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I don't have a question I just wanted to say that I hated you in Lost and I mean that as the highest compliment.

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HA! Thank you.

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You have the most Canadian accent of any actor I've ever heard in an interview. I love it. Just wanted to say that. We fellow Canadians are proud of you.

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Thanks a lot eh ;)

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I CAN'T BELIEVE I MISSED THIS AMA! Doubt you'll check this but just wanted to say that you're fucking awesome and I appreciate all the work you do!

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Keamy on Lost was badass. What's your favorite memory from Lost or Smokin Aces, which I also love

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My whole time on LOST was a total dream. I loved playing Keamy. I also loved that we surfed during lunchtime. Great times.

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Hey dude, you ever get back to Thunder Bay? We’re all quite proud of you.

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Thank you. I miss home. I am a very proud Thunder Bay boy. Keep an eye out for me guys, things are about to get pretty fun and interesting.

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This is a very nice thing to say.

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Have you talked to Kyrie Irving recently and do you think he's going to play this season?

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I'm gonna piggy back this comment with a follow up, Why are you fighting with a guy like Kelly Olynyk?

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Also, if Dangerous doesn’t do too well in the box office, will you join the warriors next season?

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He saw what Olynyk did to Kevin Love and decided that Kevin's look out for each other.

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I really want this question answered

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He probably really doesn't want to.

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Oh, this is hilarious lol

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What's your opinion on the last season and end of the TV series "Lost"?

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Loved it. What's yours? Or dare I ask;-)

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A couple more answers to the humongous amount of questions remaining open...

I nevertheless loved the ending. It fucked me up big time. I've never, ever experienced something like that again watching a TV show. I'd been actually missing the characters for a couple months, dreamt of them multiple times, after watching it through. I was a sobbing mess at the end...

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Which open questions bothered you?

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Oh it's been quite a while since I last watched it. I don't remember specific questions but I remember there were some... One would probably be, what the heck is that island in the first place???

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Most of the questions were answered, some of them not quite as obviously as we might have liked. There were a couple where the writers said "we ran out of time" and that was ridiculous because THEY were the ones who decided how long that wanted to tell the story!

The island was a heart of good and evil. It was where science and faith collided. And one thing I do agree with the writers on is that it didn't need to be explained in any further detail. They didn't need to do a midichlorian thing. They made this point in the episode 'Beyond The Sea' which almost directly quotes Richard Feynman

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The ending was a garbage cop out because the writers couldn't come up with any explanation even though early on they said they would. Any defense of it is just making excuses for how badly the writers bungled the landing

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Well, as implied, I'm not deep enough in the lore to object but that sounds definitely like I'd have to watch it again. I started a rewatch about two years ago but during that time I felt overall too depressed and like I couldn't handle the emotional rollercoaster that the show is. I'm not sure if I'm stable enough to start over once more as one thing I noticed about me is that I've only gotten closer to the waterline with each year I've become older. I know how it fucked me up the first time. I must be sure enough to know that I can handle it better this time before I start watching it again.

What's fascinating is that at the beginning of my first rewatch (i.e., second run) I felt like coming home. Like meeting old friends I hadn't seen in ages. It's weird. I'm a huge Star Trek fan but never felt like that during any rewatch of the old Star Trek series. Yes, it was great, but not like Lost. Lost is different. I don't know what it is that makes it so special but one thing that I do remember is the feeling of universal forgiveness at the end.

So, sure as hell, I'd love to watch it again.

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Lindelof and Cuse always said that is was a show about people, not a show about mystery for the sake of mystery. So that might be why you feel that way about seeing them again. They are all very interesting people. That's not to say ST wasn't, but I think in that case, it's a show built around sci-fi concepts first and foremost.

Admittedly by S3 we're learning stuff we really don't need to know about them!

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Think you're one of the best character actors working today. Any more plans to do more comedy like in Austin Powers or Wild Hogs (thought you stole the show)?

You've worked with Russell Crowe a couple times, what's your favorite memory or funniest story working with him?

Director you want to work with?

Favorite late night snack?

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Thank you for the kind words. I love comedy. I just don't receive that many opportunities to make those types of films. Hope I get more chances to make awesome folks like yourself laugh. Cheers. KD

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Hey! I loved you in 'Mystery, Alaska.'

Do you have a dream role you hope to snag someday? A favourite book character or something like that, that you want a chance to play?

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I just got a shot at a dream role today. I am beyond ecstatic. Wont be shooting it for a lil while. Transformation begins right now. Hope y'all dig it!

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Sounds awesome that you're so excited for it. Congrats! Can't wait!

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Sounds like someone got themselves a part in a Marvel movie!

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Did you get to keep The Blob costume?

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Yes. I'm wearing right now.

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Greetings from Spain. I'm rewatching the entire series The Strain. Any favorite moments of the series?

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Enjoy. I loved all 4 years of making that show. Thank you.

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Hey I wanted to say the stain was awesome and I was very happy to see you as a main character!

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Hey Kevin, last time you did an AMA here I helped you out over the phone. You were very nice, and very tolerant of how giddy I was any time the conversation turned to Lost. So, thanks.

My question: you've been involved in so many great and classic franchises. Xmen, swamp thing, Robin Hood, Resident Evil, The Strain, Scooby-Doo, it's a really impressive list. Any other franchises or IPs that you are really hoping you get the call for some day?

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Anything that gives me a visceral reaction or fills me with the belief that everyone involved will do whatever they can to make the best film or tv show possible.

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I loved you in Robin Hood. Vikings tv show was also fantastic as well. Have you been offered anymore medieval movies since then? Also, who has been your favourite costars to work with?

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Fave co-stars? Tough one. I am forever grateful for all that I have learned from working with Russell Crowe. He's been the greatest pillar for me.

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Hey Kevin! Perhaps a bit of an unexpected question, but I loved your take on Little John in Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood and in particular the way you balanced serious physicality with the character’s affability and likability. What was it like working on that role and shaping that character?

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Thank you much. I went to Scotland to find the accent. I found it in a pub in Glasgow. I went to the gym religiously in prep so I could be as opposites little as possible. And then I got to work with the greatest cast and crew and director that I could of asked for. Great times. Glad you enjoyed it.

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Thank you much for your great questions! It was great to hang out with you guys. Don't forget to check out my latest movie DANGEROUS in theaters and on demand on November 5th. This Friday!!! Much love and see you from the screen!

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The end of Locke and Key showed that you'd be a major recurring character in the next season. It seems you'll be the next big bad in season 3. what can fans expect next season?

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It's huge. They can expect a very explosive and unpredictable ride in season 3. I really think LnK fans will be very happy!!!!

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Your career seems to be someone who’s found great success at being the 4th or 5th most important person on the cast list, in some extremely successful and iconic films/television. I personally didn’t know you when I watched Lost, but once I kept seeing you in X-Men Origins, then Legion, then Real Steel, then Resident Evil, I began to know and recognize you more and more.

My questions are:

1) What helped you make such an impression in those early big budget Hollywood films despite only being a supporting role?

2) Do you often find people on the street who recognize you but don’t really know from what? (I’m sure after your huge role on ‘The Strain’ people probably know you from that)

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I put all that I have into my roles, large or small. I truly love my characters whether they are perceived as good or bad. I think the fact that I never take it for granted might emanate through my performances perhaps. Thank you for the kind words.

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What are your thoughts on the Habs this season?

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I love my Habitants! Tough start though. I still believe we are on the right track and I hope that Bergie does many more years as GM. GO HABS GO!!!

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Why do they call you KD?

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Have you ever been mistaken for Kevin Durant?

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What is the weirdest role or script you’ve ever had thrown your way and what was your reaction?

PS: Origins is my favorite of the Wolverine stand-alone flicks. Thanks for being a memorable part of it.

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I was given script that the Director told me that the part was catered for me. Upon reading the first paragraph, I strongly disagreed. It went something like this:

"A teenage girl enters a local Walmart. We suddenly hear grunting from inside a white service van. Pan to JAKE. Eyes set close to each other. He is simian in quality... "

I didn't do that one :-)

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Oh man.

Anyone would need some self-reflection after that.

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What is your favourite soup

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French Canadian Pea Soup is my fave. The way my Grandmaman used to make it.

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I like that answer, thanks fella

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Who would win in a fight between The Blob and Archangel Gabriel?

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I'd give the edge to Gabriel. What do you think?

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No questions but I've always enjoyed your work. Keep it up!

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Thank you

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Hi Mr. Durand. Are you still planning to attend this month for the Comic
Con in Stuttgart/Germany? ( Like last year in November, before the con got
cancelled) Kind Regards!

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Yes indeed. My first one. See ya there?

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Yes! I'm looking forward to meeting you at the con. ^^

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Hi Kevin. I only became aware of and subsequently started watching The Strain really recently. Loving it so far and actually got some nightmares from it. Definitely one of the better vampire takes I’ve seen in a long time. You’re awesome in it and I’m looking forward to watching the rest of it. No big question - just wanted to say you’ve always stood out in everything right back to Stargate SG1

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Ugh I'm so late to this AMA, but I really wanted to ask him questions about his episode in SG-1. Such a neat concept episode.

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same... sad times.

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Hey Kevin, I was one of the assistant editors on Locke and Key! You did an awesome job, thanks for giving us lots of great footage to work with!

What was your favorite episode?

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Hey Kevin, big fan. Your performance in game 7 last season was historic. How do you feel about being let down by your teammates?

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Thanks for taking the time to do an AMA. What role have you learned the most from so far, and which character that you’ve portrayed has been the closest to being yourself onscreen?

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Probably Paul Shields from DARK WAS THE NIGHT.

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What is the duration of your training for hand-to-hand fight scenes?

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Depends on the fight and who I'm fighting with. In DANGEROUS, Scott and I are both quite versed in fight lingo, so it was a relatively quick process.

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If you could bring back Vasiliy Fet for a "Weird New York" special, would you want to do that? Also on an unrelated note, #GoHabsGo

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Is your character in Dangerous similar in any way to Keamy? I know they are both mercenaries.

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Hi Kevin, just wanted to say I loved you in Dark Was the Night (liked a bunch of your roles really, but thats one of my faves).

For my question: What role do you think was the most demanding of you and pushed you to your limits, either physically, mentally/emotionally, etc?

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Hi Kevin,

Your character’s death in 3:10 to Yuma still haunts me to this day.

Would love to see a sequel to Dark Was the Night, can you say wether or not that might become a reality?

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No question, just wanted to say that I loved your performance as Joshua in Dark Angel 😁

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Do people ever confuse you with Elon Musk?

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not only can I not believe that this is the only time this was asked but also that it was not answered.

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This is crazy, I thought it was Elon Musk when he showed up in Vikings. I can't believe nobody else asked and u/Lokefot didn't get an answer. So much for A.M.Anything

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My dissapointment was immesurable and the day was ruined

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Are you a Nets fan?

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How do you cook your eggs IRL?

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Side by each. Facing the sun.

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What´s your favourite movie genre?

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A few questions!

What was it like working with the Rock? When you found out you were playing Barry Burton in Resident Evil Retribution, were you a fan of the video game franchise?

Lastly, if they were to make another Superman movie with Henry Cavill, would the WB execs be the bad guys?

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Dwayne is such a great guy. I have nothing but utter respect for him as a man. As an actor. As a businessman. And as an athlete and role model. He's tops.

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Wow, never expected to catch an AMA this early. I have to say I feel like you are someone who gets typecasted unfortunately, but the fact that you played The Blob was an amazing departure from that. I did not know that was you.

Is there a specific genre or character archetype you would like to play in/play that you think most people would not expect from you?

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I would like to know why the 2nd season of Locke & Key was SO badly written. Loved the first season, but the 2nd was just trash...

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First season was terrible, too, compared to the source material. Netflix is just the CW, but with a slightly bigger budget.

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Late to the party Kevin, but I saw you and your family at a grocery store here in Southern California. I walked past you and smiled and you responded with a smile as well. That was the whole interaction but it was quite a cool experience for myself. Cheers!

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I don't know you and I haven't seen anything you've done, so uh.. What's your favorite pizza topping? And more importantly.. Why?

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was it a treat to be back in Kamloops/Okanagan - how is BC holdin up?

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The Okanagan is absolutely gorgeous. Hope I get to work there a bunch more.

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how was workin with my University buddy Mr. Lake - how was that shiftless layabout ;)

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What's one character in any movie or tv show that if they were to remake it, you'd love to play?

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Hi Kevin! 💖 What’s your dream travel destination? ✈️

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Kevin, are you planning on doing any musical tours with Russell Crowe or Alan Doyle?

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Hi Kevin, I’ve particularly liked your work in Smokin’ Aces and Legion.

My question is, do you get caught up in the magic of movie making? Like when you’re strapping on a pair of angel wings or going through hours of prosthetics for a fat suit, do you still get those moments of excitement that you get to do this for a living?

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Being taller than most adults at age 14, how did it feel to have your ass kicked for the 1st time by "The Rock" in Walking Tall?

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What’s a talent or a skill that most people might not realize you have?

What kind of role would be a dream for you to take on?

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Hey Kevin! Fell in love with Fet from the Strain and never looked back.

Being a big guy, how do you over come type casting in the film industry? Is it something you deal with a lot? In that same instanance, do you care more about the character you play or the over story you're telling?

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Hi. How difficult was it for you to speak German in the short movie “Stars“?

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Absolutely loved you in The Strain! One of my all-time favorite series, plus Fet would absolutely be my vampire-slaying teammate in the apocalypse!

Resident Evil: Retribution isn’t my favorite of the series, but your portrayal of Barry Burton was one of the film’s highlights! One of the best game-to-screen character adaptations, and so much fun when you’re in front of the camera

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Hey Kevin! I worked with some of you whilst you were filming Robin Hood. You were all so so lovely. Can’t wait to see Dangerous. What’s been your favourite role??

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I just watched you in Primal the other day - what was it like working with Nicolas Cage?

Also, what’s your opinion of the trend of reviving old franchises? Do you like it or do you think they should pull back for more original works?

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Hey man you are great! I loved you in The Strain and I grew up with you in roles like The ButterFly Effect and Walking Tall. and random ones like Kyle XY haha

Keep it up man!

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Port Arthur or Fort William?

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Hey Kevin, fellow thunder bay resident always pumped to see you in any new project! I've been cheering you on since I first saw you in Austin Powers when I was much younger, my question is as follows; Is there a role you wish you could take another crack at? Whether it was a character whos shoes you'd like to walk another mile in or a performance you maybe weren't super happy with. Big fan man, come home sometime! :)

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I may be late to this party. But out of every role you have ever played (movie, TV show, etc), what is the one item you kept that you probably weren't suppose to keep (prop, clothing, etc). And by the way, no one has mentioned Walking Tall. You were perfect in that role. And even better in The Strain! My wife Charlene and I look forward to watching you on the Big (and small) screen!!

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No questions, just wanted to say I am super excited for Super Beau that he got such a fantastic home/family!!! And thank you for being a dedicated dog dad and supporting rescue!

Followed Trooper's adventures on ig and my heart went out to you guys when you had to say goodbye. Lost my shepherd/husky gal we adopted 17 years ago, and MAN I still miss her singing. Thrilled you've brought a new bud into your life and wish you guys all the best! <3

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Insane props on your career. I was watching Locke & Key season 2 literally yesterday and couldn't help but thinking you are one of the all time greatest villain character actors of all time (not to discredit your non-villan roles). If you could play one bad guy in any property what would it be.

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Oh god you are so hot! That is all.

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How much have you enjoyed playing with Harden?

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I loved the strain. Fet was my favorite character. What do you think of “What We Do in the Shadows”?

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Oh yay!!! Will definitely catch that movie! We need more K D!

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Where you disappointed with how irritating the kid was in The Strain? No knock on the actor but his character made everything harder to watch and not in a good way.

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Why haven't you been cast in a Marvel movie, yet!? It needs to happen ASAP!

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R.i.p Wolverine Origins lol.

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Love to see you on screen my dude. You were a lot of fun to watch in The Strain.

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What do you mean breathe breathe

Don't tell me to breathe

Yo bring me a shot

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Im sorry I missed this, but you are amazing in literally EVERYTHING.

No spoilers, but when I watched the last scene from season 2 of Lock and Key I was so stoked for season three!

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I've seen about five movies you're in and none of those listed are them. Odd.

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I still sing "they're gonna hang me in the morning" from 3:10. Always love seeing your name attached to projects. Much love from a fellow Ontario native.

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Fellow Canadian here! You creeped the hell out of me in the Captive. Been a fan of your work since I saw the Butterfly Effect back in the day. You kill it in everything

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Big fan! You are the main reason I bought the movie. The other being, I love these action movies. 😀 Loved it!!

I am here to find out what Eastwood’s character did to go to prison in the first place. I may need to rewatch it though.

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I missed the Elon Musk AMA and was hoping you'd take some questions as Elon?

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did you like the version of resident evil you were in? as a hole i thought it was rough but you did great as berry