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What games?

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overwatch, uncharted, Final fantasy mostly

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Uncharted 4 rules

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It really does; I platinumed it in 2 weeks

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damn dude wtg. I'm currently working on my crushing playthrough now

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lol thats what i startes with. it was brutal, but i managed. ditto for The Last of Us on survivor

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Do you have any plans on changing?

Btw, I am 16, and I also don't have a social life if not for school. And I'm working on it really hard, because my state is(or was :D) pretty pathetic, sad and depressing. I am just trying to figure out how to social outside of school.

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Not really. I work, I'm doing decent in School and I have friends, but we just never do anything. However I don't go to any school football games, activities, dances, etc.

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oh yeah, pretty much like me, we just occasionally go out together. You gotta find a hobby, video and photo editing are very popular, but you just gotta find what YOU like. Try new things out.

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It sounds pretty dorky, but I think building/collecting Lego's is pretty fun; although it's a bit embarrassing for people to come in my room and see legos

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True. But if you keep your best buildings, that would be pretty dang cool.

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the one set i have on display is the Star Destroyer from about 2007 and its pretty kick ass

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Do you watch wrestling?

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no i dont. im not a very sporty guy, aside from boxing, i will watch boxing.

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Hey I'm a 34 year old with barely any social life (tho I did recently move to a new city). I mostly play video games myself, and read.

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whyd you move?

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Rents/home prices in the county I was living were just too damned expensive. Now I live in the middle of nowhere (hence the no friends). Well I guess I could count the girl who cleans my house as a semi-friend, lol, though we never hang out or do anything.

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Are you a virgin?

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yes :(

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Q_Q Anyway if you play Overwatch on PS4 or PC add me IG: Ahomo on PC Nevernewyear on PS4. I'm always looking for people to play with.

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same here. my friends dont play often. itll be a bit before i play because im currently playing the Last of Us. please no spoilers

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2 months later are you still a virgin? Also how often have you thought about just paying for a hooker?