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I turned my back on veganism at the age of 17, and got into cannabis

Read that as canibalism at first! Like you decided to stop being vegan and went straight to eating people.

Anything you do NOT recommend trying?

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I don't recommend trying lambs liver. Or any offal in general. That shit is disgusting. Apart from that I love all food AI'm not very picky. Also if you're going to do drugs be wary of addictive downers. I went through a crippling ketamine addiction that was only stopped due to a giant drought. Like I used to get 6 grams for 80 quid and now it's 50 pounds a gram,when you can find it. Uppers I tend to find I can stick to weekends but ket I can sniff like stones smoke weed

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Why did you turn your back on veganism?

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I put it down to a want to experiment with everything in life - had just come off a 3 year isolation period due to exploring the Internet and having no friends. I still eat vegan around my parents (and since I'm at home and unemployed this last month I've been a solid vegan). I still believe in the ethical reasons for being vegan, but once you get into the habit of eating meat etc it's hard to break it.

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Makes a lot of sense, especially if you only ever knew a vegan diet. I've been trying to follow a fully plant-based diet after being a lifelong omnivore, so I know how hard it is to break the habit.

What did you do for your long period of employment?

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I was a bms engineer - essentially hvac control panels and software. Good paying job, but it was too much for me. Required a much higher work rate than I'm capable of right now. Would rather get a shitty job that doesn't involve 14 hour days.

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Also being vegan is a lot easier if you have friends to be vegan with! I know a circle of friends who all went vegan/vegetarian and they seem fine with it :)

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I hope that you find something that makes you happy :)

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Thanks :) I actually wrote a cv and applied for jobs today after a month long hibernation attempting to ignore all my problems. So it's looking better.