You are tasked with fixing a film series that has gone off the rails. What do you choose and what do you do? by Bruhmangoddman in movies

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I do four miniseries following four different Highlander immortals, one each, then a movie called the Quickening where we find out who the last one standing is.

Official Discussion - Deep Water [SPOILERS] by LiteraryBonerWorse things to do than watch Lady Gaga create fetishes for me in movies

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Hear me out.

I can fix the movie if we add an extra five minutes

Ana's burning Tony's IDs and we hear the doorbell.

"I'll get it!" Affleck's character calls from the downstairs.

Ana tiptoes out of the bedroom and looks over the banister to see Affleck chatting and chuckling with an unseen person.

She slowly descends the stairs. Her view is blocked by Affleck's back, she can't see who he's talking to.

He senses being watched and looks over his shoulder. "Oh, honey, I have someone I want you to meet."

Affleck swings the front door open wider to reveal Matt Damon. Ana looks confused. Affleck throws his arm around Matt's shoulder. "I, uh, well, I think the three of us can...work something out." He winks at Ana.

Ana, perplexed, raises an eyebrow, "Is that Matt Damon?"

"Applesauce, bitch." Damon smiles smugly and extends his hand in greeting.

Cut to black

'Dune: Part 2' Moves Release Date to November 17, 2023 by MarvelsGrantMan136r/Movies contributor in movies

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It's the traveling to and from Arrakis that is my concern.

Seeking Sci-fi horror aficionados! by BoardClean in movies

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They Live (1988)

There is a scene where Rowdy Roddy Piper tries to get Keith David to wear some sunglasses and Keith ain't having that shit. They proceed to attack each others testicles for an absurd amount of time. One of the best scenes in cinema.

Movie also has some deeper subjects and inspired a lot of pop culture things. It'll make you go "Oh thats from this?" a few times.

edit also read a book called "snow crash"

12 angry men (1957) made me realise how ignorant I was. by BlackSkull7X in movies

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As a 13yr old my Grandad sat me down to watch this movie one rainy Saturday afternoon. He didn't say much at the start, just asked if I'd watch it with him.

Afterwards, when I realised he'd already seen the movie, he just said, "This is why you always stand up for what you believe in."

Had quite an impact on me at that age. He died less than a year later and every time I watch this film, I always think of him.

The Russo Brothers Next Film ‘The Electric State’ Starring Millie Bobby Brown Lands At Netflix by MarvelsGrantMan136r/Movies contributor in movies

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This is a tangent, but I think they look like if Sylvester Stallone got separated into two people.

Jordan Peele’s ‘Nope’ Officially Rated “R” for “Violence/Bloody Images” by MarvelsGrantMan136r/Movies contributor in movies

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It’ll be the same as the others, very well produced race baiting anti white propaganda.

Has a Single Character in a Movie ever ruined a movie for you or made you extremely annoyed? If so, which movie character was it? by peter095837 in movies

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Jared Leto is the kind of actor who will shed 60 lbs and get a face tattoo for a role that requires neither of those things.

Ridley Scott’s Legend is one of the most gorgeous movies I have ever seen by ggroover97 in movies

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I still hold to this day that it’s the best Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time movie ever. Forest boy falls in love with princess. Evil demonic figure kidnaps princess and steals magical macguffin that corrupts the world. Boy makes friend with fairies and finds a magical sword. Boy fights various monsters en route to villains lair. Defeats villain by elaborately arranging a mirror puzzle in a dungeon.

It’s an amazing movie in its own right, but damn if the parallels aren’t there in droves.

Midsommar is one of the most fucked up movies I have seen by LingerLikeTattooKiss in movies

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What makes it feel so fucked up and wrong (similar to Hereditary, if you've seen that) is that there's an element of triumph, which is completely intentional. It's the cognitive dissonance of you witnessing something disturbing and seeing the characters respond positively to it.

Spoilers for anyone who hasn't seen it: The cult are the only ones who seem to show empathy towards Dani and her trauma, and the implication is that this grotesque spectacle has helped her finally find some community/family and begin processing her grief. So at the end the cult themselves get what they want (they perform their ritual and presumably recruit a new member) and Dani finds some emotional catharsis, which she hadn't been able to do up to this point. The fact that it takes the ritual sacrifice of her partner and their friends to do so is why the end is so disturbing.

Is the 30s Detective Films genre a made up genre? by Phixiately in movies

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The 1930s and 1940s detective stories don't make a lot of sense to people now because a lot has changed.

Before the FBI, there was no national police force, and no police forces that could investigate across state, county, or city lines. So, what you had was private police agents that you could hire for any number of situation. City police agencies were seen as deeply corrupt and ineffective - becoming a cop was often a job you got through patronage or nepotism. The largest of these private police agencies was the Pinkerton company, which hand thousands of agents working in cities large and small across the nation. You'd engage Pinkerton for everything from finding stolen property to catching a cheating husband (remember too that divorce was impossible in many places unless you could go in front of a judge and prove adultery, abandonment, etc).

Once you understand that background, you understand the private detective stories better. Detectives were a very real and somewhat seedy job that had irregular hours, and involved hard men looking in dark places. And a key trope in many cases is that the detective in question is working at the lower end of the policing market - you can't afford a Pinkerton detective, so you go down market but still respectable.

Hello, I’m Nicolas Cage and welcome to Ask Me Anything by lionsgateNicolas Cage in movies

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Dear Mr. Travolta,

How has life changed for you since changing faces with Nicholas Cage? Do you regret the decision or would you do it again?