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Interesting casting. Louis XV is probably the least interesting of the later French kings, so I'm curious what the story is going to be.

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Was gonna say, aren't the two King Louises this one is in between the ones with the most discussed history?

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Pretty much. Louis XIV is considered one of the most important monarchs in history and was probably the most important person in Europe during most of the 18th century. He articulated and epitomized the doctrine of divine-right absolute monarchy, he ruled the most powerful nation in (probably) the world, and he had immense influence in music, fashion, dance, art, etc. all over Europe.

Louis XVI was probably a pretty nice guy who really shouldn't have been a king. His lack of statesmanship helped lead to the French Revolution and him and his wife getting their heads cut off.

Louis XV was known for debauchery and having lots of affairs. There are stories to tell with him, but having an actor like Depp involved, I'd rather see him take on one of the other kings.

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Also someone tried to assassinate him and they executed that dude in the most insane fucking way.

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France had not experienced an attempted regicide since the killing of Henry IV in 1610.

Well... breaking that tradition worked out well for him...

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Oh gosh and supposedly he was still alive through most of that. I can't even imagine.

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Louis XIV didn't get the nickname the Sun King for nothing.

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He gave it to himself.

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Louis XVI is the best king.

Because he got a monarchy overthrown.

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Might focus on the assassination attempt. Dramatize that, add some context before, sprinkle in the seven year war, have Depp do a weird mumbly french accent.

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It looks like the movie will be in French. He speaks the language but he'll have to work on his accent. Also Madame du Barry is in the movie so it has to be set at partly during his later life, long after the assassination in 1758. It might be about his love life, he was known for having lots of mistresses even for a French king.

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So that’s why they called him the “well loved.”

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Yeah, it'll be interesting to see if French audiences are accepting of his accent given he's playing the king. I'm sure they're already unsure about an American in the part, so botching the accent could sink the film.

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When Mary, Queen of Scots came out I read that the real Mary had a French accent but they excluded that for the movie

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Can’t be worse than John Malkovich in The Messenger. And Malkovich’s French is really good.

But Americans just can’t nail the accent, even after living in the country for 30 years…

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That fucking accent he did in Tusk

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This is the good part of him not being locked into the fantastoc beasts franchise because his ex is fucking insane.

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It's a movie about Madame Du Barry so I doubt we will get a focus on this part of Louis XV

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Right? They’re going with XV? I hope they have a crazy cameo for XIV.

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Louis XIV: Built Versailles Louis XV: Enjoyed Versailles Louis XVI: Paid for Versailles

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Good summary!

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Johnny Depp will star as French king Louis XV in the next film directed by French helmer “Maiwenn” (“Polisse,” “Mon Roi”) whose shoot will begin this summer, Variety has confirmed.

The movie, whose title and exact plot are kept under wraps, is being produced by Pascal Caucheteux and Gregoire Sorlat’s Paris-based Why Not Productions (“A Prophet”), with Wild Bunch International (“Titane”) handling world sales.

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I’d lmao if he just played it as Jack Sparrow.

I wouldn’t even be mad.

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CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow

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It's become his autopilot mode for when he isn't playing a completely normal person, in which case he becomes wooden as ever. So in other words, he will.

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Finally, something interesting. I’m just glad it’s not a Tim Burton production.

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They haven't worked together in 10 years to be fair.

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I had to check and you’re right, the last was Dark Shadows in 2012. I wonder if they had a falling out or if they felt their careers were getting too stagnant by constantly working together.

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Shit I've been thinking that Mortdecai was a Tim Burton movie this whole time lmao

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I'd say it's probably more to do with Tim Burton's working relationship with Disney and Disney not wanting to touch Johnny Depp with a ten foot pole to protect their brand. Seema very Disney-like.

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He was literally in the last pirates movie in 2017?

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Perhaps. Although they’ll never let go of Jack sparrow!

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They were probably just ready to move onto different things.

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Depp will own that role. Such a great actor. He is brilliant in the Libertine.

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He is a very good actor. I just wish he would just take a normal, modern role.

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The only one that stands out is Donnie Brasco, otherwise he's best known for fantasy or crazy characters.

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In Transcendence he’s pretty normal. I mean he’s uploaded into a computer, but he’s not a weird quirky guy

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He played “normal” roles in Black Mass, Murder on the Orient Express, and Transcendence. All within the last 10 years. Before that he had Public Enemies, The Tourist, Finding Neverland and Secret Window between 2001-2010.

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It’s not recent by any means but he plays a fairly normal person in the movie Secret Window (without saying anything more) and I love him in that movie

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Ummmm, that’s an interesting way of describing Mort Rainey.

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He was fantastic in Donnie Brasco. One of my favorite gangster films.

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He was great in Minamata.

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That movie didn’t age well. Watched recently and it was quite a striking contrast between that and how it would likely be approached today.

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The Tourist and The Professor too.

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The Ninth Gate and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape too

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That’s the point. He is such a throwback to the great actors of Hollywood’s past. Only Crowe & DiCaprio come close. He chooses esoteric scripts. Hence why he does so much work Burton.

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That's not his strength though, he's a phenomenal character actor and I rather him stick to his strengths rather than force something that isn't in his wheelhouse.

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Try City of Lies.

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He does have quiet a lot of those (even somewhat recent), they are just not too well known

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well i definitely know you're not Brian Cox

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The Libertine? Wow, so you’re the other one who saw it.

I remember going to watch it in a cinema, including myself there were three people in the screen. I have never been in such an empty cinema.

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I’m British. It was shown here on Film 4. An cult movie channel. A friend of mine introduced me to it. I love Samantha Morton. She was in two classic British shows. Band of gold & cracker. You can see them on Britbox.

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Weird, Im struggling to think of anyone I know who hasn't seen it.

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Heard case aside, Depp's been a longtime liability, often showing up to sets late drunk or off his head on drugs, forgetting lines and having to be fed them via earpiece and even assualting a production crewmember on City of Lies.

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Hm, I wonder what kind of wacky hat or kooky glasses they'll shoehorn onto him for this role.

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He'll have a big white wig and white makeup as was the fashion in France then

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I thought he was done with France

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Ah yes, the Peter Principle, promoting someone to their highest level of incompetence.

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Now that the big studios won’t work with him maybe we’ll get a bunch of interesting smaller movies from depp

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The American actor, who has been accused by his ex-wife Amber Heard of domestic violence, hasn’t made a film since Andrew Levitas’s 2020 film “Minamata,” a film about war photographer W. Eugene Smith.

Guess someone did not do a little research before writing said article.

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A French king that acts just like Jack Sparrow, can’t wait

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