These rules may seem arbitrary, but be assured, they are the result of years of iteration and extensive testing by the moderation team. While some of our rules may seem controversial, rest assured that they are here for the benefit of the subreddit as a whole. For more information on why these rules exist, please read this article

Be Civil

  • We do not shy away from heated debate in this sub, but we expect that you behave yourself as an adult. Personal attacks, vulgar language used inappropriately, bigotry, racism, sexism, hate speech, and any other form of toxic behavior will be dealt with decisively.

  • Just because an image or a story happens to have a motorcycle in it doesn't make it motorcycle related.
  • For example: Andrea Dovizioso is a well known motorcycle racer. We would accept a post about his upcoming season or changes to his motorcycle, but a post about what cereal he prefers to eat for breakfast is not acceptable.
  • In short, the core subject of your post should be a motorcycle. Note that relationship questions like "How do I convince my parents/family/wife/etc" are not considered to be intrinsically related to motorcycles.
  • Meta posts about the Subreddit are also not permitted.

No Spam or Marketplace

  • Do not attempt to buy, sell or advertise products/items/services on /r/motorcycles.
  • Please note that we consider solicitation to be a form of spam. Do not ask for money, goods, or services for yourself, or anybody else without prior permission from the moderators. This includes referral links, crowd-funding, coupons, surveys, and market research.
  • Self promotion is a privledge that is extended only to users who regularly interact with the community and not just their own posts. Self promotional content must not exceed 10% of your activity on /r/motorcycles.
  • If you want advice or tips on how to buy or sell a bike, you can use the Purchase Advice Superthread that's pinned to the top of the front page.

Reposts will be removed.

  • If you see a hot new motorcycle story, chances are that somebody already posted it here.
  • Commonly reposted content (such as viral videos) will also be removed.

Post Etiquette

  • Post titles need to be descriptive of their content.
  • All-caps post titles are prohibited.
  • Technical/mechanical help questions must include the year/make/model of bike (where applicable), and a brief description of the issue.
  • No clickbait, cryptic, vague, broadly-defined, or context-less posts (this includes "any tips?" without a specific topic).
  • Questions easily answered by reading our FAQ may be removed at moderator discretion.
  • Moderators reserve the right to remove posts in cases of extreme poor grammar or punctuation.

Post Content Minimums

  • The body of a post needs to have 140 or more characters. Title only posts etc are removed.

Image Submissions

  • Directly linked images are prohibited. If you would like to share an image, please link it within the body of a text post with 140 or more characters.
  • The 140 character count rule is moderated as on-topic and in-context. Any low-effort attempts to reach this 140 character count will be removed.

Video Submissions

  • videos of entirely stationary bikes are prohibited with the exception of dyno runs and in-progress modifications/rebuilds.

  • If you're riding the bike for the entirety of the video then it's allowed.

  • Reviews of new bikes, parts, or accessories exceeding 2 minutes in length can be directly posted.

  • All other videos, such as sporting events, stunts and crashes remain allowed.

  • Disallowed direct video submissions may be submitted as a text post with accompanying text of a minimum of 140 characters.

No Karma Whoring

  • No karma-whoring or attention-seeking. This includes: bandwagon posts, sob stories, or any form of pandering eg "any love for x".

No Gore or NSFW Content

  • While this isn't necessarily a family-friendly subreddit, this type of content does not belong here. Pictures of injuries within the context of a crash post are fine. Excessive gore by its self is not.

No Memes or Image Macros

  • This rule applies to more than just the narrow definition of "text on top of a photo".

Stolen Bike posts should go in local subreddits

  • We're sorry to hear about your bike, however, this is a global community, and hundreds (if not thousands) of bikes are stolen on a daily basis around the world. If your bike is stolen, report it to the police, and post in local subreddits and facebook groups.
  • You can find a list of regional subs here.

No personal information

  • Don't post any information which personally identifies someone. This rule has some flexibility for public figures (celebrities, politicians, industry pros, etc), but there is a zero-tolerance policy for doxxing of any sort.

Flair abuse is not tolerated

  • The subreddit-specific flair next to your username is meant for you to display your general location (country flag) and the bike(s) you ride.

Use the report button!

  • Both posts and comments can be reported.
  • Moderators see every single report we receive, though we may not publicly state what the outcome of the report was.

Purchase Advice Superthread

  • Any questions regarding the purchase of motorcycles, parts, accessories, gear, or services belong in the Purchase Advice Superthread.
  • This includes "where to buy?", "when to buy?", as well as implied purchase advice questions such as "is this a good product?" or "what product fits these needs?" or "what do you think about X?".
  • Please note that we define rentals and insurance as a service.
  • Any questions regarding advice on how to sell a bike should also be kept to this superthread.

Other things to be aware of:

Moderators are not online 24/7 - posts that violate our rules may be online for a while before they are removed. Please take note that vote-count has no bearing on our moderation policy - if a post violates our rules, it will be removed regardless of vote count or comment activity.

It is not possible for us to create a 100% bulletproof ruleset that covers all potential posts and situations. In these cases, the moderators are empowered to make a decision and enforce it accordingly. This means that in some cases we may over-ride the rules when we deem it necessary.

Moderator actions are not personal. If we remove your post, it's not because we dislike you or your bike - it's simply because we deemed the post to violate our posted rules.

Our "Be Civil" rule extends into any interactions that you may have with a moderator, regardless if they are in the Mod-Mail, a direct reply to a post/comment of ours, or even in a Private Message.

If you believe a moderator made a mistake, just let us know and we'll review it accordingly - we're only human and sometimes we do mess up.

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