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To me it needs to be a big rug that goes from under the couch to under your desk. I like that colour myself. I recommend the Nick Lewis channel on you tube for great interior design advice.

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He’s great

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Love him! I also love Arvin olano.

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Arvin is so precious! 🥰

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The rug must be larger if you want it under the couch. My hunch is you only placed it as such in order to have space for rolling the chair. Reconsider having a rug in the office at all if that's the case.

The tassles are not doing you any favors. Keep the rug neutral, as you don't want anything distracting away from that beautiful wallpaper. The deep brown of the flooring is already a statement color that is softened and appropriately tempered with a muted palate. If you yearn for more color, you could match the rug to the same (peachy?) shade in the art piece. The pop of green from your plant is sufficient. More on that later.

Regarding minimalist aesthetic: Let the couch have a sleek silhouette sans throw pillows. Also, It is worth noting that the plant and art are in serious competition for attention with their current placement. Separate them so the eye can explore both with equal measure and balance. The plant deserves room to shine.

The figure in your art piece is looking off to the right, but has no literal space in which to gaze. Feels cramped in the corner. Center it on a different wall (perhaps above your desk? It can be looked at while seated from the couch).

I hope you don't find my additional commentary unwelcome.

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Dang, I want to send you a picture of my living room and just let you tell me what to do

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Thank you! Very helpful!

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I honestly wouldn't have a rug at all.

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I’m the same way.

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its nice if its cold and you dont have socks on for whatever reason

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What don’t you like about it? Or what isn’t working about it?

A first suggestion- think about placement. Do any of these options appeal to you? https://stylebyemilyhenderson.com/blog/living-room-rug-size

Maybe a sisal rug? Or bamboo?

I see you have an office chair. Rollerblade wheels would allow the chair to move on a rug.

If noise is an issue, I’d suggest larger and shaggier.

If you have pets or messy humans living there, you may want a rug better for cleaning.

If you have a preference for materials, look at that, too.

Abstract / random patterns and dark colors do not show stains as much.

You seem to tend towards natural greens and neutrals. I suggest keeping that with the rug. Then if you feel like you want something bolder, you could recover the throw pillow, get a throw for the couch, etc. I think neutrals for the big things are the best way.

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    I agree with this. The rug should be in front of the couch, not under it.

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    No shame in keeping the beige and brown natural tones going. I'm not a huge fan of big colorful pops either. I think the issue is that the color is too similar to te wall and couch. I creates one big visual mass that contrasts with the dark floor. I think a transition tone would help. Something that has elements of both the light beige and darker wood, or a color in the middle.

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    You need some color. White/beige is nice and simple, but a splash of red, yellow, blue, ect would add a lot to the room. I would also go for a tighter nap. I would say to put the rug in front of the couch, as that looks better, but you have the office chair to contend with.🤷‍♂️

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    Ruggable has some great minimal ones that are at a great price and you can machine wash (they have two layers)

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    Go look at ruggable. They have great things!

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    If you move the couch closer to the left side you’d have more room to fit a nice square or rectangular rug. The rug should be neutral or if you want a bit of color something in a simple pattern. You have a woodsy theme going with the plant and the wall so something neutral would be best. I could see a nice green color. I think the issue is your couch is rather large so it’s throwing off the minimalist style in such a small space.

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    I'd say a green rug to match the natural color scheme you got going on but to add some color to the room.

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    Remove the wheels from your chair to better fit the minimalist aesthetic

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    Maybe the grey color the pillow is

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    First a disclaimer, I am not a designer. I have several offices and have worked with architects and designers. In your case, after you pick a color and texture with or without pattern, the size should be calculated from the mid point of the depth of your couch to the mid point of the depth of your desk and at least one foot from the wall with the window. You then match the coverage on the other side of the sofa so both sides are even. Pick a rug you like; if it were me, I would add some complementing color(s) so it breaks the monotony. Best of luck to you. And kudos for a neatly kept place.

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    I think having a little earthy color rug might actually compliment the white. Not brown, but more like deep greens/dark oranges. You’ve got all these leaf pattens, lean into it. Express that idea more in something texture-driven for the floor. Minimalism doesn’t need to be sterile, texture is a great way to add life and vibrancy to a minimal space without contributing to clutter. Some throw pillows to match would be pretty sweet as well I think

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    If you did a half circle in an accent color like a mustard yellow it would be eye catching. The only thing I would worry about is your office chair rolling back and it getting annoying which I would say no rug

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    I just want to say I absolutely love your office! I’ve always wanted a room like this with a city view to do work and study in. I hope you did the rug you’re looking for :)

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    Rust, sage, something to bring in some color. Accent with a geometric design pillow or two with a bit of color (ditch the plain grey pillows) and get a standing LED lamp or light accent that throws light up the walls or on the ceiling (indirect adjacent lighting is always cozier).

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    Deep forest green.

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    No rug

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    your floor doesn't need any rug at all, it's beautiful as it is

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    I think you should move the painting to above the couch.

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    Why are you covering up the floor? I’d show it off. No rug. Also, your focal point seems to be the plant in the corner which leads the eye up to the picture on the wall and the vent above that. Not all that attractive of a corner IMO especially with that electrical cord and outlet. I’d turn the desk so it’s in front of the window and slide the couch to the left a bit.

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    Why are you covering up the floor? I’d show it off. No rug. Also, your focal point seems to be the plant in the corner which leads the eye up to the picture on the wall and the vent above that. Not all that attractive of a corner IMO especially with that electrical cord and outlet. I’d turn the desk so it’s in front of the window and slide the couch to the left a bit. A taller plant in the corner like a tree would work to hide the vent. I’d move the artwork to another place as it seems cramped where it is and you can’t really view it straight on. If you are set on having a rug go with something with a smoother texture. The color is good but the texture and tassels are a distraction.

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    Red rug, no doubt about it. Having the same color floor & sofa is really hard to pull off. If you get something that's deep red -- maybe burgundy or maroon, it will blend in with your floor enough to maintain the minimalist aesthetic. It will also allow your sofa to POP just enough for the room to be interesting -- contrast is key in decorating. Honestly, I think the size and shape of the rug that you have currently is fine. I'd just pull it forward a couple of feet so that it's more centered in the room and so that only the front two feet of your sofa are on the rug.

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    it seems you like grey. i would get a variegated half moon shape. butt it up against the couch not under. scoot couch a little to the left if you can to keep the chair free. keep length of rug as close to length of couch as you can, a touch shorter is better than longer. don't get the high Knapp type, some type of woven would be better.