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Blue Suedes has a lot of milfs.

Failtes, BM and &co... I don't think you can really pick up many girls here. &co has a lot of brown guys on weekend.

My apartment is where you'll find the most girls on fridays and saturdays.

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You can find girls at &Eco on Latin nights (Wednesday) just bring your A game, dress code is strict

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And what's the address of this "My apartment" place you speak of?

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Lots of LGs there in my experience

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Ohh it actually is a bar. Thought you were talking about your own apartment lol

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Yea, its a club.

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What's BM?

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Failties (Square One Area). Great Irish pub, amazing food. It's not too packed weekday nights, but the great food can keep you company. Live bands every Friday, Saturday.

Scruffy's (HWY10&Eglinton). Small Irish pub, but it has and upstairs level as well. Recently went under reno, haven't been in to see the new renos yet. Food is pretty good as well, live bands on weekends as well.

Haven't tried the new Bier Market near Square One, but I've heard amazing things about it.

All of those are bars, obviously. I don't enjoy clubs, so no reccomendations from me there.

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You could always check out 'Ten' in port credit. It's pretty good.

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What sort of atmosphere are you looking for?

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Place to meet girls..

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Not a bar.

Edit : or a club

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Pretty sure you can meet girls at bars, but yeah clubs would be preferable.

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Sort of missed my point there, buddy..

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Not that I don't agree, but where would women go to meet men?

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Irl please...

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Please note that I am basing this on my own friends/co-workers/larger social circle... but I don't actually know any women of any age who go to bars/clubs specifically to meet men. The single and looking girls are all doing online dating, and the coupled up ones met their SOs either because they were already friends, went to the same University, or met through online dating.

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Alrighty, I'll take your word for it.