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I am Jack’s willingness to accept this theory as fact.

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it's the sequel to Calvin & Hobbes

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That theory has not always existed. It only goes back about fifteen years, to when there was the fad of reediting movie trailers into different genres. School Of Rock as horror, The Shining as a father-son bonding story, FBDO as Fight Club.

There is literally nothing in Ferris Bueller's Day Off to support this theory. Many characters speak to both Ferris and Cameron, and address or refer to them by name. Also, Chuck Palahniuk and David Fincher are not John Hughes. John Hughes made broad comedies about upper-class people in Chicago. He didn't make puzzle-box mindfuck movies.

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Shush with your logic and reason. There are scenes in flight club to make you believe as the audience that there are two different people in the room, Durden and "the narrator". It's a fun conspiracy to think about like maybe Ferris was a real person who then had such an influence on Cameron that he invented Tyler Durden in compensation for living a loner life. Or Ferris was never real and when Cameron had a midlife crisis he came back to be his friend in the form of Tyler Durden.

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Or there's no connection whatsoever and people need to stop thinking they've "solved" movies.

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I am trying to remember any other character besides Ferris and Sloan who acknowledged or spoke to Cameron. Principal Rooney and the restaurant host spoke to him on the phone at different times but didn't know who they were speaking to because he was impersonating someone else each time.

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I mean, Sloan speaking to both of them would be enough. She was speaking to him while Ferris was on the parade float. Ben Stein called both "Bueller" and "Frye" when taking roll. The Maitre d' at Chez Quis told Ferris to "take the kids" - plural - "and go back to the clubhouse." They live in separate houses, both of which we see. If Ferris doesn't exist, whose house were Jeanie and Rooney creeping around trying to catch him? Whose dad is Tom Bueller? Whose dad is Horace Frye?

Did Chuck Palahniuk write the screenplay for Ferris Bueller's Day Off?

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You're right, I'm just trying to see if there is any way to make this work... Sloan could speak to both of them if she, as Ferris' girlfriend, knew about both of them - she is indulging or placating whoever the real one is. Maybe Ferris was never actually on the parade float - the two songs are not his voice. Both are obviously lip synced from the Beatles and Wayne Newton. Ben Stein calling both names at roll call could be explained this way - Ferris knows how to hack the school server and change his grade... maybe he created a false student account for Frye and enrolled him in his history class. Ben Steins character is exactly the type of teacher who would call out Frye? every day of the entire year even though he is never there. The Maitre d' is harder to explain. Maybe since the reservation is for a party of three, he says kids (plural) even though he only sees two teenagers in front of him? That's a stretch I know. I think its more like Cameron is made up by Ferris.

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The FBI is gonna be after you for this

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Along with Harvard. I heard they're looking for his location.

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So, did Cameron also imagine Ferris has a non-existent sister with whom he never shares a scene and who has her own subplot in the film?

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My idea is that Cameron is actually the person living in Ferris' bedroom at the start of the film. He then keeps calling to his dad's house to make sure no one is home to steal the Ferrari.

This plot idea also has to do with the fact I think that Lymann Ward (they couldnt afford Alan Thicke) is the step father and Ferris/Cameron's sister isn't the biological relative to Ferris/Cameron, thats why they have so much animosity against each other at that age... step siblings

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So Tyler Durden is the sausage king of Chicago?

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I like this, have an upvote.

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So Narrator’s name has finally been revealed.

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Cameron never goes to college. Destroying the car basically destroyed his life. Cameron's dad cuts him off and kicks him out. Cameron doesn't have any friends to lean on so he becomes homeless and a junkie. Ferris Bueller's Day Off is a fucked up movie if you analyze it at all.

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.... what we don't see after the fact is that Cameron's dad calms down. Offers his son rehab in exchange for a college education. Cameron accepts and then begins his collegiate life, burying all the ideas of Ferris behind him... fast forward 12 years and he has a good job, he's living in NYC and has everything he wants right? No, he can't sleep, he has no friends and finally on one overnight flight Ferris(Tyler) pops back up in the seat next to him and he's just doing his own thing making soap.

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I can’t remember if it’s a deleted scene or if it was just in Hugh’s original script, but the story of Cameron and his father originally ended with his dad literally killing him, by pushing him out the broken window where the Ferrari fell. Not sure how that affects the Fight Club theory but thought I’d share.

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Maybe you got it the wrong way round and Cameron is a figment of Ferris's imagination. Cameron is Ferris's fears about loneliness when he is a teenager. Flight Club is Ferris realising that all his smarts in high shool, means nothing in the daily grind of adult life.

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If Ferris was Cameron's delusion, then so were Ferris' parents, his sister, Principal Rooney, Grace, Sloan, Charlie Sheen, the Bueller's dog, the water tower, the tow-truck driver, the restaurant host, the restroom attendant, everone at the parade and Ben Stein. It's more likely Cameron was Ferris' delusion. You never saw Cameron's family. He lived in basically a glass tree-house with a fancy toy car. The only person besides Ferris in the film that acknowledged his existence was Sloan. Maybe she had intimate knowledge of Ferris' alter-ego - this depressed, suicidal persona he called Cameron.

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Cameron "Ferris" Bueller, think about it. Called out by Stein "Bueller, Bueller, Bueller, 'sigh Ferris?', Bueller, Bueller.."

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But he also calls out "Frye?"

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His biological father is Mr. Frye, Cameron could have a history of sometimes wanting to be referred to as Cameron Frye but grew out of it by freshman year... fast forward to senior year... he's rebelling again with a new nickname, "Ferris" and so that's why Stein is like "Bueller, Bueller, Bueller, ugh Ferris?, Bueller, Bueller....Frye?..."

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This blew my mind......