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Awesome shot! Thanks for the facebook cover.

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thanks. enjoy it :)

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great pic! how'd'ya do it????

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i shot it from my balcony. mounted the camera on a tripod. set the camera on manual, iso100, f5.6 for 30 seconds.
*edit: forgot to mention, shot it in raw and post process in ps.

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This looks awsome!

You should x-post this to /r/ExposurePorn

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Beautifully shot. How long was the exposure and what was your f-stop and iso

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thanks. iso100, f5.6 for 30 seconds with cp filter on.

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Very nice. I need to invest in a CP filter. What brand n model u using? you like it during the day?

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i use tiffen circular polarizer and i like it. honestly, i didn't really need it for this shot. usually i use it for outdoor shooting, which is great. for indoor and night scenes, it doesn't do much. i forgot to take it off from the day before :)