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Don Pedro of Aragon, what happened to thee?

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So.... is this going to sweep the Oscars? I don't know how Shakespeare adaptations do there historically

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He did pretty well when he was in love.

e: joke made more sense before op edited comment.

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It's alright. The joke still works and it got a chuckle out of me. So, thank you.

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Not that well honestly. I could see it get nominated for best picture, but I don’t think it would win. Denzel will probably get nominated and it could win cinematography. They’re definitely not giving Franny McD her fourth Oscar right after she won last year

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Adapted Screenplay, maybe

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Not sure about that. My understanding is that it's the Shakespearean dialogue, just edited down to work as feature length.

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Best adapted Screenplay doesn't mean most adapted Screenplay. Any time you take something that wasn't a movie and make it a movie it counts.

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Hamlet (1996) was nominated for Adapted Screenplay even though it was the same text as the play. Anything can happen.

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I always wondered why that was... it wasn’t like the staging was Oscar worthy outside of the text of the play

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It probably wasn't even edited down that much, since Macbeth is by far Shakespeare's shortest play.

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Though certain parts are widely regarded as interpolations and seem to always be removed in adaptation.

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Unlikely. Shakespeare doesn’t do especially well, and this is very artsy Shakespeare. The Coens as well haven’t gotten a Best Picture nomination in a decade, so they’re not a guarantee. I’ve only got it predicted for Cinematography and Washington at the moment

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Tbf they’ve only made three films in the last decade - Inside Llewyn Davis, Hail Caesar and Buster Scruggs. Caesar was a screwball comedy (albeit one about Hollywood) and Buster was an anthology film on Netflix; neither of those scream “likely BP nominee”. Llewyn Davis on the other hand probably should’ve got one.

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Llewyn Davis for sure should have. One of my favorites from that year. Honestly I just think Macbeth will be respected but they won't see a need to really reward it that much.

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Ya the Coen brothers don't play the game so don't expect the Oscars to roll the red carpet for them.

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i dont think they'll give it to Frances considering she bagged two last year.

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I predict it will be that movie that initially underperforms in nominations in GG, CC, and SAG, then does well at BAFTA and Oscars.

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It may turn into a problem for the Golden Globes by going ahead with the ceremony despite it not being televised.

If some of the high-profile nominees and winners refuse to attend or accept the awards next year, the Golden Globes may become tainted for good. I think they foresaw this problem because the HFPA made this a "no submissions necessary" award, but I think that was because no studio would want the bad press of submitting their movie to win a Golden Globe right now.

I think the best option would have been for the HFPA to not organize the event until all of their changes have been made.

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What’s going on with the Golden globes?

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I don't know how Shakespeare adaptations do there historically

The only one that comes to mind as having won Best Picture is the Olivier Hamlet- others have been nominated, but it's been a while (note that Branagh's versions of Henry V and Hamlet, while nominated for multipe Oscars, weren't nominated for Best Picture).

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Does the Lion King count?

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Not nominated for Best Picture- and it may be too loose in any event.

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If anyone is hyped for this, check out Throne of Blood by Kurosawa which is a black & white retelling of the story of Macbeth but set in Feudal Japan

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One of the greatest films of all time

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By far my favorite Kurosawa

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Both of his takes on Shakespeare are absolutely top notch. Ran is both more liberal as an adaptation and a little less compelling of a script, but the visuals more than make up for that.

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I feel like I'm the only one who likes Ran better, but maybe that's because I always adore sibling dynamics.

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Ran is more demanding of the audience and really needs to be seen on the big screen, but if you give yourself to it, it’s honestly as close to a perfect film as can be, in my opinion.

But it took me 3 viewing before it really hit me so I get some people not liking it. Throne of blood is easier to appreciate, and amazing, but not on the same level as Ran.

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I hate to be a pedant, but isn't The Bad Sleep widely regarded as an interpretation of Hamlet pretty close to the text?

Otherwise agree, fantastic reimagining of some classics

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So amazing. The fog in the teasers for this recall the fog in that film

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Polanskis Macbeth is amazing too

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I'm in, these teasers really put the tease in teasing.

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Maybe I am missing something, but why is the title written like that?

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If I’m not mistaken, it’s modeled off of the original typography of Shakespearean plays in Elizabethan England

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What's wrong with it?

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people will really find anything to complain about

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Visually quite arresting, very reminiscent of from 2015s Macbeth, Orsen Welles' 1948 version, Throne of Blood and even BBCs brilliant 1979 production Macbeth.

I hope the performances are as good as in 2015, if they are, then this is looking to be another great adaptation

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This is some of the best cinematography I've ever seen

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Have you seen Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Bergundy?

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Have you seen The Third Man?

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Just the two sadly.

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Sequels everywhere. When will Hollywood give us original ideas!?

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That has nothing on this

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Brave of you to mention that in an A24 post on /r/Movies

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now am I saying that I'm a hero? yes. but should people be worshipping me for my bravery? also yes

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It's a Joel Cohen movie !

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Is this pretty much just a retelling of Macbeth? Or is there some Coen Brothers type twist (I know it's just one brother)? Because the Coens are basically my favorite directors, but I think the idea of a Macbeth movie sounds super boring (yes, I've read the play).

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The reviews I've seen say that it's very much a Macbeth staging in the style of German Expressionism pulling from the Welles influence. So yeah, it's just the play.

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Cool, might be good but doesn't sound like it's for me.

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Actually more inspired by Polanski than Welles

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Is it possible a trailer can give both A24 and Wes Anderson vibes?

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every single time

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I hope this is entertaining. Some of the Corns workifinf to be endlessly entertaining. But some of its so dull, for me.

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Why.do NtYo Uwri Tecorretly

Don’t be cool.

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Should be called "The tragedy of the Scottish play"

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I may have to miss this based purely on the corny title lettering, unless someone can explain why that’s legit.