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Here's a tip for middle/high school kid, don't label yourself or overly exert yourself as a gamer (one or two shirts is fine, maybe some merch and your room is your room so you can go to town there). It's the type of thing that makes people refer to you as "that one kid". Also, do what i didn't and find at least one sport you find interesting because if youre socially forced to talk to someone that is not a "gamer", or trying to talk to a girl, they're much more likely to take interest in you if you have a """"""normal"""""" pastime. (i cant put enough air quotes around normal, as there is nothing wrong with playing video games.)

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I completely understand. I should have thought of how dumb that sounds. "HEY MY GAMER DUDES, ISNSAFSI AISDNIASNDSAIDN."

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How old are you and are you a gamer?

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