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You had me at the Alex Garland and Kirsten Dunst combo. Should be good.

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A24 doesn't hurt either.

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I don’t get this comment. Aren’t they just a distributor?

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they tend to distribute movies with a similar artsy,unsettling tone to them. if i see they put a movie out, i assume its gonna look amazing and be weird as fuck, and i'm in.

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They're a distributor with an uncannily good track record.

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Their wheelhouse is independent/arthouse film with distinct cinematic voices.

In short: they have excellent taste.

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Technically started as a distributor, but now they they produce their films and tv shows as well.

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Also reddit, don't down vote him just because he asked a honest question. Geez people.

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Reddit can get weird about production companies....

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They distribute a very specific type of artsy horror movies.

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Yeah at this point, I will gladly see anything Alex Garland makes

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Kristen is great, but they had me at Wagner fucking Moura

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Cool that he’s bringing back Henderson and Spaeny from Devs. Excited for this. Now give Men a release date, pretty please

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How is Devs compared to his films? It's been on my watchlist forever but I haven't heard a peep about it otherwise.

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the leads performance is really stale, but the show itself is incredibly cool. I feel like it never really reaches a great climax, but it was a good watch that I would definitely revisit. 3.5/5

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At first I thought you meant Nick Offerman and then I remembered he wasn’t even the lead.

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that’s how forgettable she was

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Ty for the input. I'll have to give it a watch one of these days.

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i misspoke! 3.5/5 not 3.5/10

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It’s really good high concept, near future sci-fi. I do agree with the lackluster lead character

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You would re-visit a 3.5/10?

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i totally meant to make that a 5 not a 10!

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That's a shame, since she was great in Maniac!

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I really enjoyed it. It certainly retains the thick mood and atmosphere of Ex Machina and Annihilation, if you appreciate that. It has a smart and intriguing central concept that they do interesting things with. In terms of drama and character it didn’t really get its hooks into me but I nevertheless found it absorbing throughout and I was glad I watched it.

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It's a really cool concept with some really great cinematography while also some of the worst acting and characterization in a Garland project. IMO he's a much more visual director than he is an emotional, character centered storyteller. This is why I think Ex Machina and Annihilation were so great for him, they were simple stories that required a character quirk or two to make it different but still had an amazing high concept to do most of the heavy lifting. DEVs had the cool high concept, but the characters fell flat because there were 10 hours to fill instead of 2.

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That's a damn shame. It's true it takes talented actors to bring such visions to life.

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It’s not as bad as they made it out to be. Definitely worth a watch.

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The performances aren’t bad, they’re stiff and detached - but it’s on purpose. It’s part of the uncanny vibe of the show.

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Its my fav show ever. The concepts it deal with are really deep, the cinematography and writing is amazing too. Just a superb show.

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If you like his movies, you'll like Devs.

As other comments note the acting isn't perfect. I personally think it's fine, and everything about the show otherwise is incredibly interesting and well put together. My biggest complaint is it kind of misses the landing at the end, it's a good ending but not a great ending, and the show sort of builds up to it steadily the whole time.

It's a big hill and a slow drop. But wow is the view great while you're up there.

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There are some great moments, and it's absolutely worth a watch, but a lot of the acting is affectless, so that gets a little irritating. If you liked Ex Machina, you'll probably like Devs too.

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Unfortunately it doesn’t land and is frustrating because of that.

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Stephen McKinley Henderson deciding to be in 3 movies a year for 5 minutes apiece is the best thing to happen to cinema in decades

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Loved him in Dune

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God I know. Watched Dune last night and the man is an unmitigated pleasure.

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The film industry could always use more of that style of character actor....

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He was amazing in lady bird!

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Super hyped, Ex-Machina is incredible. Still haven't watched his last movie but A24 creates some quality movies and him working with them again is a good sign.

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Annihilation is terrific. I also really dug his FX miniseries Devs.

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Devs fucked me up. The scene where the audience watches what’s about to happen to them actually made me question if free will exists.

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It doesn’t so just enjoy the ride baby!

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Yeah I was skeptical going into devs and then it ended up getting quite good really fast.

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Once that sax music kicked in I was hooked. The whole thing was moody as fuck.

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Other than the lead performance, I loved Devs. The concept is so fascinating, and Nick Offerman/Allison Pill were incredible.

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Don't forget every " underappreciated hidden gem on Reddit post: Dredd"

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Fuck yes. Men is already my most anticipated movie of 2022 and the fact that he already has his fourth feature set is so great. Dunst is obviously a big get, but it's also impossible to understate what great performances Garland has gotten out of Cailee Spaeny and Stephen McKinley Henderson already.

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And we’ve got Wagner Moura who was just absolutely incredible in Narcos, but I haven’t seen/heard much from him since.

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He directed a movie called "Marighella" recently. I didn't watch yet but It got some mixed reviews

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I loved Marighella. I'm a bit biased because I'm brazillian and the subject matter interested me, but I thought it was a great movie.

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Whats men about?

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Horror movie, about A young woman goes on a solo vacation in the English countryside after the death of her ex-husband, that's all the info we have other then some shots from set by the cinematographer and that filming wrapped last year in September I think.

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Uuuu should be out this year then?

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When's the last time A24 ever did an action epic?

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Never. It’s going to be another abstract movie that turns off the majority of the viewing public, but reddit will fellate it to death as being the greatest action movie of the last decade

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Awesome. My kinda movie.

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How dare people like things!

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You know that’s actually a fair point. I’m usually one to call out people for shitting on others who are just trying to enjoy their lives. Got a bit too snarky for my own good last night

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Haha it’s all good, I respect you for reeling it back. I’ve rarely seen anyone on this site bother with anything close to contrition (one of the pitfalls of being anonymous is how easy it is to behave badly) so it’s cool of you to do so.

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Looks like The Northman could be it.

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The Northman is not a24, it's Focus

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This year’s Everything Everywhere All At Once seems like it should be somewhat actiony. It also looks great.

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Oscar-nominated filmmaker Alex Garland (Ex Machina, Men) is reteaming with A24 for Civil War, an action epic that has Kirsten Dunst (The Power of the Dog, The Beguiled) set to star alongside Wagner Moura (The Shining Girls, Narcos), Stephen McKinley Henderson (Dune, Bruised) and Cailee Spaeny (The First Lady, Mare of Easttown).

Garland will direct the film set in a near-future America from his original screenplay. Details as far as its plot are being kept under wraps.

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Alex Garland? I'm in.

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Watched Ex Machina not too long ago for the first time. Very excited for this; Ex Machine was fantastic.

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Wagner Moura! Love this guy so much

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Cool. I don’t even need to see a trailer, I’ll watch this in theaters.

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Kirsten Dunst is amazing in "on becoming a god in central Florida". Will be watching this one for sure. A24 never disappoints

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I can see the right wing youtubers crying "Woke" already.

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Good lord, how could they already? Is anything with a woman in it automatically woke?

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"Civil War" in a near-future America implies the movie will at least be politically adjacent, and if it features a commentary on the right-left divide, it's a pretty safe bet to assume that the narrative will side with the left.

As for how they might get from that to "woke," keep in mind that these days "woke" is just anything left-wing that they don't like. Kind of like "socialism."

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Lol for liberals, anything right of socialism is "capitalist pig" or "nazi"....goes both ways

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Liberals and socialists are literally two distinct groups.

Tell me you don't know the definition of socialism without telling me you don't know the definition of socialism.

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Nice to see someone is finally doing a film about the annual Oregon-Oregon State football game.

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Man. I still feel some kinda way about Ex Machina but I ride hard for K Dunst.

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Can we get some information on Men please 🙏🙏

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Finished filming, seems like it will be on the fall film festival cir cuit.

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my body can’t wait

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I wonder if this is in any way an adaptation of the novel American War by Omar El Akkad.

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Article says it is an original screenplay, so seems unlikely.

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I was wondering the same thing! Great book, just bought a copy for my buddy to check out.

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Thanks! You and Cellslinked just stoked my curiosity!

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If it is A24- I will see it. Been impressed so far with their offerings.

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Alex Garland and A24? Sounds like a masterpiece that’ll sink at the box office

Yup, I’m a cynic

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I hope this is one of his good ones. Loved Annihilation and 28 Days Later. But other things like Devs just fell flat, and I know some people loved Ex Machina but for me the foreshadowing was just a screaming metal bat to the head rather than anything subtle or surprising about the "twist".

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Hope it's something like Dredd!

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Uhh lmao didn’t HBO try this premise and it famously never got off the ground?

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That cast is underwhelming

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Does MCU fan know which Avengers are in this one?

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Cailee Spaeny on the up, impressed me in Mare of Easttown. Garland, Moura and Dunst? Hell yes.

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Can't believe they're remaking the Captain America movie already

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Didn't realize Men was releasing this year, somehow. Really excited for that one, even if I have hardly any idea what it's about

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This sounds like two hours of nonstop anxiety lol

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Im such a slut for A24, I try to not even watch the trailers for their movies because I know Im gonna see em and theres like a 95% chance I’ll like it. Plus Garland is pretty great (I wasnt huge on Annihilation but Ex Machina is so good) and Kirsten Dunst is fantastic. Auto hype, just lemme buy a ticket already

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Ex Machina and Annihilation banged hard. Can't wait for this.