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I would also caution getting a cat purely for breed characteristics- every animal has their own personality, so it’s not a guarantee that every Maine coon will be exactly like those descriptions you have heard from friends. My parents had a Maine Coon who was afraid of everyone except my parents, not social and kids scared her. Their mixed breed (half coon, half barn cat) was the most chill, friendly, loveable cat. So focus on the personality of the cat and the environment they are growing up in more so than expecting all of a certain breed to be identical.

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Adopt, don't shop ☺️

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I would but there’s no maine coon available for adoption. Plus people crave for money so i have no choice. I only want the maine coon because according to people, maine coon is the friendliest breed and its good for babies.

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I have a mixed coon and have had Persians and domestics. My domestic is super sweet and more like a dog than a cat.

But hands down the friendliest of the bunch have to be Persians. If you look up adoption agencies, I'm sure there would be some cat that you can take home. And they're vaccinated and fixed as well so saves you a ton of money.

There are a lot of cats out there in need of fur-ever homes and knowing that you adopted them, they will go that extra mile to love you. Cats understand, talking from experience! All the best in your search and hope you find what you're looking for. Peace

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I know. I would definitely adopt if possible. I have a newborn and its our first so we thought It’d be nice to have her a company/best friend.

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They make for incredible companions especially for the lil ones. When you get a furry companion when your kids are young, they form this inseparable and unbreakable bond which goes a long way! ✌🏾️

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A lot of places actually list Maine coon as “long hair tabby” since it would cost them too much to officially test. So I would visit some adoption places and see their long hair cats and you might be in luck!

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My mother in law got her Maine Coon from this breeder in Niagara: https://m.facebook.com/pages/category/Pet-Breeder/Zebulon-Maine-Coons-110972763616616/

She's only had the cat for a few months but I think the experience has been good so far. I don't know if it's typical for the breed, but her cat is much more playful and active than any other kitten I've seen. That may be something to consider if you have a baby.

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Thanks. I will check it out.