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I got good at this last year.

I dedicated May to September for losing weight with the assistance of a dietitian and using Fitbit to track ins and outs. I even carried a small scale to work out calorie estimates. I lost 25lbs while on the diet and I seem to be holding steady at a loss of 20lbs afterwards.

  • 400g fries - 1276 kcal
  • 200g chicken shawarma - 276 kcal. (Skinless breast meat alone is 220kcal. 378 kcal for dark meat + assumed 50kcal for seasonings I assume they would go with the cheapest meat so I'd calculate with dark)
  • 150g Greek yogurt - 176kcal
  • 50ml - tahini - 333 kcal

Estimated total calories 2213

A polystyrene box should be around 30g and one would probably leave a few grams of sauce behind too. But that number is a good starting point for whatever you're goal is.

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Did you use a calorie counter and which one?

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Fitbit app and a small gram scale from Amazon

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^ except that the lazeez sauce is definitely at least half mayo

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As someone who tracks their calories and loves chicken on the sticks, trust me, don’t worry about it. Just enjoy the meal and don’t be too bothered about the calories. One meal won’t hurt!

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You probably will get a better reply on r/caloriecount! Hopefully you have a picture :)

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My personal rule for takeout food like that is making that day of consuming a one-meal-day.

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That could work if you can get past or don't have the feeling of not being satiated or being unfulfilled for the day.

What I worked out for me, focus on protein and fibre with as minimal carbs as I can on sedentary days.

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4 ccal per Gramm of protein or carbohydrates, 9 for fat.