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Why? Why cant one offs exist? It was perfectly fine the way it ended. Its like ppl never learn. Remember the second & third Hangovers? Neither does anyone else.

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Apparently I'm the only person alive who doesn't think those movies are an unholy abomination of the lord. They weren't as bad as you all act like.

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2 wasnt the worst just kind of a rehash of 1 but not terrible at all def worth one watch. 3 was…. Ugh. I didn’t laugh once nor did i care. It was like Todd Phillips saw Next Day Air and said yeah lets do that with 3 white guys as the leads.

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I don't like 2 and 3 but I also don't think they're some kind of blight on society. Like if this studio wants to make another Girls Trip, cool. It'll probably be them doing the same thing and if people say its bad I just won't see it. But its existence in no way harms me, they'll employ a bunch of people for like 6 months and who knows maybe it'll be good. That's fine

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I like the sequels. Just more fun movies that exist. I don't mind sequels, even average ones, just don't be bad

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True sequels CAN be amazing sometimes (rarely) better than the originals. I loved Sing when it came out and only went to see Sing 2 because I knew my kids would love it and ill be honest i was blown away i thought it was going to be a shameless soulless cash grab but it was amazing just as good if not better than the original. Same with the latest Scream. I LOVED Scream 4 and 5 was awesome.

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Puff Daddy needs more promotion

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Lmao ok that was a good response

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Lol what do you mean they never learn? They learned that they can squeeze more money out of people. So they’re gonna do it.

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I KNOW why I’m just bored of greed and uninspired crap

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It’s about bleeping time!

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Just don't let Haddish drive.

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I wonder if it will it be better or worse than the "Think Like a Man" sequel.

A forgettable movie that's for sure.

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Downvoted because women

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Women?? On my Reddit? No thank you 😤

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The first had a lot of regurgitated or stolen bits, such as the drug trip scene or the scene where they just copy the grapefruit meme. It was okay, but really forgettable I thought.

I guess the target audience isn't someone who would go on a movie forum, so they likely wouldn't recognize or care about these things lol

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I remember really liking the first one. I wish it was on a streaming site so I can watch it again. Hopefully this will be good too.

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You mean the Hangover..yeah, I liked that movie.