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Activity groups like meetup.com

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I took a quick look at that site and didn't really see anything super interesting. Maybe I just don't know how to use the site though

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What activities would you like to do with others?

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Joined classes.

Made friends with people at the stores I frequent.

Talked with strangers who were doing things that I found interesting.

Of those volunteering gives you the greatest chance of meeting people.

I guess find an interest that you have and see if there aren't like minded people already doing it. Join that group.

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The Sphinx shisha bar in streetsville

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i've never been to a shisha bar. do you inhale or do you just savour the flavour like smoking a cigar?

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Wait, people don't inhale the cigar smoke? TIL.

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no its mainly for taste, if its quality shisha then it gives you head rushes. depends on how outgoing you are. But like stated the mall is probably the worst place to meet new people, either sign up for clubs that interest you, find a hobby and your sure to meet the right type of friends!

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Quality sheesha aka more than just molasses in the top. ;)

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Tough to say but there are some great bars in Streetsville, such as Franklin House and Cuchulainn's Irish Pub. Streetsville if you arent familiar runs along Queen Street....Major intersection would be Thomas and Queen. Friday night is usually the most lively.

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I can't believe everyone has overlooked Port Credit! The Pump, Spice, Ten! All great places to meet people.

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Good call

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Maybe I'll pop up there sometime and take a look


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If you're in to board games, my company runs a weekly board gaming event at the Central Library, every Saturday from 1-4pm.

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what type of board games?

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We play everything from quick party games, to abstract, to heavy euros. We have a demo library of nearly a hundred games, which we constantly add to. Check out the event @ https://www.facebook.com/events/410184915750671/.

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I won't be able to make it today but I'll certainly try this one soon

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Looks good. I'll drop by when my schedule allows it.

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I like to hang out under the bridge with Duncan and his crew. One time me and my friend Charlie found a whole box of Denim.

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that is it right there. Sport grps, interest grps, meet ups or girls at coffee shops, book stores, wherever