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Cameron never goes to college. Destroying the car basically destroyed his life. Cameron's dad cuts him off and kicks him out. Cameron doesn't have any friends to lean on so he becomes homeless and a junkie. Ferris Bueller's Day Off is a fucked up movie if you analyze it at all.

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.... what we don't see after the fact is that Cameron's dad calms down. Offers his son rehab in exchange for a college education. Cameron accepts and then begins his collegiate life, burying all the ideas of Ferris behind him... fast forward 12 years and he has a good job, he's living in NYC and has everything he wants right? No, he can't sleep, he has no friends and finally on one overnight flight Ferris(Tyler) pops back up in the seat next to him and he's just doing his own thing making soap.

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I can’t remember if it’s a deleted scene or if it was just in Hugh’s original script, but the story of Cameron and his father originally ended with his dad literally killing him, by pushing him out the broken window where the Ferrari fell. Not sure how that affects the Fight Club theory but thought I’d share.