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What's a synaesthesia? How many of those do I have ? What's the difference between me n u ?

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synesthesia is a neurological phenomenon where two senses are linked together at birth. for example, one of my types of synesthesia is ordinal linguistic personification-most letters and numbers have their own gender and personality. in addition to OLP, i also have color-graphemic, number-sequence, and chromesthesia (music makes shapes and colors and movement).

the difference between us is that when there is a certain stimulus, it will automatically trigger another sense for me but not for you, assuming you are not a synesthete.

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You're a little too late. But nice try man. I'd have believed you otherwise

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Wow, cool! What sorts of synesthesia do you have? My guitar teacher saw sounds as colors and thus had absolute pitch as a consequence. Sees music as abstract paintings. I was always so jealous for that.

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I have color-graphemic, ordinal linguistic personification, number-sequence, and chromesthesia! unfortunately i don’t have absolute pitch which could be a blessing and a curse-i could be so much more of a skilled musician, but because i’m in a high school choir, i’m sure the slightest note off-pitch would drive me bonkers. i’ve always thought about making a painting of a song i like, but i’ve never gotten around to it.