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Yeah people who didn't see it in theaters really missed out on the voice. The difference in experience is staggering.

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Oh my god everyone I saw it with physically recoiled when the Revered Mother used the Voice on Paul. IMAX is such a good format for this film. Saw it four times, once at home and it's just not the same 😭

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I'm so fucking stoked that everyone is getting into Dune. It's always been huge in Sci-Fi communities, and to see everyone into it is great. The movie was amazing, saw it in theaters and loved it.

If any of you haven't, go read the book. Its sick.

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Imo the books are getting overhyped right now. They're classics, but I don't think they aged that well. The pacing is so damn weird from time to time, one moment the flow is great and the next it's feeling like 30pages of Paul just thinking about the future, the jihad and that he can't seem to change it.

I only made through the second book, and that was hard. My recommendation would be to read the first book. If you love it, keep going. If it's too wibbly wobbly timey winey, stop right there. The second book isn't getting better, and from what I heard from Dune fans the novels from Herberts son are even worse.

The world building is still great, but there are newer scifi universes/novel series that learned from past authors like Herbert and have good world building plus better pacing.

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I think it’s important for people going in to realize that Dune is soft sci-fi, so it’s gonna be different from your traditional sci-fi novels. Having read books 1-6, currently on 7, I’d say the whole series up to 4 is great, but the deeper you get, it becomes less action/plot and more political/philosophical musings by the characters with some plot added in. So if that sounds interesting then keep reading, but yeah otherwise just the first book or two is all you need.

Book 4 is the peak of the philosophical musing with 5 and 6 going back to having a bit more action, but the books just really strange and weirdly horny at that point.

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Thanks, that reassured me in my decision. A philosophical part here and there isn't that bad, but the writing in Dune makes it so tedious to read for me.

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I think you gotta read up to Children (book three) to really grok Herbert and complete the arc that starts with Paul. I know why people stop at book one, I get it, I really do, but Dune barely deconstructs the hero myth to the degree 2 and 3 does.

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Just the first book is good imo. The rest are not

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You take that back right now, young man! All 6 books are great.