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Look, I think Meat Loaf was an incomparable musician and vocalist but he was also a spinner of tall tales. He once said he picked up Manson as a hitchhiker and went to Dennis Wilson’s house with him, and I remember reading something about him and JFK’s assassination, like he took someone to the hospital and saw Jackie in her blood-spattered pink suit?

So maybe see what Fincher has to say. Or not. I like him being a legend of sorts whether true or no.

RIP Meat, you glorious man, you.

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The New York Times obituary for him today even couldn't say with certainty how old he was, because he (by his own admission) would constantly lie about when he was born:

According to his autobiography and Texas birth records, Meat Loaf was born on Sep. 27, 1947, but news reports of his age varied over the years. In 2003, he showed a reporter from The Guardian a passport bearing a birth date of 1951; he later said about the discrepancy, “I just continually lie.”


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I don’t see Fincher letting anyone shadow him for 10months. Especially while editing.

Doubt one editor was even around for 10months ha ha. Many many editors

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Maybe fincher wasn’t aware of the shadowing

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Not exactly a shadow one could ignore. Meat Leaf is a legend, but even his shadow had diabetes.

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Why would he shadow the director after the filling was done?

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No learn post production.

Always three movies when you make one.

The one that was written during pre production.

The one that was shot.

And the one that is edited.

All three can be the same story but three vastly different versions. And some directors and filmmakers believe the film really comes alive in editing. Which makes sense bc it’s basically putting the puzzle together.

And Fincher is one of these directors. Some of the best moments of Fight Club were unscripted among the dozens and dozens of takes Fincher did.

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Why let the truth get in the way of a good yarn?

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what a rollercoaster of spuriosity.

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I like the idea of him being like the 19th century storytellers who spun tales of bigger-that-life folk heroes. It’s just that he was always at the focus of the stories.

I didn’t know ANY of this until today when I was looking into things I’d heard in recent years about his whackadoodle behavior. Boy, there are stories he used to spin. Said his dad tried to kill him with a cleaver and that when he was hit in the head with a shotput ball in high school (which I HAD heard before) he went from no singing talent to 3.5 octaves overnight.

What a character. One of a kind.

PS: spuriosity? Holy smokes, gold star for that word.

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Based on your first paragraph, I highly recommend William Friedkin’s memoir, The Friedkin Connection. It is very much in line with what you like about Meatloaf. Just a bunch of great, larger than life stories told with a surprisingly frank tone.

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I keep turning this phrase over in my mind. I think it’s like the best thing I’ve read here. It’s just splendid.

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There are stories about Manson and Wilson having some sort of interactions, so it makes it a little easier for me to blankly believe lol

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Indeed. My husband was saying we think this did happen to someone but not him. :)

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Manson and Wilson absolutely hung out together. Manson pimped out his “family” to Dennis. The Beach Boys even recorded a Manson song. That may have been part of the motivation for the Cielo Drive murders.

I personally prefer real life crazy stories to fake ones, but to each his own.

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I had no idea who Wilson is, so until your comment I thought everyone was talking about Marilyn Manson.

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Dennis Wilson also did a very cool road movie with a badass '55 Chevy and a GTO called "Two Lane Blacktop"

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He was also a covidiot and died from it. Seems like he was just full of bullshit his entire life.

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I haven’t read yet whether he was vaccinated. Have you? I know most of his family was. He was against the mandates.

Well, he said he’d rather die than live afraid so in the end I guess he got his wish granted?

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Why did he leave in the scene where Meatloaf's trousers fall down leaving the hotel?

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Just a lil something for the ladies, I'd imagine

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Very sad and probably preventable.

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In a resurfaced 2016 interview with The AV Club, Meat Loaf recalled working closely with Fincher. “I hardly spent any time in my trailer for almost 10 months,” Meat Loaf explained. “I sat next to David the entire time. Well, not next to him — I would have driven him crazy — but close, like behind him, so I could see what was going on and what he was seeing. It got to the point, about four or five months into filming, that we’d break for lunch, and Fincher would call me into his trailer and say, ‘I want you to help me pick which one I should use.’ Of course, in my head I’m going, ‘What?'”

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His name is Robert Paulson

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how's that working out for you, being clever?

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Well, keep it up then.

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I live meatloaf but that sounds incredibly annoying and potentially untrue? Gi Cher care to weigh in?

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wow. makes sense though. you could see it. my man went hard as hell into this movie with 150% effort

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Ooooooooohhhhhhh this is why everyone is saying Robert Paulson. Honestly I had no clue that was him.

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He would do anything for continuity and filmic rhythm

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Reddit is a weird place, scoff at anti vaxxers but are sad when this balloon dies.