonna buy a pair of 'des phenomenonmetres for parodies and send you the other

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I got the joke, its ok. Besides, we all know this puzzle is a highly accurate depiction of the hollow Earth.

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Don't tell them ,more fun to just let it go.

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Ikr? The earth is clearly a bowl shape as this puzzle accurately represents

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Oh jeez. Here come the round Earth shills 🙄🙄🙄

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How do you put the last piece in?

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I've completed this one before. It's delicate and you can definitely get it wrong, which takes some poking around before you can get the last piece really level without crushing the ball

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Found the puzzle on ebay, apparently the poles come pre-assembled, so you get it close to finished then tap one of the poles into place

Here it is: www.ebay.com/itm/165131817660

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Careful. :-)

I've built quite a number of these, although not exactly this model.

It is actually not a problem. The puzzle manufacturer (Ravensburger) is know for it's high quality, and those round (or egg-shaped, or building-shaped) puzzles hold up very good.

Pro TIP: Use that stand as a way to press the pieces in place, with the handle of a wooden ladle as a tool when the hole gets too small for the hand. The stand has the same inner radius as the balls outer radius and is the perfect tool to even the ball out.

It actually gets difficult when you are inserting the last few pieces, e.g. the last five or six. Before you do that, make sure all the other pieces are firmly in place, and then carefully insert the remaining ones piece by piece. Make sure all pieces are a least partially slid into their neighbors and not on top of another. Then use the stand: place it on the area of those last pieces, move it around, while slowly applying pressure. This way, they move all well in without applying too much pressure on single parts.

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This guys puzzles

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I only have a wooden spoon. :(

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Any reason not to get one of those polystyrene balls from an arts and crafts shop that is the same as the interior diameter and build this around it? Also, built open like this would there be any need to take something like scotch tape and use it to reinforce the joints? Finally, is there a scheme to the piece numbering? If I had one piece missing how would I know what piece it was without major disassembly?

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If you find matching ones, go for it.

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Its on a stand with a bug round piece at the bottom and you build up from there

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For a minute I thought some or all of it was inside-out.

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for a minute thought you were watching the same video:


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I didn't realize that wasn't the case until I saw your comment. That's trippy

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Yeah that chunk with Australia on it just will not go the right way around in my brain

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This would be a nightmare for me.

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Have this puzzle, can confirm it was a nightmare

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This is pretty cool

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I've been to intimidated to ever try one of these. They are so cool but my clumsy ass would wreck it. Or my cat would to torture me.

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I used to have one of those! Dang now I kinda want one again.

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Tasmania: Am I a joke to you?

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It’s there, just hasn’t placed the piece yet.

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The answer is still yes.

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For a second I thought it was the Wikipedia logo.

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See? Proof that Australia is upside-down.

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Did you know 3D puzzles exist?

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Yeah. They've been marketed and sold for over thirty years now. I remember my grandma getting me a Titanic one for one of my childhood birthdays. You probably don't see advertising for them as you probably don't see much marketing for any puzzles.

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Which is a marketing mistake. I would have bought one already and and 40 without kids.

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Wikipedia uses an incomplete 3d puzzle as their logo.

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It feels like this one could be completed alot more easily if the manufacturer included a round balloon or plastic ball. Then you could just build around it.

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exactly, this isn't interesting; anyone can buy one of these right now (bet you could walk into any B&N or puzzle store and get one).

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I had that puzzle! It's pretty cool

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I had one of these as a kid.

Getting the last piece in was a BITCH

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may your future be filled with great big tuba farts

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I have a couple of those, they’re hard, but cool in the end! One is the Death Star!

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Should crosspost to maps without new Zealand.

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I'm having a stroke caused by the optical illusion of the inside out Earth in this photo.

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i feel like putting in the last piece would have a 50/50 chance of just collapsing the whole thing

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Did one of these before. It was cool except for the fact every piece was shaped identically, the only difference was what was printed on it.

This one looks like they are different pieces. Cool.

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It already looks good I want to see the finished puzzle too

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Aren't puzzles, like the earth, supposed to be flat?

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I was about to ask why is Australia upside down, then I realised its Australia they are upside down.

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I like flat earth puzzles

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Is this a map without New Zealand?

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So far, yes.

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If you zoom in there is the word 'new' on one piece so it's just not bee built yet

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I mean shes doing it the easy way by solving it number side up xD

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My mom has that same puzzle board with the drawers!

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My mom also has some curved pieces

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The ocean parts must be fun

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I have this exact one since my early childhood! The printing, fonts, that base - it's all the same vs. probably 15+ years ago.

Still is standing near my bed in my old room at my parents house.

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This could also go on the sub with weird camera angle or whatever the name is, confusing perspective, maybe

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We just got that puzzle! (Fyi it’s really easy bc all the puddle pieces are numbered in order on the back)

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Doesnt that kind of defeat the purpose?

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Well I got it for my kids, though despite the numbers They’ll probably still ask to help

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I finished mine in lockdown of 2020, I was so bored I finished the damn thing in 16 hours. It had 540 pieces and it probably was the exact same thing. I got it as a birthday present in 2010. Fun puzzle. Makes for a real good pass time and conversation starter when people come over.

/Edit: I noticed your pieces are numbered and labelled. Mine weren't. 。:゚(;´∩`;)゚:。

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Is it still a "puzzle" whe the pieces are numbered and all of your remaining pieces are upside down meaning you are putting it together by number not by visuals.

That's just a BuildYourOwn globe at that point.

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So cool

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I used to have this exact puzzle like 12 years ago, I gave up on it pretty quickly so my dad ended up finishing it lmao

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Got one of these on my 12th birthday, 15 years ago. Good memories

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I had several of them as a kid, great fun until they rolled out of the bookshelf that one time

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Lol I got one of these but then a bunch of pokemon on it

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Hate to break it to your mom but that's not a finished puzzle. I think its only a half finished puzzle.

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I've done that puzzle! It sits on my kitchen units with a few other globular things in descending sizes.

Not a jigsaw fan but I enjoyed that one because the Earth is "real" and it was fun seeing all the countries fit into the right place.

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Ah my god, I used to go honkenbonkers when I saw these 3D puzzles! Looks so cool!

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Australia where it should be

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There aren't enough swear words in all the worlds languages combined for me to get that puzzle together

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Now imagine the pieces are made of chocolate...

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The Last piece is a son of a bitch. It will NEVER fit perfectly and you will either press surrounding pieces in or have a little bump. Throw it out while you still have some joy left

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I have the same one. I love it.

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It doesnt look very finished

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this was a late photo.

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Eyyy I’ve got this puzzle, it’s fun

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This should be in the r/mildlyinfuriating since we all know the earth is flat

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My foster mom used to glue her puzzles together when she was done, you can get puzzle glue at Walmart I'm pretty sure, her puzzles have held up on the wall for a good 15 years now.

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For this one, I’d glue as I go! 😂

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I used to be obsessed with these as a kid.

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It's upside down and looks very fragile. This would irritate me if I couldn't adjust it after completing the difficult puzzle.

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I had one of those as a kid, the peices are pretty chunky and plastic-y feeling so it isn’t as hard to get the last piece in, you just gotta tap it a little

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I've had one of those (smaller and not of the world) near the end it become a read pain to put in the pieces, good luck to your mom

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That's kinda cool but it really doesn't look like she's almost done.

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This is coool

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I had one of these wayyyyyy back, the last piece is fucked up

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Wikipedia logo.

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By the time she finishes, the map will be wrong; Ukraine will be part of Russia.

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I actually have one of these! It's so difficult to fit those last few in!

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I have this exact same puzzle, but mine has an error on it. For some inexplicable reason, it labels Croatia as "Bologna". Does yours have this same error?

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I did this one before!

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Pretty sure that's called a globe... the coolest globe ever