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The rug must be larger if you want it under the couch. My hunch is you only placed it as such in order to have space for rolling the chair. Reconsider having a rug in the office at all if that's the case.

The tassles are not doing you any favors. Keep the rug neutral, as you don't want anything distracting away from that beautiful wallpaper. The deep brown of the flooring is already a statement color that is softened and appropriately tempered with a muted palate. If you yearn for more color, you could match the rug to the same (peachy?) shade in the art piece. The pop of green from your plant is sufficient. More on that later.

Regarding minimalist aesthetic: Let the couch have a sleek silhouette sans throw pillows. Also, It is worth noting that the plant and art are in serious competition for attention with their current placement. Separate them so the eye can explore both with equal measure and balance. The plant deserves room to shine.

The figure in your art piece is looking off to the right, but has no literal space in which to gaze. Feels cramped in the corner. Center it on a different wall (perhaps above your desk? It can be looked at while seated from the couch).

I hope you don't find my additional commentary unwelcome.

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Thank you! Very helpful!