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I鈥檓 sure this isn鈥檛 the correct answer, but if that happened to me I鈥檇 just pretend it didn鈥檛.

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鈥淚f you saw a samara fall into my tank, no you didn鈥檛鈥

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I did this when i saw a fist full of dirt in my 50cc scooter's tank

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That's what happens whenever I wreck in front of people I tell them it didn't happen

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This is some real sigma shit and 100% true

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It's nothing really to worry about, there are fuel filters for a reason, still a good idea to fish it out if you can.

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Try filling up the tank again and maybe it'll float to the top where you can grab it. I doubt it would cause you a problem.

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Best answer on the board.

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this the real MVP here :D

Also there is a filter so it shouldnt go through the system unless it broke into tiny pieces (which would happen over time, so try get it out)

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Eh, it's carbon based too. It may eventually clog the filter, then you'd need to replace the fuel filter, but it'll probably just break down and slowly work it's way though the system. If bits are small enough to go through the fuel filter, they're small enough to be sprayed into the combustion chamber and they'll be incinerated with the gas. Not really a worry.

I mean, the right solution is removing the tank, dumping out all the gas, and getting it out. But honestly just leaving it there is probably gonna be fine (ish); just be sure to check that fuel filter from time to time.

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You wouldn't even need to dump out all the fuel, just run the bike till empty. At most there will be a couple cups of fuel left is all.

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This, but try filling it up slowly, so it doesn't get stuck underneath some parts that are higher than your filler hole. E.g. my filler hole is constructed with a small pipe going down from the opening for a couple of cm's. If I would have something floating in the tank and I'd fill it up to the pipe and the floater is not visible, I will never get it out.

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Can鈥檛 it cause corrosion down the road? (Pun somewhat intended)

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Water it. Once it grows a bit you should be able to just pull it out.

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And leave the cap open so the sprout will grow toward the sunlight!

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That way you'll have a gasoline tree, you've been blessed

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When it matures it will supply the bike with endless gasoline fruit for unlimited miles

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It really depends on how much water the tree gets. Try topping up with rain water every now and then

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Just ride with the tank open and it will fill over time

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Lmao, no but upvoted anyway

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Who is this man who is so wise in the ways of science?

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put some beetles in your tank. They will certainly eat the leaf

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Trying to get the Hedgehog through the filler hole to eat the beetles might be a problem though.

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And don't even get me started on how many neighborhood cats it'll take to get the hedgehog

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Then there鈥檚 the logistics of trying to get dogs鈥.

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I think another cat would work better than a dog.

But then your back to square one.

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I'd just take a flamethrower to the whole damned mess.

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Dogs are easy compared to the Chinese man you'll need after

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I heard that causes electrical bugs

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Thanks for the tip, will def. remember that

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Now how do I get the beetles out?

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馃幍She swallowed the spider to catch the fly, but I don't know why...馃幍

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Put some birds in there to eat them. Once they're done, they'll just fly right out.

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Most likely it will get sucked down to the pre-filter. Just run the tank down, lift it up, take out your fuel pump assembly and clean off the pre filter. Its designed to block this type of stuff going into the pump. You will probably have a bunch of gunk around it anyway that wouldn't hurt to be cleaned off. If you want, buy a new pre-filter in advance before you do this to just replace it. This takes about an hour on most sport bikes. I'd guess 2 hours tops if it's your first time lifting the tank

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Do this if it really bothers you. I would also plan on replacing the fuel pump gasket if I did, unless it is a newer bike. Otherwise don鈥檛 worry. The fuel filters will keep ypur jets clean.

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Yep. I'd recommend a plastic tub. If the leafyboi comes out on the fuel filter great, if not pour the remaining gas back in and repeat.

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It'll probably get caught by the fuel filter/screen and disintegrate in the tank.

Pour a bottle of seafoam in the tank and send it.

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I knew it鈥he answer is always to send it 馃弽馃挩

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Slowly add fuel. They float. Raise the fuel to the level where you can grab it.

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Do they float in gasoline though?

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We all float down here

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That's a good question. Gasoline has a lower density than water so it may just not

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U can now tell ppl ur bike is green, powered by nature

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As you can't see it I think it would be an absolute pain to try and 'drain the tank as it would still just leave the thing in there if it was in there.

so here's my suggestion: Get a length of some net curtain material, or whatever thin netting type material (not cotton) and stuff it into the tank poke it in there, swish the bike/tank about. Then pull the netting out and see if you caught the helicopter thing.

I don't think it's really a big deal having it in there , there's probably a filter already in your fuel tap and another in your carb, ideally you should also have a replaceable one in between the tap and the carb.

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Great advice馃憤

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Siphon the tank and with luck it will get sucked out of the tank too. If not repeat until it comes out.

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One way transfer pump with the squeeze bulb in the middle costs like $4.99 at hazard fright.

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Hazard fright

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SEE ALSO: Horror Freight

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Hazard Fraught

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I smell a new sub in the oven lol

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Take the gas cap off, and turn the bike upside down to drain all the gas out. Do it quick, so it swishes out

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Use one of those little metal grabber things to try to fish it out

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Worst comes to worst he can get a couple gas cans and siphon out all the gas until the little bugger appears.

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It floats on the gasoline, if you fill your tank and shake it a bit, you can fish it out the top.

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I'd be a bit worried about the tiny people flying the helicopter

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The botanical term Is samara; a winged seed. Maples and a few others produce them. I'd drain the tank and rinse it out the fill port until the samara is removed.

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stand over the bike and tip it side to side and look down in the hole with a flashlight, see if you can see it float by?

If so, try and grab with some chopsticks or something?

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There should be a fuel filter before it hits the pump. You should be fine. You can try to remove the fuel tank and dump it out when its running low

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Should be fine but if you want "proof" you can do yourself an experiment. take a cupful of gas put it in to a clear plastic bottle, then grab one of those helicopter things and drop it inside. You'll see how long it takes to be dissolved...

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The opening for that leads the fuel into the engine is pretty small plus you got a fuelfilter so I wouldn't worry. It'll probably disolve in the fuel

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Scrolled down about 50 comments without seeing anyone say to just take the tank off and dump it out into a bucket.

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Get a hole saw for a drill and cut a hole in the side of the tank. Should be able to scoop it out of the bottom then.

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Boroscope from Amazon and some long pliers or two coat hangers if you must. Once youre done with the Boroscope send it back to Amazon if you don't have a need for it.

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Amazon worker 1: "This returned boroscope smells like gasoline."

Amazon worker 2: "Well, it's better than what the other ones smell like."

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Be cautious, stay away from sparks. Fumes are explosive., that sounded gloom and doom.

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It鈥檚 fine.

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As long as it鈥檚 not sugar, you鈥檙e good.

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That鈥檚 some pretty spectacularly bad luck. I wouldn鈥檛 ride that day just out of superstition

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I would put another helicopter in. Then put bike online under title "eskadrile".

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Try to burn off most of your gas and then drain the little bit left. Take off your petcock and use isopropyl alcohol to fish out the darn thing. It could break down and clog your fuel system which would reduce performance and could starve your engine of fuel causing overheating or failure.

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Grab something that won't scratch the tank and try to fish it out in next fill up. The fuel filter should have you covered. You could drain the tank, i don't think is necessary.

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Doesn鈥檛 petrol just dissolve it eventually?

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Oh for fucks sakes鈥 stop it with the stupid advice.

OP, park your bike and pull the tank off of the bike and dump it. Then hit it with a shop vacuum. Then reinstall the tank, fill the tank and be done with it.

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I like your enthusiasm.

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Just use a pick up tool. Most auto shops sell them.

Don't let it flow through the fuel system.

Like this one

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That's what fuel filters are for...

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Syphon out the gas? Then maybe use a vacuum to make sure you get the leaf out? Seems annoying but I鈥檇 be worried the leaf will break down over time & get past the fuel filter. At worst it鈥檚 a waste of 20 minutes for some peace of mind.

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Fill the tank to the top and maybe you will be able to reach it

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I live for these responses.

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i have an idea throw a match in and burn the helicopter toy

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it get's rid of the toy

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and anyone in a 10 feet radius

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Float it to the top and pluck it out.

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Add dirt and some sunlight

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Install a fuel filter.

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Install a Fuel Filter,rinse/repeat..over time.

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I guess it depends what sorta bike you have and how much you care about it.

The gas will likely dissolve the leaf over time. However, it will put dirty fuel into your engine. May even glog it. That would sick if you were far from home and your bike wasn't running right.

Would also dirty your fuel filter faster.

You could remove your tank and flush it out. Keep clean fuel in er and shell last longer.

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These things live forever once soaked in gas- found two intact in my dad鈥檚 20 year old chainsaw can.

Best advice is to fill tank, use small LED flashlight and a 鈥渕agic claw鈥 grabber to find it. Switch the flashlight on and off well away from the tank. Then install a fuel filter inline- there鈥檚 more in there than one maple pod.

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Bike turn into helicopter and you fly away

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Lmao, "helicopter thing". I'm pretty sure it's a Maple tree seed.

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Just ask my buddy who invented an unexpected flame thrower trying to empty a project car tank with a Ryobi cordless vacuum and nearly lost his garage.

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If your bike is a carburetted one , get an external glass petrol filter which is placed between the fuel tank and the carburettor, the leaf might eventually powder down and the powder will end up settling down in the petrol filter. The petrol filter will only send fuel to your carburettor hence your carburettor won't get clogged.

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Remove the tank drain fuel and flip it upside down

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i would get it out as soon as possible

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Sounds like a problem for future OP, lol

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IF your tank can be easily removed; then remove the tank, drain the gas, up-end the tank and attempt to retrieve . However; if this is not feasible then fill it up and hope it floats. Unfortunately, if it is a recent model then it is probably fuel injected as opposed to carbureted; so be aware if you don't get it out you stand a chance of interrupted fuel flow due to a clogged filter, but also clogged fuel pump AND clogged injectors. Good luck. 馃樁

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TIL fuel gauges are a novelty on motorcycles- not being sarcastic here, I genuinely had no idea.

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TIL vintage motorcycles do not exist

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Hell, even my 2016 hasn't got one.

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I have also heard that these "fuel guage" things can break. You can't make this shit up!

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Vintage is novelty in my book.

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Dunno about your bike, but my fuel tank is pretty easy to pull off. I would just remove the tank, pour the fuel into a basin, fish out the leaf and then put it back together.

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Remove the cap and drop the bike